8 comments on “My guesting on Jing Castañeda’s program

  1. Ayn is very spontaneous. She has excellent communication skills. Her answers are on point. She is one of a kind. Norman, likewise, is a very good interviewee. It would be very interesting if Norman and Ayn engages in a lengthy conversation.

    • Thank you! This pair is actually my trusty reading glasses so that I can read comments and questions on my laptop from a short distance.

    • @ Fabian Reyes Tapos na po to… It was 13 Sept, Monday.

      Or, did you mean to ask how Tito gets invited as a guest? Or, how to get invited?

      Kasi, tulad nitong interview na ito. Before Norman were Ganiel, Corinne, & Rousanne. This kind of line-up, plus the fact that this is Jing Castaneda’s account, suggests we are not dealing with small fry or bit players here. Obviously, this was planned professionally, and went through ‘channels’.

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