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  1. Davonna Finley last year liked Sasha Tajaran. This year, she likes Jasmine Umali; as much as I regret her decision to abandon MWP and cross over to MUP (RHFilipinas would have been in the bag!), it cannot be denied she is the face of the Class of 2021.

    Leren makes a good choice to send to MU. But there is that sense that she would fare no better than Klara Vavruskova or Bianca Tirsin. Excellent beauty MU might find not to their specifications?

    Kirsten is unfazed, is holding her own. Her determination is admirable. Now that she has blazed a trail, it is inevitable we will see more of her kind at MUP, regardless of who helms the franchise.

    Aberrasturi (I am deliberately doubling the ‘r’ to remind myself that the stress is on the syllable ‘ras’ and for no other reason because I am always mispronouncing) is still my ‘one to beat’. Agree with the ‘don’t _uck w/ me’ aura, which vlogger Robert Ilagan described as ‘contravida’ vibe. Yet one of us said ‘she is humble’.

    (A modest b_tch. Intriguing. Sounds like a promising guest for USA talk show on television!)

    • Jasmine is pretty but she looks too manufactured for me. She reminds me Emma Tiglao.

      Leren is no Klara and Tirsin. Not at all!!! Those girls don’t even know how to walk and project.

      • @ JustPassingBy Good points.

        That razor-thin nose, I trust is all-natural. Had MU been looking for a model, no problem. This is why I said ReinaHispanoFilipinas kasi bet daw siya ng mga Latino, di ba?

        Also might have worked against these European beauties was the abolition of the continental selection. If I am correct, only France and UK made the first 20-Cut; I don’t recall the fate of was-it-Iceland-that-Pinoys-adored… In any case, Bianca and Klara surely appreciated Pinoy support.

        (Also, I don’t remember feedback on France and UK as to their stage and camera skills. But at least the latter was a reality show veteran and local celeb in her own right. That could count.)

        Sige. Kung ‘chill chic’ type ang padadala natin sa MU,… Leren may need to ‘Adline-ify’. OK din si Nepal; pangalan niya nga pala? Tangkad, haba biyas, ganda tindig. Pero niligwak ng MUO, CR_P!

  2. The finals will be a battle between Leren and Maureen.; a newbie versus a veteran.
    If we were to base on last year’s Miss Universe top 3, the veteran will prevail come finals night.

  3. So I’ve seen some videos, group and official photos and here are my thoughts:

    1. Chela Falconer – very pretty and stands out in group photos. very Miss Russia. not sure what’s lacking… sophistication? engaging personality?
    2. Sam Santamaria – tends to look plain next to mestizas. but just facially. she needs to highlight her height in group photos.
    3. Katrina Dimaranan – can hold her own even next to tisays. does not look matronly. turns out she only looks heavy in solo photos. in a group visual context, she looks fine.
    4. Jane Minano – deserves her nationals spot. definitely not pang barangay. though she’s not MU material, more artista than BQ.
    5. Jan Abejero and Ayn Bernos – look like twins
    6. Stefi Aberasturi – has that “strong independent woman/don’t fuck with me” vibe. I feel though that she lost some of her power without her prod team. still the woman to beat.
    7. Victoria Vincent – very creative, sweet, and surprisingly relatable. her journey is fun to follow. she has international fans din. the old-ish look is still there, but is counterbalanced by her adorable way of speaking.
    8. Kesha Ramachandran – too stiff. heard she beat Rabiya and Karen during their local Swimsuit and Evening Gown rounds for Miss Iloilo, so she’ll probably perform come pageant night. But at this point in the competition, she is not noticeable.
    9. Janela Cuaton – looks too done.
    10. Leren Bautista – has that quite elegance, chill vibe going
    11. Megan Digal – not very pretty under certain lighting.
    12. Krista Singh – she’s very thin pala. love the fresh face and natural aura.
    13. Maureen Wroblewitz – she’s really not the type to “eksena” which I think, can be a bad thing in an international pageant. Andrea Meza won without making scenes and stealing spotlights, but is she really going to be our template now?
    14. Bea Gomez – same as Sam.
    15. Kisses Delavin – I commend her for making an effort to slim down and take classes. she now carries herself well and has that queenly demeanor. (she used to be so irritatingly pabebe.) shows her humility and determination.
    16. Jasmine Umali – might pull a Maxine Medina.

    I still want more group photos. I remember how excited fans were before Rachel Peters flew to MU, but as soon as group photos were posted, it was evident that Rachel wasn’t going to win. She blended into the background and looked plain next to Demi.

