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  1. Yung makeup niya, nagmukha siyang Lady Joker na lalaban para sa “Lipsynch For Your Life” ni RuPaul. 😅😜

  2. I really don’t like her. i don’t know why
    Sabagay di rin nya naman ako gusto so it’s a tie hahahaha
    I still like Leren and Maureen and I am sure they like me too 😉😉

  3. Steffi is the most well-rounded candidate.. Yung ibang mga bigatin laging tinimbang ngunit kulang… while Steffi got it all…. She has all that it takes to win!

      • @ Bleh & @ Sophia Basta may substance, kahit medyo sub-par ang comm skill, OK na. Malalaman naman ng mga hurado kung nonsense ang pinagsasabi mo.

        Case in point : H’Hen Nie

        ‘From nothing, I am here. If I can do it, you can do it.’ – IMPACT Arena, Thailand, 2018

  4. Catriona is impactful in this getup because she can speak!
    And Catriona has never looked like a joker !

    However, I still like Steff
    If she wins MUP , It’s not a problem at all . Not at all.

  5. Everyone has been clamoring for Sam B to join MUP . Steffi , for me , is the answer to that clamor .. and probably more . So while Dimaranan is my top 1, I won’t mind if Steffi gets the crown .

    • True, as much as I like Steffi, this kind of make-up is not for her. Sana iiwas sya sa ganitong styling in the future kung sya man ang mananalo

  6. In the Top 16, which really is 15 + 1 (safely Kirsten), a ‘KF bookends’ scenario still looks doable.

    Janela, I can appreciate the ‘torn lingerie’ look; it’s the fashion underground look. Here with Steffi, semi-nude (minimal make-up) face na lang sana, para ‘alta moda’ ang arrive.

    That @ japetmike_purog is the beautician? Pantsuit and its color are good enough on their own, po. No need to outdo them with ‘cake’, as @ Fabian Reyes said.

    We already know from the Casting Challenge that Steffi looks great sans cosmetics. So, at best this is nothing more than distraction (aka, psychological warfare) and when it matters she will be distilled to her barest essential.

    (While the opposite might be true for Janela, who looks somewhat plain Jane without the ‘support’.)

    • We definitely must send a veteran (read : not one for whom MUP 2021 is their very first pageant) to MU. Pageantry is treacherous, as one of us said. We need one familiar with the traps and tricks!

      (Tanggal kaagad sina Abalos, VVV, at Bernos.)

      This veteran must have a solid and well-oiled machinery of her own in the event both camp and organization fall short of what she expects of them. LGU support is a welcome bonus!

      Steffi has not yet had a taste of the international stage. On that alone, she should be prioritized in the final moments of the decision… Besides, I think that compared to her KF sisters MJ & Rachel, the Cebuana is at least at par, if not better.

      • Rabiya had LGU support, which was also somewhat a well-oiled machinery of her own.

        The problem was she’s a pushover, she’s academically okay, but she does not have a mind of her own. I’m guessing it has to do with age and the lack of cosmopolitan experience.

        So I agree, we must send someone who has both – pageant experience and her own prod team/machinery. Steffi is my top 1 choice, despite her shallow Q&A answers.

        However, I believe we shouldn’t discount VVV yet. Her outputs and materials prove she has the resources to compete with pageant vets. She also comes off as someone who can rise above the petty trappings of pageantry.

        I just feel like if both Steffi and VVV reach top 5 (and they should), judges are going to have a tough time choosing between a well-rounded veteran Steffi, and a tall, enchanting, intellectual VVV.

        I feel like at this point, a week before finals, we should already have a feel of the candidates’ skill set in a comparative format- pasarela, wit, bearing, styling, etc. This is where MUPh disappoints. We still haven’t seen the girls in the same frame, in a leveled playing field. We couldn’t see past all the filters and curated posts and best angles limited by solo features. It’s a competition and yet we don’t see them competing together.

      • @ paui Steffi and VVV for the Last 2 Standing is not too far-fetched.

