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  1. Imagine if MUP and MWP were to hold their pageants in the same venue only days apart. Lol

  2. Wow! I can’t wait for the National costume competition… I hope the girls won’t dissapoint…. The inspirations of their costumes BETTER BE well-researched dahil ipopost ko sa mga history groups lahat ng mga palpak at BOBO sa history!!! I hope walang magpopost ng mga Kwento ni Lola Basyang fabricated history Puhlease!!…. Girls, get ready to be bashed!!! HAHAHA!!!!!😈😈😈😈😈😈😈

    Mga ineexpect kong Pumalpak:


    This actually a heads up/tip for you guys to research deeper than the fake information written on your textbooks… pag alam nyong may mali… paki palitan na agad.. dahil Pinapangako ko sa inyo na magsisi-si kayo!!!… baka hindi na kayo manalo sa kahit anong Pageant pag mali ang national costume nyo… SINUSUMPA KO!!!

    Ayan ha may Tip na kayo…😁

    GOOD LUCK! 😘

  3. I am very excited to see the ladies showcase their National Costumes inspired by the Philippine Carnival era/Queens. Yes to no more Victoria’s Secret-inspired outfits! Less skin is in. Let’s go, ladies!

    Costumes must be elegant, sophisticated and high-fashion.
    A delegate should be able to wear and carry the costumes w/o any assistance. Props and accessories are limited to only what the body and hands can hold.
    Headdresses may be worn but small in size.
    No wings, warrior costumes or fantasy costumes.
    Any costume that doesn’t meet these requirements will be rejected.

  4. pauto na naman
    coronation nito November

    December ay Israel na

    anyway kahit sino naman sa kanila ay ready to just enjoy MU

    Latinas are ready

    Mexico aiming for back to back

  5. Finland, Cayman Island and Nigeria just crowned their delegates … I believe Finland is back and strong with their delegate this year … I will be keeping an eye on this Applied Science grad / actress / tv personality queen with classic Finnish beauty

  6. Timing and logistics are really complicated.

    That is why you will applaud Binibining Pilipinas for staging a successful pageant a few months ago. They sure did have steady resources and manpower to navigate the pageant logistics during a pandemic.

    No matter how excellent the current MUPO team is, they are a baby compared to the decades of experience and now evolving team of Madam Stella Marquez-Araneta.

    Do you see the MUPH franchise coming back to the Araneta?

    I do. And it is not hard to imagine Catriona Gray at the helm of the future BPCI leadership.

    • If I may ask, Ilang beses din ba nag resched ang BBP? Inabot ng taon di ba? Bawasan din ang pagiging nega please.

      • Hmmm. You are correct. BbP did not stage a 2020 edition and just staged the 2021 this year, albeit a very successful one.

        That’s why I’m pointing out that timing is important. And if you have a director who owns the “coliseum”, then venue will never be a problem.

        But all of these before the delta variant rampage.

        I stand corrected. 😉

  7. Everything is set except for the date of the coronation. I hope the definite date of the coronation will be set as early as possible. Anyway, good luck to the candidates.

      • Good Mon AM, Uncle.

        ‘Sus. Nag-usap sila nina ALV, no?

        So, tuloy ang MWP on the 26th… Not Okada, kasi sabi mo probably outside NCR. And to ensure that demons lose the scent, the venue will be under lock and key, to be revealed only at the very last minute. I would assume the candidates have quietly converged…, and on stand-by.

        1~3 October, MUP naman. ‘Don’t worry, the finals will just be a few days away’, you said.

        Fine~cool. In particular, the 1st of October is the Feast of the Holy Guardian Angels.

        Basta, bukas ay Mid-Autumn Festival. There will be a ‘harvest moon’ (ngayon pa lang, looks to be really big and bright!) to mark the start of Fall (22~23 actually, the Autumnal Equinox). They must make merry at the Hotel with festivities, bunting, lanterns, and the local Clark produce. All best!

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