16 comments on “Peekaboo! I see you, Kisses Delavin!

  1. Reminiscent of Rabiya’s styling again during MU 2020
    So sad that they still let them work on the candidates in spite of their failure at MU 2020

    • Fabian, are you referring to the Rain X Em tandem? I also did not like their work to be honest. They were very inconsistent. Oh well.

    • I just hope the next MUPH will have the same freedom like Catriona in choosing her styling and wardrobe team. But that goes without saying that the candidate herself should have a strong sense of style and should know what looks fit her best.

      I think Steffi and Katrina both have that aptitude owing to their maturity and experience. I don’t know about the other contestants. I could be wrong.

  2. Magkano kaya ang dress ni Kisses? Siguro “peanuts” lang yun sa naipon niya na 4,900 pesos per week noong student pa siya sa Lazzah 😅😜✌🏽

    • Really? Diba parang Anjanette Agbayani ata cyst

  3. After the recent Joy Cuaton feature, my standards have really gone down. So I would say that these photos of Kisses are “decent-enough”.

    However, having said that , she is a No for me still.

    She looks matured with this styling. Ang peg ba nya is Cielito Mahal Del Mundo? Lol. The hem of the gown is so long that we don’t know if she was wearing ten-inch shoes or even standing on a stacks of books to fool the viewers how short / stout she is.

    Heaven forbid this woman lands even in Top Five when there are far more deserving ladies who should get higher places. I’ll be kind and say, nice earrings Kisses.

    World Peace.

  4. Yassss Queen! The savior of MUPO tabulated and validated by Ernst & Young este MUP Board of Canvassers.

    Konting sobre nalang gurl may korona n nmn ang Masbate.

  5. Sa mga 5’5″ and below, I think Delavin is on top. She might snatch one of the top 5 finalists.

  6. This is the way! When the dress is already ‘loud’, the make-up should be kept class(y/ic).

    Two thumbs up.

    Peek-a-… choo… Pikachu. Or Raichu if you prefer the ‘evolved’.

    Speaking of Louis Pangilinan,…

    Uncle, when will they do the ‘Carnival Queen’ NatCos Showcase?

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