8 comments on “Steffi Aberasturi: The Woman in the Miss Universe Philippines bubble

  1. Good luck, Steffi!!!

    Stay safe inside the bubble.

    Manny Halasan’s craftsmanship is superior! But I would be careful in handling/wearing that bejeweled crown of thorns.

  2. She is the most well-rounded candidate this year…
    She could potentialy win Miss Universe!

  3. It is a battle between Katrina and Steffi! Steffi just enjoy the whole process, if the UNIVERSE align with you, it will be given to you …but what is important is the sisterhood, making friends, and be the best that you can….WIN OR LOSE, I know you end triumphant because of the key learnings…ang crown, bonus na lang yan. WE love you …and Good Luck!!!!

  4. Oh Steffie. You are currently my top 2. And yet, and yet and yet… my dear what have you / they done to your teeth?

    I know you need to showcase your ability to project different moods but these poses cheapens you. You look like a young Celia Rodriguez, Lol. What the hell is that headdress ? You don’t need that to steal the attention from your beautiful face. That headdress is so unnecessary. I don’t know what look your gay stylists are trying to project through you. But let me guess, you as the queen of St. Patrick’s Day? Lol.

    World Peace.

  5. She has garnered the support of most pageant pages and sites worldwide. Latin hot picks have her as the one to beat from PH. I wonder if MUPO will make her win and bank on her “universal” popularity so the Philippines could solidify her frontrunner status up until MU proper.

    Good luck Steffi! You’re still my top bet for the crown!

    • MUP needs to crown a marketable girl to help them get sponsors and get them out of their financial troubles. It has to be Steffi or Maureen.

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