21 comments on “Phenomenal Women in Neon

  1. Pauline has the most commercially pleasing face. Ang gandang ayusan, automatic ang smile. Maraming models hindi mahanap yung sarili nilang ngiti.

  2. Not so sure about their theme “phenomenal “.
    Seem to me advocacies’ just for the sake of having platforms,
    otherwise it meant nada, nothing, zero, zilch, wala!

    Neon colors okay. But gives me headache for it’s reflective brightness.
    Nothing spectacular.

  3. I love the concept!

    I wonder if it was the literal interpretation from the movie “The Neon Demon”?

  4. Billy can join super model of the world kung nag eexist pa ang kompetisyon na yan or any modelling competition internationally😅

  5. I wonder if Pauline, Bella and Billie will join another pageant. They deserve to compete internationally!

  6. I applaud the team behind this photoshoot!

    Where do they use these materials? Do they profit from these?

    I’m sure it takes a lot of effort and money to produce these creative shots.

    Among the ladies, I am most impressed by the facial beauty and body of Pauline Amelinckx.

    Amazing overall!!!

  7. nasan na po mga projects ng mga yan
    ambassador sa ganito ganiyan

    papictorial din sana nila

    world peace

  8. Pauline’s body is rockin!
    This is the best I’ve seen her…
    The abs and that bubble butt!

  9. I was rooting for Pauline back then, pero dahil sa pagkapanalo ni Andrea Meza, sana si Michelle na lang pinadala.
    Ansagwa talaga ng boobjob ni Rabiya, yung cleavage kapantay na ng shoulders nya, di ba pwedeng ipaulit?

    • I think it has something to do with her frame na kaya ganyan itsura ng boob job nya. Amanda, Andrea MEZA has fake boobs too pero maganda pagkagawa kase maganda din naman frame nila. In the top 20, only Miss India, Argentina, Curacao Indonesia, Myanmar I think has natural boobs. The rest gawa.

    • I started to scroll down. In fact, I saw the 2 bottom pics first before the top pic. Sadly, Michelle’s body is still the same. Front and center talaga sya! But I’m not hatin’, if she’s happy. Kung hindi naman, bakit hindi na lang sya itinago or tinakpan?

      • What’s wrong with Michelle’s body? I find her sexy as an athlete! She should have been sent to MU instead of that little girl crying at backstage.

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