10 comments on “Isabelle delos Santos: Dark horse from Makati City?

  1. very transformable ✨💫 into a pageant queen, just that it might take several months of training. She’s like Mia of The Princess Diar; there’s a charming cookiness and clumsiness to her. Impressive as a corporate millennial at her prime. Just that it will take more than three weeks 📕 to groom her into a proper princess.

  2. One thing’s for certain; this ridiculous half-blazer, bustier, black shorts combo topped with a badly done scarf is not doing her any favors.

  3. OFF TOPIC but what if Emma Raducanu, current US Open champion who beat Leylah Fernandez (half Pinay half Ecuadorian) yesterday, were to represent Romania in a future MU … she is very cute (half Romanian half Chinese) … I think she will do great , or she can perhaps represent China but most likely China will not allow that to happen … they never send half half beauties …

  4. Beautiful photos. Take note, I didn’t necessarily say beautiful face, But beautiful photos.

    These are the types of photos we need to see from the candidates so we can objectively judge:

    > Close-up

    > Minimal make-up or at least does not distract

    > Natural (no hair extensions, no colored contact lenses, no veneers, no exaggerated eyeliners and eyeshadows, or lips full of fillers that looks painful);

    > No exaggerated lip pouts and pa-luscious look

    > and MOST of all no ka-baklaan at ka-cheapan accessories that do more damage to the girls than highlighting their beautiful faces

    Yes, I will repeat again for the second time around (repeat na, again pa, second time around pa! Lol):

    Unless they are shooting for national costumes and some editorial fashion ek ek, please itago nyo na lang kayong mga hinayupak na stylist ang mga ahas, paro-paro, koronang sinag ng araw, gladiator shoes, gowns na ang slit ay abot hanggang leeg at kung ano ano pang nasa baul nyo na ginamit nyo when you joined Ms. Gay-Kalentong 1984. Lol.

    Yes, she has beautiful face too.

    World Peace.

    • Oxana Fedorova in a white flowing Gucci gown, now that was a moment 🕊👑 She wore the “antithesis of a pageant gown” and only had her “straight black hair and a smile as accessories. She carried the gown flawlessly, like a goddess gliding across the stage.”

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