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  1. I have seen their latest photoshoots in another site. KISSES is getting more beautiful in a sweet way…( parang TEEN UNIVERSE ), Iloilo is a NO NO for me, ditto with Umali. Santamaria is giving DAWN Zueleta vibe, Mirjan and ANTIQUE are FRESH! Chela Falconer is beautiful, deserving a TOP 10 Finish

  2. My Top 7 based on these pics..

    Jasmine Umali- I love this whole styling & ensemble… I hope she stops the diet right here cause she’s getting a tad bit bony… Focus on growing a bubbly butt. GORGEOUS!
    Leren Bautista- Simple elegant… so on point!
    Katrina Dimaranan- I love the hair and make-up…
    Bea Gomez- Simple yet charming… Love the side angle and light make-up.
    Steffi Aberasturi- great face, great styling… I’m just a bit bothered by the speckles on her face…
    Christelle Abello- love the flowy dress and that body….
    Janela Cuaton- love her clean very pleasant face…. also love the styling…

    Why is Corine Abalos looking Pedestrian?!
    Anong Paaandar yan?!… That’s how our house help dresses at the mall… is this her attempt to be relatable? You look pretty kapansin-pansin pero hindi nakakatuwa.🙄

  3. I love it when I see some of the ladies are going for the almost au-naturale makeup. Some have been putting heavy/cakey makeup as if they are competing to become drag queens.

    Leren’s styling is always on-point! ❤️ Very simple, yet so elegant! Keep it up, Leren.

    My dark horses are rising up to the occasion. Happy and excited to see them go head to head with the strong contenders.

    Hi Tito Norman, where are the ladies from Davao City (Ybonne Ortega) and Davao Occidental (Krizzaleen Valencia)? They’ve been MIA since the onset of the MUPh bubble. Their IGs have also been quiet. Hope they are both okay.

  4. Ang mga kandidata ngayong ano? Parang international competition na talaga ang laban nila!

    Parang hindi na sila pang-local level!

    Yung mga damit nila, mga pose nila, parang bukas na talaga laban!

  5. Si Miss Iloilo City na ang hirap i-pronounce ng name, parang gusto ko siya kumanta ng may ganitong lyrics,

    Too strong for too long (and I can’t be without you, baby)
    And I’ll be waiting up until you get home (’cause I can’t sleep without you, baby)
    Anybody who’s ever loved ya know just what I feel
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    Call the radio if you just can’t be without your baby

    I got a question for ya
    See I already know the answer
    But still I wanna ask you
    Would you lie? (No)
    Make me cry? (No)
    Do somethin’ behind my back and then try to cover it up?
    Well, neither would I, baby
    My love is only your love (yes)
    I’ll be faithful (yes)
    I’m for real (yes)
    And with us you’ll always know the deal
    We’ve been…

  6. ready na mga Latinas
    padala nyo na si Miss Iloilo
    tutal India ang may chance maka top 5
    baka sakali

    world peace

  7. “Clothes mean nothing until someone lives on them” – Marc Jacobs

    This quote is Leren Mae Bautista pesonified…she has impeccable taste in her wardrobe; neat, clean and straightforward. Fashion is simply her skin.

    My top 5 for now:
    Leren Mae Bautista
    Mirjan Hipolito
    Maureen Wroblewitz
    Jasmine Umali
    Beatrice Gomez

    There is something about Katrina and Steffi that I don’t like.

  8. My Current Top 16 in Random Order:

    Steffi Aberasturi
    Maureen Wroblewitz
    Leren Bautista
    Katrina Dimaranan
    Corine Abalos

    Jasmine Umali
    Ingrid Santamaria
    Mirjan Hipolito
    Victoria Vincent
    Kirsten Delavin

    Christelle Abello
    Kesha Ramachandran
    Chela Falconer
    Janela Cuaton
    Megan Roa Digal

    Rosanne Bernos

    • Side note:

      Megan Digal needs a make-over…
      Her personality alone desserves to be in the TOP 16… But her HMU needs a lot of work…. As well as her pasarella… Girl.. please step your pussy up!

