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    • @Sophia, yes, it’s different from Bb Cebu. Bb. Cebu came about after the cancelation of the long running Miss Cebu sometime 2016 or 2017 not sure already

  1. Interesting.

    From the rival organization (?), a normannorman.com article from September 2017.

    Candidates included the three inaugural Cebu bets for MUP (last year), a current MWP candidate that shares extraction with a current MUP candidate, the reigning Miss Fit Phl, the reigning CTS female winner, & ‘Karen Mendoza’ (Cordova) who looks a lot (!) like we-know-who at BBP 2021.

  2. Looking forward to this pageant.
    Why fluent in English and Cebuano only? Why not include fluent in Filipino which is the national lnguage of the Philippines

  3. Great to hear from Philip Rodriguez again!

    Quite stringent qualifications.

    Tulad niyan. How will they find out if an applicant has secretly screened for a competitor contest? Does someone squeal eventually? Or, are there online moles?

    Uncle, you better begin blogging again soon about possible Cebuana queens. May isa, eh, na na-feature mo na dati… Yung Phoebe Liong? How’s she, Sir?

    • (Cont.)

      Kung resident, the recent Cebu candidates at MPE can be, considering it was virtual so presumably they all shot (their respective footage) from there.

      Charissa Rama (22 yo) and Mia Jane Salisbury (21), from Moalboal & Talisay City, resp. Both made Top 20. Both very pretty; I was able to catch a few Preliminary rounds!

      Both were also in Tito Norman’s Pick.

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