13 comments on “Miss Universe Philippines partners with Save the Children Philippines

  1. I am curious, is it just me or has anyone noticed that the Miss U Philippines National Director is MIA? Or did I miss any posts?

    • @ md11974 You missed no post. Uncle mentioned nothing of the matter*.

      * – Clue : silver-lined SARS-CoV2 mask sponsor, connect dots…

    • Kung ikaw hindi naniniwala, bakit nandito ka pa. Or if you don’t believe why exert effort to comment and read post about them.

  2. Well, most of the children in the photo are way more photogenic and natural, and way better at projecting than some of the MUP contestants. lol.

    World Peace.

  3. Fake naman yang mga groups na yan.. like save the children, UNICEF, etc.. less than 10% of the budget accumulated actually goes to charitable works… It’s all business…

    • @ Closer2Fame And while we’re at it, ang eco-groups, daw, like Greenpeace ay napupulitika…

      (Kaya, OK na rin siguro ME kasi though marami silang sponsorship offers na natatanggap ay sinasala naman nila ng mabuti at as much as possible ay tie-up with LGU’s ang ginagawa nila. Though I recall na nasangkot ata sa Senate investigation yung isang official ng MEO. Ikaw ba yung nag-comment nun dati?… Oh, well. I guess vested interests are everywhere and here to stay.)

  4. Thank you MUPh for partnering with save the children

    good move

    I hope it continues permanently even after the pageant

  5. Uncle Norman, when does this ‘advocacy week’ kick off? It’s already the 17th, and Fri so their first week is drawing to a close…

    That’s all they’re doing? Go on a zoom chat? Kahit bubble arrangement sila, they are already in Pampanga wala man lang kahit ‘day-with-kids’ of some sort? Parang yung feeding program nina John Adajar sa San Pablo (Laguna) nung pandemya last year (?). Review niyo na lang, po.

    Puwede ring ibalik yung dating tradisyon sa MU na ‘little angels’ during the Finale, na nag-aabot ng flower sa Evening Dress Round. Or tulad nung MrW na si ALV ang nag-host, the orphanage beneficiary had some kids over to watch the Finale. Btw, kumusta na si Carlos Franco (Brazil)?

    • Because of the bubble, the organization cannot really take the risk of physically bringing kids to bond with the ladies, especially that the young ones are not allowed to leave their homes because of government restrictions. For now, the zoom setup will do. Once the new winners are crowned, then an actual face-to-face meeting can be safely arranged.

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