  4. NewsFlash: they will bring back state costume competition at the MUSA 2021 . I am kind of excited because the last time they did it was in 1993 , 28 years ago

    All 51 delegates have been selected and will compete on Nov 29th. Right now, my bet for the crown is North Dakota , a strong competition vs Pinas , where if it is Katrina , then it will be very exciting !

  5. I read potential MUT candidates. Mas bongga parin. May six footer thai-aussie who speaks Fluent Thai. I highlighted the speaks Fluent Thai. Alam nyo na kase the practice here. 😂

  6. Many candidates now seem to be open to peddling almost anything, a cause, an advocacy, patis, tsinyelas, and suka with equal fervor. I don’t get them. They’re like altered Stepford wives who when switched on tick all the correct boxes but still lack a real soul. 🤷🏼‍♀️ A few may have distinct advocacies and speak about them with a heart, not as if reading off a treatise on the current state of liberal thought. Only a few. 👩🏼‍💻

  7. Mirjan has had some not so impressive pictures
    The nose is very distracting
    So if u want a Pinay beauty , it will have to be Katrina>Leren>Bea >Paranaque
    I’m sure more will impress in the next few days

    • I agree about the nose … and the legs are not as impressive as I thought

      I think I will remove her from my top tiers , I may substitute with Vacalares and/or Falconer

  8. A new couple caught my eyes … never noticed them before and they look statuesque … I hope they are really tall in person … they are Vacalares and Falconer … they should try again next year because this year belongs to #Dimaranan all the way !

  9. I agree. Group shot, please.

    Per camp/affiliation, muna. All A&Q, all KF, the Indepndents, and the two ‘Camp’. Full body, not what Voltaire does; half body, parang mga tikbalang na nakalutang sa ere.

    Antique is the tallest, daw. Look at those gams!

    I wonder now just how tall VVV is if Antique is tallest daw… Pagtabihin po sila.

    Then, all petite together.

    For the Prelims next week, am looking forward to meet the 2021 Class Clown, like last year’s Alexandra Abdon who asked that Baguio City’s aircon be turned down. Unleash the wit!

    • (Cont.)

      Itabi din pala si Isabela dun sa tambalan nina VVV at Antique… Tallest KF girl daw si Isabela.

      Jan Abejero, no? May ‘Jan’ din this year. Last year, it was Jan Elcano from Batanes… Malay natin next year, may Jan v.3 (ulit) ang Region 2. Hahahaahhah.

  10. blue and pink
    kasi utos nung Voltaire
    dami pa andar
    wala kasi sila prepared to do list
    kaya mema lang

    kaya naghiraman sila mga damit which is good sisterhood
    pero let them be kung anung ootd nila
    hinanda para sa mga enhanced features nilap
    para maipakita lahat ng salamat dok
    sa ilong
    sa nguso
    sa pia papaya
    sa juwet

    world peace

    • Teh, sponsor shoot kasi for creamsilk yung pink at Lazada yung blue kaya color coded. Ay oo nga pala, naniwala nga pala kayo na walang daw sponsors, pero ano na? biglang labasan sponsors no? #mamataykayosainggit

  11. Oh! I almost forgot. Special Kudos to Ms. Ayn Bernos for her beautiful and inspiring journey in the competition. At the onset, many pageant fans have disappointingly thrown bad comments on Ayn’s entry in the elimination round and, consequently, on her inclusion in the final round of the competition. They believed that other girls who were booted out early in the competition deserved a slot than Ayn. I beg to disagree.

    I know that diversity and inclusivity are two of the things pageant enablers hate to read or hear about. Unfortunately, to their disgust, Ayn broke the barrier. Her beauty may not be on the stereotypical pageant class of its own, but I believe Ayn’s is beyond the category. For one, I find Ayn beautiful inside and out. She represents every Filipina who aspires the universe but is discriminated because of her skin, height and ordinary look.

    My heart and soul bled when Ayn revealed on the Jing Castañeda’s vlog that Ayn received tirades, hatred and—worst—death threat from pageant fans about her unusual participation in the pageant. Well, such threat may be in jest, but the same is alarming and disappointing, especially that they came from our fellow Filipinos. I know Ayn did not say that to generate sympathy and support from fans. Her purest intention was to stand from her ground and say to the universe that everyone is beautiful.

    Ayn may not win the MUP crown, but her awesome spirit sweeps me and those who believe in her. For me, she is the real winner in the competition. Mabuhay ka, Ayn!

    That’s all.

    • @AWL, any of the 30 in this batch would make a great MUP queen! But if Ayn wins, it will be a triumph of the progressive concept of beauty that the new generation believes in. Ayn, as well as Corrine and many other morena contestants, belong to the so-called “attainable beauty stereotypes”, definitely inspirational and aspirational to ordinary Filipina who are bombarded daily in the airwaves and cyberspace to “get whiter”, get taller”, “get more curves”, “shed off that fat”, etcetera!