  9. panahon na ng mga Latina ulit

    handang handa na sila for MU

    kahit sinu dito wala naman pantapat sa mga Latina

    girls enjoy nyo na lang ang MUPh

    kahit sino manalo sa inyo is ok

    world peace

  10. If a girl tests COVID-positive at any point from their arrival yesterday until the coronation, she will automatically have to withdraw, correct? She’ll need 14 days of isolation, hence she cannot possibly compete in the 25th.

    I just hope every stay safe well until the pageant night.

      • 😂 actually femina India doesn’t allow overseas indians to win their pageant. Only a runner up position. Kaya you don’t see indians in the diaspora ( Us based, UK ) indians in Indian pageants like femina.

      • namaste @dianne! i see, kaya pala, kahit sa mga minor pageants di sila papanalunin like supra, grand or intercon?

      • Yes po. Lahat ng mga miss India lumaki sa India, or dapat not overseas indian meaning permanent residence nasa Abroad ex. Katrina D or Catriona G. Si Adline Castelino though sa Kuwait lumaki eh hindi naman sya citizen dun. So Ayon hahaha

      • @ Diana Hayden Or, local analogy is the ‘Mutya Pilipinas – Overseas Phl Community’ title. To mean, this is the best you’ll get from us… Nonetheless, diaspora Pinay franchisees (?) continue because it’s a convenient excuse to connect with their Philippine roots at the very least and get business prospects/opportunities at best.

        Kung tutuusin pala, mabait pa tayo kasi all we require is residency. And even then, there are a few who still fall short in this regard, I imagine.

        But this practice by Femina (Miss India) organization may become archaic before long considering how much of humanity now is cosmopolitan, how traditional notions of citizenship or nationality are giving way to a ‘pan’ identity egged on by both globalization and the Internet/socmed. But until then, perhaps the only way for a ‘foreign Indian’ to join a pageant is to sash as their host country.

      • @grandport, India is a nation of 1billion people. Why do they need to resort to overseas indians eh hindi naman nagshoshort supply nila of beautiful girls. Venezuela crowned as far as I know two overseas girls in the past. Monica Spears and Martins Thorogood who both grew up in the States.

  11. Ang galing magdala ng damit ni Leren .Super neat
    She’s an easy top 5 at MU
    I think her humility willl be appreciated by the MU judges

  12. Umali stands out here. My choices remain the same:

    MUP: Dimaranan
    It’s runner up: Hipolito
    2nd runner up: Aberrasturi
    3rd runner-up: Velasquez
    4th runner up: Wrobblewitz
    Top 16
    Umali, Bernos, Abalos, Ramanchandran,Vendiola, Gomez, Delos Santos, Santamaria, Bautista, Delavin, and Falconer

    Possible candidates who could join the circle of 5

    Umali: her beauty is simply irresistible

    Bautista: very pretty, in the absence of Rabi, She and Aberrasturri are the prettiest in this batch

  13. Oh I hope they are not going fully remote/virtual/zoom … if they are, they should really trim it down to the best of the best … top 15 , or maybe better yet , the TEN best !

  14. In general, the girls are looking better and better as the coronation day approaches. Congratulations to all. May the best woman win!

    World Peace.

  15. Just based on this collage of photos,

    Taguig and Cebu Province are like saying “That crown is mine!!!”

    Laguna and Aklan slay with elegance while Manila and Albay steam with sex appeal.

    Meanwhile, some of the girls are like enjoying the field trip.

  16. Locale looks generic Philippines foothill terrain. No idea..

    But granted that there’s a pool and these are the kinds of looks the ladies packed into their luggage, they should have a Resort Wear Preliminary like ME or MEco-Intl.

    Standouts in this grid :

    1) Isabela – Jacket is very cool! If that’s leather, even cooler (if warmer to the wearer).
    2) CDO – That’s the right look for her. Tell KF to advise her to maintain it.
    3) Mandaluyong – Cristine Reyes x Mitch Gumabao. Or some member of Thai high society, the type that takes annual vacations to faraway places only they have access to or knowledge of. Very ‘exclusive’.
    4) Aklan – Very New York runway. Carolina Herrera, dear Blogger?
    5) Manila – That’s a cover for !Hola (Madrid). Very (mother of Enrique Iglesias) younger in Diane Von Furstenberg-like dress except those are trousers, of course. Brilliant!

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