8 comments on “Pageantry amid the Pandemic on TJIM

  1. I am gonna watch this later. Besides Corrine, I’d also like to watch Ayn Bernos and hear from her her views on what makes beauty pageantry relevant during these challenging times. I love listening to her. When she opens her mouth, then smiles and talks… gosh, she makes the conversation interesting.

    That’s all.

  2. A lot of people wanted Sam Bernardo to rep us at MU
    I think we’ll get that wish if Steffi wins . While they maybe comparable in terms of comm skills , I think Steffi’s stage presentation is even better than Sam B’s .

    I’m still for Katrina —VVV—-Maureen—-Leren ——Steffi——Bea/Mirjan in that order

  3. I hope this will have a part 2. It will be great if Hannah Arnold (Bb. Pilipinas Intl 2021) and Naelah Alshorbaji (Ms. Philippines Earth 2021) are also available to discuss how winning the nationals held during the pandemic and what will be their respective preparations for the international finals where Miss International was further pushed back in 2022 and Miss Earth will be held virtually again or a possible live event.

      • @ Norman So, KUMU streamer Princess Leal also aspires.

        If this is the direction that pageantry in the country is headed, then indeed it is begun to get more inclusive. That being said, she bears semblance to one of the more popular MUP candidates atm.

        Sa madaling salita, the near-future looks more and more plain Jane in the name of ‘inclusion’.

        But it (plain Jane) will not matter because both Pia and yourself said, ‘learn the art of dead malice’.

        It will be interesting how Ms. Leal unfolds. Do keep us updated!

      • (Cont.)

        You reveal two things here that seemingly only now you share.

        1) ‘Pag walang advocacy, huwag ipilit. Huwag mag-imbento. Don’t make/join one up simply for/to.
        2) The careless/wanton (these harsh words are mine) adoption of mental health as advocacy by candidates who have neither involvement nor experience in this serious issue.

        Given your points, it would suggest ME to be the most viable pageant option for young women who want something concrete to get their hands on, literally and figuratively. Because let’s face it, the impressive phrases of the sort we have been getting lately from other contests is really rhetoric at best. And may point to organizations that really have no serious action plans. Otherwise, tourism.

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