  12. A-ha! MUP is on its Day 2 already, but few are written about the ongoing pageant. Thus, I am wondering if the Shamcey Supsup-headed organization has PR team included in the pageant bubble. I only get updated on the pageant girls’ IG accounts I stalk everyday. Even the location is part of every pageant fan’s guessing game. Is that a good strategy? I know the people behind the organization keeps high alert status, so Covid-19 infection would be avoided during the entire pageant period. But, hiding information about the place is absurd. I mean Hilton Hotel Resort in Clark, Pampanga deserves free advertisement, and I love the place! It’s so cozy and can be mistaken as five-star hotel resort in Florida, USA. I think maintaining heightened security could help the organization seamlessly stage the pageant sans pandemic worries.

    In relation to my observation about the mis-PRed, or the lack of it, MUP happenings, a few critics are rounding gossips that ill-repute the organization. Criticism is good because it is a sign that an organization is growing, if not valued, but if it is not constructive, then the wonders of PR communication to control any damage shall take place. Voltaire Tayag?

    Nonetheless… I am surprised at how the girls have themselves glammed up as their pageant journey starts. I mean these girls and their team are seriously doing their stuff and the international pageant community is following their journey religiously.

    Alright, alright.

    At least five of the girls have been perfectly and neatly styled from head to toe and, thus, I find super stunning: Ingrid Sta. Maria, Victoria Vincent, Bea Luigi Gomez, Jasmine Umali, and Corrine Abalos. On the other hand, these girls are there but need to bubble up: Maureen Wroblewitz, Steffi Aberasturi, Leren Bautista, Mirjan Hipolito, and Christelle Abello. As for the others’ favorite here in this blog, Katrina Dimaranan: she needs to change her make up style. She looks like a transgender and her glow is nowhere seen!

    Indeed, this year’s MUPh batch is a bloodbath between and among alta, classy, and sophisticated girls and my haunch is that an inexperienced pageant girl will emerge the victor in the end.

    That’s all.

    • Perhaps this year’s MUP is gearing up for a show. All the clandestine arrangements seem meant to throw off its critics.

  13. nauumay talaga ako kay katrina. parang 20 years ko na nankikita ang ganyang aurahan ang bigat

  14. Cavite – hawig ni Francesca Hung 2018 MU Australia.
    Delavin is beautiful in this photo.
    Taguig, Laguna and Mandaluyong.

  15. Ano po nangyari sa MWP? Diba Miss World Philippines finals this weekend? May Bubble
    din sila?


    • Na postpone na naman yun as far as I know. Parang 2 days after inannounce na tuloy, postponed na naman.

  16. International fan favorites based on social media feedback:

    Latina pages – Jasmine Umali
    ASEAN pages – Corinne Abalos/Maureen Wroblewitz
    Overseas Filipinos – Katrina Dimaranan

    Locally, here are the girls who are making noise:

    General Filipinos – Steffi Aberasturi
    TV-watching Filipinos – Kisses Delavin
    Twitter wokes – Ayn Bernos
    Pageant pages – Leren Bautista

    I’m quite amused by Jasmine’s popularity in Latin American pages. They’re digging the strikingly Oriental look.

    I’m waiting for group photos for better comparison of the girls, are we not going to get any due to protocols?

    • Kase nga superficial mga Latino. They are all about the looks looks looks. Matangkad etc. Kaya nga hanggang ngayon pikon na pikon sila mang manalo si India over Martina Thorogood in mw 1999 eh mas Magaling naman si miss india di hamak sa q and a kesa kay Martina. In 2000 yun hindi na sila nakapalag with the win of Lara over Claudia na matangkad at sexy. To Latino pageant fan in general they prefer looks over substance.

    • Maganda c Jasmine, lakas ng aura nya pero minsan may angle na parang sobra ang ilong nya.

      • I think you just find her face unusual which is why you notice her.. but those minute rare features is what makes her standout.

      • 50 kilometers ang agwat ng mga mata niya parang si paweensuda pero ang lakas ng dating niya at maapalingon ka ng ilang beses sa beauty niya. Ganda din ng personality.

  17. Color of the Day: Fuchsia & Royal Blue!

    Alam na nila talaga ang mga stand out color!

    Girls, next time go for Teal Green or Maroon! Another stand out color!

  18. Commercial break >>> Maureen Montagne is lagging behind in votes at Miss Globe. Canada leads at 43%, we are currently tied with Malaysia at 13%. FYI

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