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  1. Leren is a capable representative, photographs well and is high on the likeability quotient. But this is the thing- she doesn’t inspire excitement. Her presence, her gravitas, is very light- Mutya ng Pilipinas light ( she should have won Miss Globe if that pageant and its organisers had any sense which they don’t). Can she amp it up if she gets the MUP title the same way Samantha Bernardo shattered everyone’s expectations when a crown she most likely wouldn’t have won had it not been assigned to her, fell unexpectedly on her head?? We don’t know.

    Someone here said, plain and simple she is, with a beautiful face- but does plain and simple cut it??

    With the organisation in shambles and December just around the corned, is this a case of just merely settling???

  2. Leren still is my MUPh 2021.
    She is the only one whom I’m confident with to bring the Philippines back to the top 5 at MU.
    All the others are all trying hard copy cats of either current or past international queens.
    while Leren has an exclusive club of her own.
    Communication skills is the issue? I don’t think so. She made us proud in her two international stints where she emerged as the winner and a runner up finish in the other. This lady has something that we don’t see.

  3. I think Leren would be a respectable representative. I would not have any qualms if she wins.

  4. You are proud of making an origami grasshopper?!
    That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard….
    Buti nalang talaga maganda ka!

    • Nahihiya naman po sa Inyo ang 99.99% ng mga followers ng blog na to
      Ang tali-talino po ninyo!!!

  5. Catriona Gray I believe began a new era in Miss Universe. And the organization ran with it, for good. Communication skills being the biggest attribute of a Miss Universe can no longer be just “ok” or “can still be trained”. It is no longer just about the q&a. In this new era, a Miss Universe is a spokesperson who can deliver the message may it be on TV, newsprint, and in everyday life.

    I have been a fan of Leren since she won her first international crown. She is one of the prettiest, well trained, ready to go in this batch…. but sadly I have to admit she does not have in her arsenal the biggest factor in a Miss Universe.

      • And yet with the assumption of Andrea having poor communication skills, she won Miss Universe and a Miss World first princess.
        Sometimes, we can not measure intelligence by watching a 30-second Q&A.
        Even Catriona choked up during that final question regarding marijuana usage by saying “if the use is for medical use” etc.

  6. All of this year’s batch of candidates only has a 50% chance or lower of winning the 70th MU crown. There is definitely no Pia or Catriona in this batch. We increase our chances of placing very very high in MU 2021 by selecting the winner among the top tiers only, and start training them rigorously now…

    And my top tier belongs to:
    Top tier: Katrina , Leren

    Second tier : Maureen
    Third tier: Steffi, Mirjan
    Fourth tier: VVV

    OVERHYPED: Ingrid, Corazon, Kisses, Buernos, Abello (the winner cannot be one of these)

    • Sobra ka naman! May utak naman si Leren at may napatunayan na. She was Miss Tourism Queen International 2015 and Miss Globe 2019 2nd Runner up.

  7. Leren is the prettiest in this batch. She has the height, the body and excellent pasarela. Her only weakness is q and a. Hindi pwede yung ala tsamba lang. Sana lang swertehin. Good luck Leren.

  8. Beautiful!!!.. She actually has all the specific characteristics of an international winner…. Except1…
    I hope she redeems herself completely worthy.

    • Yes. Me too. She is tall, not salamat dok Pinay beauty. Ang tigas din ng English nya. So common to Tagalog speakers in Southern Luzon.

    • Leren can speak naman… medyo kulang lang sa substance. Parang Maxine Medina or Ariela Arida pag nakasalang na sa q and a, nakaka-kaba lang.

      • Ara? Hindi naman ako kinakabahan sa kanya. Valedictorian in high school. Chemistry graduate uplb. Diction lang ako medyo naaasiwa kay Ara. Haha

      • Well not all valedictorians in high school are good speakers. A good speaker can be a talent not necassarily valedictorian, magna cum laude or a board top notcher. Talent plus more practice can be an exellent speaker!
        Ara’s answers in q and a are just safe pero halatang kabado.

      • Sobra ka naman. May laman naman utak ni Ara but she’s not a good speaker, not very fluent with the English langiage. Si Maxine yung talagang kakabahan ka. Mapa-facepalm ka talaga. I think she was the most empty in the head of our Miss U candidates ever.

      • Also kahit kulang sa substance si Leren mas lamang pa rin siya ng milya-milya kay Maxine.

      • Ara actually is a good speaker with a lot of substance…Very smart lady in person…. It’s only her extremely heavy accent back then that was only offputting to fellow Filipinos.

  9. She is very pretty. Definitely, she will reach top 16. If the stars align for her come coronation night, she could win the crown

  10. One word : BEAUTIFUL.

    This is what I am saying all along. A beautiful face needs no snakes, butterflies, nose rings, Thailand neck rings, drag-queen make up and a Virgin Mary headdress.

    No need for OA pouting of lips, parting of lips ala moriones. Pa-tuwad pose exposing your butt cheek, dominatrix costumes, pa dewy-moist skin effect.

    Plain and simple : A beautiful face will simply shine through. A beautiful body just needs a simple orange dress.

    While she is currently on my 5th place, I will have to congratulate Leren and her stylists on these photos. Girls, LEARN from LEAReN.

    World Peace.

    • She unfortunately doesn’t speak very well. Sigh you cannot never fix it right away. Pero if the format is the same in Mu 2020, she can be in top 5 then 4th or 3rd runner up.

      • Dear Gul,

        We are just talking about face here and how beautiful her photos are.

        Moreover, someone who uses “you cannot NEVER fix it right” in a sentence should refrain from giving judgement on how articulate or not articulate the girls are. =)

        World Peace.

      • 😂 my bad. I just realized it Hahahaha pero yes mali talaga Grammar ko kaloka. 😂. She actually reminds me of Maricar Balagtas. Maricar is very special to me as a pageant fan since BbP 2004 is the first pageant na pinanood ko na tinapos ko talaga. It helped na summer yun. Kindergarten pa me. Diba baklang BAKLA kaloka.

      • Hehehe.

        So noong kindergarden ka pa lang, maliit ka pa, right? So while Gul ka now, ang name at ka height mo ba that time is si “Da Gul?” Lol.

        World Peace.

    • Hi @Thomas my main criticism with Leren is the fact na parang in the last ten years parang pageantry lang naging buhay nya. From Los baños up to now. Parang nakakaloka lang isipin. She does modeling that I know pero other than that, parang wala. Kontesera ang ate niyo. Yun lang I don’t like the idea na parang nagrevolve ang buhay nya sa pageantry in the entirrty of her late teens to now late twenties.

      • Dear Yna ni Jaya,

        Ahhh. I didn’t know that. You are saying na parang hindi sya naging well-rounded in terms of experience? Baka kulang sa life experience and therefore will not make her a suitable representative? Hmm.. But was Pia W like that too before she won (after three tries) Bb. Pilipinas?

        Again, I am not batting for Leren as MUP (at this point). I am just saying that her photos above are beautiful. The most beautiful so far.

        World Peace.

      • Pia is very different. Breadwinner at a very early age. Nag artista sa Star Magic. Mind you if you are a star magic artist in the early 2000s it’s a very big deal.

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