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  1. This is what you call the POKPOK look. Never goes out of style… He, he, he…

    Ano ba to si Cuaton sasali sa national beauty pageant o mag-a-apply bilang _________ sa Cubao?

  2. Blonde does not go well with Asian bone structure, no matter how “tangos” the bridge, or deep set and round the eyes. Asian and Caucasian skulls are so fundamentally different that blonde hair on Asians are just never flattering. Especially this shade of orange-strawberry blonde. Ashy shades of blonde (with a base of green, instead of orange) can look okay with some mestizas. This shade is just so so wrong, not even Catriona or Pia or Megan can pull this off.

    The outfit… I do not understand what the creator or the stylist is trying to convey. Outlandish themes still need a certain level of craftmanship.

    Maybe this wouldn’t have been so horrible also if the lighting wasn’t so bright? This kind of lighting is for product shoots – were they trying to make her look like a product for sale? It’s not even the kind of soft lighting that photographers use for skin care shoots.

    And why the final pose? Even FHM shoots are more tastefully done than this.

  3. GINOO KO!!! What a tacky styling! Dating floor manager yata ng pegasus ang stylist ng batang ere!!! Wala bang review bago magpost? Look at those outfit! Despicably cheap! Masabi lang na may pasabog? Kaloka huh! Ginawang pocahontas si girl!

  4. I was supposed to sing a line from a very old song that goes “Suddenly, suddenly it’s magic” when I first saw the title of Norman’s article but when I scrolled down, I suddenly yes suddenly stopped at “it’s…” and uttered the word “horrendous” instead.
    Yes, this looks like the “magical” touch of Rabiya’s stylists, those “poor-tasted” duo. Apologies for all the apostrophe(s).

  5. No rhyme or reason for this styling !
    What are they trying to say here?
    That she can be one of the Kardashians ?
    That she is Emilia Clarke?
    That a Filipina is brave and bold and forward-thinking ?
    What a petrifying hell of a costume !

  6. Mr. Rob Lim, this dress is superb! I like, in particular, the stitch detail to suggest a (separate) skirt.

    For sure, if you lack the figure this is not for you. Janela is saying, ‘I’m in shape and you’re not’.

    (Hhmp. Someone here saw ‘The Land Before Time’. So tanders! Watch ‘Saturday Night Fever’ instead.)

    • Tulog ka na Rob Lim. Baka mapuyat ka kakasagot ng negative feedback, Lol.

      Oh is that the title of the movie ba…Land Before Time? wow… alam na alam. Lol.

      And what is wrong with being tanders? What is being wrong with being in the age group of Flor, Fabian and Norman? Lol.

      World Peace.

  7. Sorry for commenting again

    Hindi ko talaga ma take ang ka cheapan ng mga stylists and advisers of the delegates. Please spare these women by projecting on them of your fantasies. Baklang kanal ang peg. From steffie’s Joker look (sa kapal ng make up!) to this Ethel Booba look of Joy Cuaton. Your name should be Sad Cuaton.

    The motto of these stylists seems to be “if you can’t be beautiful , be garish”. Lol.

    World Peace.

  8. This picture tells me she does not want to win MUP !
    The MUPO is not looking for the next pop star or porno queen. They are looking for a Miss U !
    I wonder if Rabiya’s stylists had something to do with this .

    • Lol. Ang harsh mo naman sa stylists Rabiya.

      But you are right. I am really amazed in the transformation of that beautiful, natural girl from Ilo-ilo just two years ago (who reminded me so much of Penelope Cruz) turning into a horrible fake boob vlogger who acquired so many affectations in just more than a year.

      These girls tend to really lose themselves by hitching their wagons to a star called beauty contest. My parting words: Don’t lose your way, with each passing day. You’ve come so far, don’t throw it away. Live believing, dreams are for weaving, wonders are waiting to start.. ALL TOGETHER NOW.. lol.

      If we hold on…

      World Peace.

  9. Joy, nawala lang si Mira nagkaganyan ka na?

    Please don’t try this styling anymore, hindi sya bagay sa yo, so cheap looking. Sorry day, pakibalik ang dati mong hitsura day!

  10. The things one do to get noticed. Pathetic. I thought she was Ethel Booba, Lol.

    World Peace.

  11. Sa totoo lang para siyang si Lani Misalucha na pilit na gustong maging Powerpuff Girl! World Peace!

  12. Mukha siyang po*nstar kesa beauty queen. Pasok na pasok sa thumbnail ng Po*nhub.

  13. I don’t even recognize Janela Cuaton anymore. Not just in this pictorial, but since she started with her MUP bid. Imo, she looked better before—more natural and effortless. Now she’s always overdone.

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