10 comments on “The sparkle of Ingrid Santamaria

  1. Her styling is always on point. She can reach top 16 but if the stars align for her during the coronation night, she could reach top 5

  2. Pretty lady but why is she wearing something that looks like a staple at the AVN awards? 😅😜✌🏽

  3. She actually has all the requirements of a winner.. Once she improves her pasarella, she could win Miss Universe! For now she’s my dark-horse.

  4. I rave when I see beautiful girls or beautifully-styled girls featured in this blog.

    I rant when I see horrible photos and stylings.

    But this one (and all other posts I don’t react on), I don’t have any opinion at all. Which I think is worse. She is neither good or bad, Ergo, average, Blah. Meh.

    World Peace.

  5. Pretty and posh! If not for her tentative pasarela, I will surely have her at the top of my list. She was may favorite before the competition even began.

    Will she pull off a surprise?

  6. Paco Rabanne.

    Our pageantry is so easy to decipher, sartorially. Our looks are all so ‘well before the 3rd Millennium’.

    The ‘piso dress’.

    Feet and legs look noice. I see a major lotion brand ambassadorship! MUO needs to find a skin-&-personal care sponsor. Maybe the Israelis have one, a local best-seller? Ingrid can be their muse!

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