9 comments on “And then boom – Simone Nadine Bornilla

  1. Nice pics… i’m just a bit bothered that it looks like she wants to “hide something” 😅😜✌🏽

  2. Her upper clothes is beautiful and unique. That is the only nice thing I can say about these photos.

    Sorry for the language but I really want to know, ano ba talaga problema sa lintik na bunganga at ngipen ng babaeng eto. Laging naka nga nga na pa luscios / sultry effect. Can someone tell her, ang sagwa at pilit na pilit. Lol. It is so un natural. Forced look when she looks and acts like a girl barely out of high school when being interviewed.

    Girls, be yourselves. There is no bigger turn off than pretending what you are not. And you can only use your “my parents are gay card” for a limited time. You should bring something to the table.

    No to this girl. Her look is reeking with pretentiousness.

    World Peace.

  3. Tamang-tama! I was just now thinking of the need for a brown look. Brown is a color that hasn’t been seen a lot in pageantry. A way must be found.

    Very London Fashion Week or Central St. Martins graduating class look. ‘I would not touch this’, as Boy Abunda would say.

    • For crying out loud, it’s pageantry, folks! It’s ENTERTAINMENT, one of only a handful which our own Tito said in a recent online interview (himself one of the four guests) was successful in riding out the pandemic.

      You’d think we could be just a bit more grateful…! These kinds of edgy-sultry shoots wouldn’t even be possible in some places.

      Obviously, hindi naman ganito isususot nila sa mismong pageant. And for all we know, the ladies had fun doing these outlandish concepts, even as a break from the mundane and formulaic. At the very least, it has been discussed beforehand and agreed upon by parties concerned. So, relax po. Hindi po kayo ang naabala sa shoot.

  4. If there’s one consistency with Simone, she always poses with her mouth open in her photoshoots. I find this parang hinog sa pilit because she’s still young (18, am I right?) and she is directed to look/act sexy in her poses. These types of poses are coming off unnatural for her age because when you see her in her daily outfits, neneng-nene pa. There’s a disconnect.

    I do like her when she is in interviews. Spontaneous; answers very well and maintains eye contact. I see confidence in her.

    Best of luck, Simone!

  5. she’s a no. i wonder why she made it to top 30..not MUP level, or BBP. or even MEP..pang inter college, swak sya doon.

  6. Pretty but she’s never going near the Top 5. This year’s batch of hopefuls are too strong and competitive.

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