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  1. Parang mas maganda pa ang national costume ni Hannah Arnold kaysa sa ibang candidates ng MUP 2021. He, he, he…

    • Correct my dear. Siya talaga ang proto-type na Miss International. Marami siyang kamukha at kaparehong personality sa past MI winners from 1960 to 2019.

  2. Mabuti pa itong si Hannah Arnold at maraming nagmamahal. More than 30 comments na and still counting.

    Go Hannah, go!

  3. Hannah is one of the MOST LOVED winners in 2021 BPP edition. Please bring home the honors for the Philippines. TY.

  4. Hannah somewhat reminds me of Lalaine Edson. I saw Lalaine recently on YouTube. She’s funny.

  5. sad face in picture 1 … I sympathize with her situation , a year long wait is not nothing … this is like training for an Olympic event and then learning that the event is postponed/rescheduled at later date

  6. She indeed is pretty but she doesn’t draw me in. And I can’t figure out why until now… her eyes are flat to me. She should practice smizing… say something with those eyes… and with those beautiful peepers, she’s got a LOT to say!

      • I know Hannah is a good pageant student/trainee. She is obedient to her team and I know her trainers, stylists, etc. are doing very good with her preparation.

  7. To be Filipina… If a candidate wishes to be remembered as being Filipina, the best thing for her to do is highlight the sensibilities of one. It’s the distinct heart of the Filipina she has to show, particularly pagiging magalang, maalaga and malambing. A Filipina is actively involved with her surroundings and gracefully handles whatever comes her way.Her intelligence lies in balancing her knowledge and skills with great consideration of others’ sensitivities and needs.💐

  8. Enchanting beauty. Masbate (the powerhouse province) pride! Soon, another Masbateña will be crowned. Hahaha!

    ‹ 💋💋💋 ›

  9. Remember when Kelsey Merritt were cast as one of the Victoria’s Secret Model?

    There were some opposition about her image especially from Asian American saying that she is “passing White”

    I have nothing against Hannah dahil maganda naman talaga ang batang ‘to! Gandang hindi mo na dapat kwestiyunin! Gandang hindi na dapat i-masteral thesis!

    Pero kung si Kelsey Merritt na wala namang sash na nire-represent at ang tatay niya eh Americano naman talaga! Bukod dun eh marunong pa siya mag-Mekeni eh nagkaroon ng opisisyon, ano pa kaya dito kay Hannah na mala-Maria Theresa Carson manalita at ang imahe eh milya-milya ang layo sa mga Average Maria ng Filipinas!

    Kung mananalo ito, ang magiging imahe niya sa ibang bansa eh “Is she a Filipina?” or “Is she from the Philippines?”

    • 😂. You know Janice Lagman? The taekwondo player? She doesn’t even look Filipina and she’s just a quarter Spaniard. Born and raised here. Nakakaloka Minsan ang genetics pero what I observe is that most of the time, mixed race Filipinos have dark brown eyes, Anne Curtis Liza soberano etc etc. Interestingly, among our pageant girls here, I only know Maureen Montagne and Hannah who have light green eyes. Pia W and Cat have boring dark brown eyes.

  10. … The general assumption is that BPCI will push through with their 2022 edition, crowning a new set of titlists, with Hannah, of the 2021 queens, going home empty-handed.

    UNLESS the rumored fifth crown is firmed up. She can be appointed.

    There was buzz about MAPI; Mr. Yuson said they would skip due to the pandemic but surely next year most pageants can resume.

    When was the last time a ‘BBP-Asia-Pacific’ title was given? If ever, BPCI will buy franchise from Mutya organization?

  11. BEAUTIFUL. If Ms. International will be held today, she has a high probability to place very well. Just look at the ethereal beauty of this girl in the last photo. Plakadong- plakadong Ms. International template.

    Please recycle her next year. Sayang naman. Appoint her as Miss World rep this year.

    World Peace.

    • She is also an excellent candidate for Miss World. But she is only eligible for MW until next year (2022).

      • Hannah can still compete with other pageants with age limit up to 28. Pwede pa siya until 2024 with MWP, MPE and Mutya Pilipinas.

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