9 comments on “Krizzaleen Valencia: She made it to the bubble!

  1. I am glad she made it. Flight cancellations or delays should not hinder a candidate from reaching her destination. She can travel by sea or land. Just like what Miss Batanes did last year.

  2. This girl can try mwp mep or even bbp since matangkad naman talaga to in person. 5″7 walang dagdag bawas. Go girl!

  3. Latest on MUP:

    September 27 – Preliminary Interview

    September 28 – Preliminary Evening Gown & Swimsuit Competitions

    Coronation Night – To be announced LATER (Ewan!)

    Hay na lang!

  4. May Covid daw si Ybonne…?… If this news is false, may that irresponsible/insensitive frog get ticks! And his/her descendants endure the same agony for a millennia.

    Valencia is like a willowy Jan Elcano. Lovely face. And very nice ensemble in Fall colors of Japanese maples… Or a kimono… Can she try crossing over to Cubao in case she doesn’t Top 5?

  5. I don’t know this girl. But beautiful last shot. Just enough drama without being tacky. And look at that face and hair. Kudos.

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