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  1. I see the potential in her… It is her 1st pageant so cut her some slack…

    IMHO, she still has a lot to improve on…. She may not be able to fix her height but she can fix that pancake butt… She needs to do a lot of squats and deadlifts to grow that bubble butt.. And maybe with her next pageant attempt, she may have already gained that commanding pressence by then.

  2. Ang hindi ko lang talaga ma-gets eh naka-swimsuit tapos nakasalampak na sa sahig, eh hindi man lang muna hubarin ang stiletto.

    Maiintidihan ko pa kung rumarampa ang shot, pero juicemio per donde esta santa clarang pinong pino, nakahandusay naman eh.

    Magagalit si Carrie Bradshaw nyan!

    Pero in mandaluyong fairview, maganda naman talaga si Miss Abalos.

    At taga-Mandaluyong talaga si Miss Anna Winter-Lund! Hihihihihi

  3. Hmm… just watched Corrine’s interviews with Sash Factor and QrownPH. She seems not comfortable in interviews. Same behavior in her MUPh interview. She does not have a commanding presence when she speaks. Also, noticed her frequent rapid blinks in her interviews – is this a sign of stress or she’s just wearing contacts and have dry eyes?

    Yes, almost everyone agrees – her face is pretty but in motion, it’s a different story. If she has Jehza’s super long legs and long proportions with her height of 5’5″, I’d be on-board with the Corrine train but we all know that’s the not the reality.

    Most likely a Top 16 finish.

    Best of luck, Corrine!

  4. I don’t understand why some people are hyping this girl.
    U guys need some reality check !
    If u want a classy Filipina beauty who can speak , go for Mirjan !!!

    • Fabian, how tall is Mirjian?

      I like her too, more than Corrine. But I think she (or her team) is not yet ready to go head-to-head with other stronger ladies.

      I’m curious to see if she can pull off a surprise in the finals.

      I think this girl is determined!

    • @ Fabian Reyes You watched the Jing Castaneda session with Ayn, Corrine, Ganiel, & Tito Norman? You have a point… But, thing is, like VVV, Ingrid, or Bella who come from more privileged background, she will most probably not try again assuming she doesn’t win. This is it, all or nothing.

      If the MU pageant were to be right after MUP and I could only choose between Corrine & Mirj, I would go with the latter. Same argument as your rooting for Katrina – good to go now.

      This is not to say that Corrine would not invest wholeheartedly in preparing for Israel in the two full months (October & November) she will get; we’ve seen Dindi, SamBer, & Sharifa crunch naysayers in their far more limited situations. In the end, it will depend on MUPO. If they feel they will not be able to groom their 2021 bet better than they did with their 2020, for Corinne’s own welfare it may be to their advantage to crown not a noob but a vet. (Even Leren or Telle. But this is another matter.)

  5. @Ana Winter-Lund

    Just googled Nadia Ferreira. 🇵🇾

    Woah! Will she be like Catriona who just came to collect her crown?

    At 22, this girl is strikingly beautiful and has commanding communication skills. I could sense some overconfidence similar to that of Ariadna of Colombia.

    With an indomitable girl like that, MUPO should pick their cards really well!

    Are you gonna send a well-rounded Steffi? magnetic Maureen? or charismatic Bea?

    I’m sorry. Corrine is not in my stack of cards at the moment.

    • I find Steffi a little pageant patty and can see that she’d duplicate Gazini Ganados’ fate in MU. Maureen has Frederika Cull’s bland personality, sorry. Thus, both Steffi and Maureen can only be eaten alive by Nadia. But I agree with you, Nadia’s early demeanor can be compared to Ariadna’s, so that might be her downfall. Meanwhile, Bea’s sex appeal is striking, but Corrine Abalos’ elegance, x-factor and sophistication can outstand Bea. Not only that, I find Corrine very charming whenever she speaks. Seldom could you see that unique asset on pageant girls.

      I know that crowning Corrine Abalos as the next MUP does not sit well with some commenters here. I respect their views. But, I am with many IG fans who rally behind Corrine. Other pageant afficionados also see her potential and, for them, she is a frontrunner and not just a darkhorse.

      Enough of the defense. Pinagdudahan na akong empleyado ng Mandaluyong City Hall dahil sa kaka-hype ko kuno kay Corrine. Kaloka. For the love of me, I have never set foot at that city hall! Hahaha!

      That’s all.

      • Lol. You are not.

        I love your insights.

        I admit I’ve only seen very limited materials from Corrine.

        Overall, I’m happy with this batch of strong and interesting candidates.

        It is still anybody’s crown.

      • Thanks, dear.

        I think it is the strategy of Corrine’s team to not show off her materials this early. Nababasa ko ang galawan nila. Nung una, puro uber glamour shots ang releases nila na paisa-isa lang, then ngayon naman mga medyo edgier studio shots ang nilalabas nila. Hindi flattering masyado para hindi agad s’ya pagsawaan o ilagay sa Top 5. And when the pageant proper begins, saka nila ilalabas ang mahika.

        Basta ako, I have always been excited to see anything na pwede pa n’yang ilabas. Nakaka-amaze kasi ang beauty n’ya talaga.

        That’s all.

      • Ana, catch us (Corrine, Ayn and I) on the online show of Jing Castaneda (of ABSCBN) at 6pm (Manila time) on FB, Youtube and the #kumuSeenZone channel on Kumu.

      • Hi fully and totally agree! Haha. Buti n lng I read your comment before fielding mine. 😉

      • Will do, Tito Norms. I am so excited for that. If you could mention me to Corrine on air that I am her number one supporter on MUPH app and other platforms, then I’d be kilig. Hindi pa ako empleyado ng Mandaluyong City Hall n’yan huh! Kaloka ‘yung nag-akusa sa akin n’yan na parang taga-loob naman ng Mandaluyong. 😂 😂

        That’s all.

  6. Wowowowowow! Yes, Corrine’s “wow” factor is overflowing. If our mestizas were going to fall short on the head-to-head collision with The Nadia Ferreira, we might opt to send a pure bred Pinay via Corazon Abalos. Her authentic Pinay beauty is simply captivating.

    Thanks for featuring, Tito Norms. I hope your interview with Corrine is still gonna push through even though they are in a pageant bubble now.

    That’s all.

  7. Maganda siya! Walang Duda!

    She reminded me of former Binibini candidate Patricia Tumulak sa unang tingin!

    She has potential except that the way she answers the question is like I can’t feel commitment, parang hindi mo agad makuha kung ano gusto niya sabihin considering na hindi siya kabado and she is very well composed!

    Since she mentioned she stayed in Spain for two years, by now she would have learned Habla Espanol!

    Having said that mas feel ko siya for Reina Hispanoamericana!

  8. Wow. Beautiful photos and beautiful candidate too.

    The swimsuit may be skimpy and risqué but it doesn’t look cheap on her. Looks tall and leggy in the photos but kinda short pala in motion. Top 10 material.

    World Peace.

    • Would the MUP crown a 5’5″ girl,considering the Hoopla Rabiya got the last time!?.. Papayag ba si Jonas na mas bababa pa sa Performance ni Rabiya ang ma- achieve ng manok nya!? NOT A BIT!! SO MUCH IS AT STAKE!! PRIDE is on the line here!! After nya kinuha ang MU Franchise sa BPCI,..JONAS has to choose a WINNER,atmost,a RUNNER- UP finish!!
      Choosing Corrine is like having Jonas- head placed unto a Guillotine Blade!!..and BPCI clapping!!

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