10 comments on “1-on-1 with Miss Universe Andrea Meza

  1. Kung ganito ang pamantayan ng MUO ngayon, aba eh hanapin na dyan sa 30 finalists ng MUP ang malaki ang ulo at makitid ang mga balikat!

    Sure win tayo!

    At pasensiya na, wala talaga akong makitang spark sa babaeng ito. Kaya siguro hindi ako kinukuhang judge sa MU. Di ko makita hanggang ngayon ang hinahanap nila! Saan kaya nagtago yun?

    • Hi
      I wanna ask you something.
      Have you travelled to other countries where you can see Filipinos walking side by side with other nationalities? If you have, I am sure you will see the difference. I mean we are not the best race when it comes to looks generally but we tend to be too judgemental.
      Sorry but I have to wake you up from your deep slumber. When an ordinary Filipina or Filipino is in a group of other races, we tend to look like the “utusan” so don’t be too yabang. Our race or looks is not the best in the world.

      • My dear, your lack of respect to the honest opinion of others says a lot about you.

        And if you feel like an utusan when you are with other races, again it says a lot about you. Huwag mo na kaming idamay the rest of us, Filipinos.

      • Well I understand that you never went out of the Philippines that is why you don’t have the point of comparison. Im not talkinh about feelings here. Im talking about LOOKS. If you travel to other countries, the barbers, the food servers even look better than our celebrities there.
        But it’s ok just continue being judgemental since we are the most good looking race in the world.
        Oh by the way, the way you judged the winner of MU is very telling about who you are.
        I bet when you and Andrea sit side by side magmumukha kang katulong or nanny nya. And that’s an international description for Filipinos. Do not be too mayabang.

      • And oh by the way, you are miseducated about the meaning of opinions.
        The way you described Andrea is disrespectful and way too below the belt. If you demand respect be respectful with your so-called opinion which is I think a twisted one.

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