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  1. I love this girl… SHE HAS A STORY TO TELL…
    I JUST WONDER WHY SHE NEVER MENTIONED ANY OF IT YET????… all I’m hearing are shallow and irelevant stuff nobody cares about… Is this strategy or I’m just expecting too much or she’s not the girl I percieved to be? I hope she does a serious interview soon to prove herself worthy. PLEASE MAUREEN… TELL YOUR STORY!!!

    PS. I am not liking the 1st pic… Tito Norman is really shady for posting that unflatering picture.🙄

  2. my assessment, the crown is hers to lose .. i dnt mind anyone of maureen, steffi, and katrina getting the crown.. yes, kulang sa angas si maureen but still, choosing her is the prudent choice..

  3. Goodluck Maureen. If you win make sure you don’t have Nazi ancestors. Kashokot baka great grandparents/grandparent nito served in the Nazi Army (well most of the guys in that time served). Nakakaloka Israel pa naman venue.

  4. Love Maureen! She’s one of the ladies I don’t mind getting the MUPh crown. Napakalmado at di ka kakabahan pagdating sa Q&A/interviews.

    Krizzaleen Valencia from Davao Occidental is back in the game! Meanwhile, Davao City’s Ybonne Ortega has COVID-19 so she’s out in this year’s competition 😦

  5. Maureen remains to be in my Top Five. I think she is a complete package. A decent 5’6” height is not a disadvantage anymore at the Miss U.

    All the girls in my top five can be a worthy MUP. So, process of elimination na lang by identifying what can work against a particular girl. I won’t mention anymore their numerous good qualities why they should win.

    In no particular order:

    1) Steffie – might be following too much the catriona template. And I am not sure about the veneers that kinda made her look fake.

    2) Katrina – too pageant patty. The project-galore Filipina sultry look is kinda dated ala Perfida Limpin, Ma. Isabel Lopez during the day.

    3) Victoria – Lacks the experience and the face may not be your traditional Philippine queen, whatever that means.

    4) Leren – We all know that her waterloo will be in communication. Sya yung tipong kakabahan ka kung makakapag salita ba during Q&A.

    5) Maureen – kinda looks laid back.

    So process of identifying na lang what can be remedied or trained before the Israel competition.

    One of them should and will win.

    World Peace.

  6. Not a problem at all if she wins MUP
    She has all the elements needed to do well at MU

  7. No doubt she is beautiful and I just hope she is more taller than her height 5′ 5″.

  8. she can likely do it … if all the stars align for her that night …but it is still #Dimaranan all the way for me

  9. “Do Celebrities and Online Influencers ‘influence’ You to Root For Them?”, said 29-7-2021 tagged.

    Yes, they do.

    Pero, in Maureen’s case may kulang, kasi in the comments to date laging second tier lang siya to the first tier of the Steffi-Katrina-VVV Trinity.

    Ka-second tier niya sina Leren, Bea, at Corinne. Crowded.

    And knowing she currently has a contract with channel 2, won’t that affect her chances?

    Baka mas magnetic pa sina Leren at Corinne. Something’s really lacking with Maureen.

    • I agree with you.

      Something is really lacking.

      Kulang sa “sipa” kumbaga.

      Just like in the case of Leren who lacks
      the necessary communication skills.

      And in the case of VVV who speaks so well,
      but I also find lacking in other aspects.

      • @ K Maureen speaks well and as one of us said, has a pleasant voice, neither booming nor shrill. Not bland.

        Her auditory impact is actually better than Corinne and Leren, who both sound diffident/semi-timid with their tendency to ‘trail off into the void’. Janick Maceta is a sound engineer; she will understand…

        … Especially in videos but precisely as we saw in Leren’s tourism video. Still, Leren can overshadow, like a cloud that can interrupt the brightest sun. Maureen needs to learn how ‘Laguna’ does it!

        And Mandaluyong? By her own admission, she’s still ‘learning the curve’. But a truly striking one!

        You think Maureen’s sleepy eyes appearance is not helping?

    • Preferred lady by the organization?

      So is this going to be like MU where judging is only for narrowing down the selection but the “preferred lady” by the org will eventually be crowned?

      How much power does the judges wield then?

      I love Maureen despite her being shorter.

      Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters and Olivia Culpo were also petite but they prevailed.

      She looks really relatable and carefree. She doesn’t even look pressured to win.

      Both could work to her disadvantage if compared against the depth of Victoria and eagerness of Steffi.

  10. I love Maureen. I really do.

    She is undeniably beautiful.

    BUT i feel that she is not what
    Miss Universe is looking for.

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