20 comments on “Khesha Ramachandran in apple green

  1. This would have been a perfect opportunity to soften her features. Instead her team upped the ante with all sorts of exaggerations on her makeup, with extra lashes, winged liner, heavy contour lines especially on the jawline, dark matte lipstick, Instagram brows and heavy eye makeup. This gives off an amateur vibe in terms of styling. Know when to stop with the “styling” 🤦🏼‍♀️ Know when to finesse it when needed.

    • @ jmgonzalesme I think this was the doing of the MUPO’s on-site make-up staff/contractor. I doubt their individual style teams are holed up with them there in Clark.

      Just like Rabiya at MU (Hollywood, Florida). Effectively let the beauticians do her as they pleased.

      (Unless you’re saying Kesha does have a dedicated team there. If so, who else? Spill tea, please.)

  2. Parang si April May Short na taga Zamboanga noon. Maganda na mahaba ang buhok…Ginawa Tomboy ng mga Baklush, Kaya luz Valdez sya sa BbP…sayang ka Kesha, limited ang Option mo pag short hair.

    • AprilMay still looked very feminine despite her short hair
      Di kagaya ni Kesha na parang mangbubuntal

    • @ G April May’s was a bob; that’s why she still looked femme, as @ Fabian Reyes said (here).

  3. Lakas ng dating pero parang nakakatakot pag nakaaway mo… baka bubugbugin ka niya 😅😜✌🏽

  4. The STYLING is SO… BAD! I like the ’80s a LOT. BUT this is ONE is a bad ’80s styling.

  5. Hindi lang siguro maayos ang photo… But I sense this looks better not frontal.

    Uncle, could you suggest that next time (next year and henceforth) they photograph the ensemble front, side, and back at least? Also, provide ‘in-motion’ video.

    Dapat kasi, nag-Resort Wear Prelims, yaman rin lang may swimming pool…

    Like when Emanuel Ungaro sized up a trench coat at a Project Runway episode, he said it looked ‘good from all directions’ after walking around it.

  6. Unique, pretty face. Decent styling.

    But for now, because of the national trauma we had last year, let’s say no to half-Indian delegates hailing from Ilo-ilo. Lol.

    World Peace.

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