        If VVV gets the assignment, The Camp will have the chance to prove its ‘we-only-cater-for-MU’ slogan-impressum is not mere braggadocio.

        If Steffi wins, KF will have an opportunity to not ‘strike out’, if MJ and Rachel are seen as two strikes.

        The AyuMa~Poonlertlarp versus the Pia~Cat. Let’s do it!

  7. definite Final Five

    it will be upsetting if she is not a finalist and in her place, Abalos or Buernos or Delavin sneak into the final position

  8. Makapuna kayo kala nyo naman. Steffi is still the most beautiful girl this edition!

  9. Ayan ha! May BTS na kaya pekang-peka na walang photoshop edit!

    Promise! Mas may future ‘to talaga sa Miss Grand International!

    • @ ClaiRe IbbeTson I think it was discussed before that Steffi’s past ‘car show girl’ job might get her into trouble at the BBP Screening. In any case, surely KF knows best which pageant suits her given that this is her first Nationals.

      (No, am not implying MUP is for ‘a certain type of girl’. Sila nga ang gusto ng inclusion & diversity.)

      That being said, I think it’s safe to assume that what works to Thai taste will sell at MGI. Atm, that’s Abalos and Wroblewitz, as one of us earlier commented. Also, it may not be surprising that both ladies opted for MUP over BBP despite affiliation* considering that they are on the short end of the height spectrum and we know the latter is partial to taller girls since the franchises they hold – International, Grand, & Globe – seem to skew towards the statuesque.

      * – Political connection with the ‘yellow ribbon’ and the show business contract with channel 2.

  10. There are pretty pageant girls in the Philippines who have gone bad in their veneers. Most of them have big teeth and missing gums. Sometimes the color pigmentation of the veneers is unrealistic. That is why we can easily identify girls with the said dental work.

    Look at Venezuelan pageant girls. Most of them have also undergone veneer procedure, and we can say so because they are too perfect, and yet they still look natural. What made Venezuelan pageant girls overdone are their obvious nose job and botox. Their faces have a template and one can simply say she is Miss Venezuela in the Miss Universe pageant!

    That’s all.

  11. I get the concept. But the overall looks just remind me of Paolo Ballesteros transformation looks.

    I know Steffi can look striking without overdoing it. And I can’t just blame the glam or creative team for this. She’s overdoing it herself.

    I’m sorry. This isn’t impactful to me.

    • Exactly, this is what went wrong sa journey ni Rabiya eh, masydong inoverdone. Both KF and Jonas seems to have that same problem when handling girls. Sana naman tama na kakaoverdone sa mga pambato natin please. Simula kay Gazini puro pang-ooverdone na ang ginagawa sa mga reps natin

  12. Steffi looks like Catriona, Anne Curtis and Pia combined… Gorgeous!

    She will always be in my TOP 3….
    ……. of MISS UNIVERSE!!!

  13. I seem to get vibes that Steffi and her team have a very different idea of what Miss Universe is looking for. Their mini projects to date lack a proper perspective or juicio, and pretty much don’t make much sense. The approach consistently dreams of boldness but the content + execution iremains consistently blinkered, if not insular. Her saving grace is that bridge runway project. But like that unfinished bridge, her dream might end up disconnected to reality. 👑🕊💐

  14. steffi is the win2 marquez of this batch. .came prepared, if not overprepared, and on top of her game..and i admired her for that, those sleepless nights spent with her team, long hours at the gym, and all the preparations..but at the end of it all, she’s giving me the giselle sanchez vibes, who btw is a pageant titleholder also. at times, she’s givig me erich g. vibes..too commercial..and this is not a good sign. i hope she has a pleasant personality so the MUP will like her.

  15. She remains to be in my Top Three.

    But I am not liking these photos.

    It doesn’t look impactful to me. More like impakto Steffie. Lol. Look at the exaggerated eyes and lips. Jumbo-Joker ang peg. What have you done to your teeth my dear? If they are going for a Julia Robert’s look, it’s a fail.

    I remain hopeful though that Steffi is among the front runners.

    World Peace.

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