10 comments on “Grace Charmaine Vendiola: The Pride of Negros Oriental

  1. there are just those who you know for sure that if you remove all the fluff and costume and props and make-up/make-over and silly poses, they will look simply as plain janes … this is one of them…

    It is time to trim down to the best of the best , the best 15 only to complete on Finals night … there’s only one crown, one winner , stop wasting time … it does not need all these unnecessary gimmicks …

    • Thanks Jaret for validating how I think about these…these…these girls and their stylists.

      My opinion naman is if your remove these make-up so thick (that you can slice it with a knife), hair extension so long it reaches the knees, and all those cheap looking accessories, I think mas maganda pa si Grace.

      Ang pangit ng dating nila di ba? Parang performers sa karnabal. Snakes slithering on face with matching nose ring, butterflies pollinating your hair, and this aging malate bar girl look showing her angular butt cheek. Only filler girls need these gimmicks. Their philosophy is : If you can’t be pretty, be garish. Lol.

      If this is what other laud as “pasabog” …. San inyo na lang sana sumabog yan! Lol. Ibang sabog eto. Parang diarrhea na sumabog. Lol.

      World Peace.

    • @Jaret, thanks for pointing out the silliness of these gimmicks but I beg to disagree about Grace’s beauty.

      Hers may not be your type of beauty but I like her a lot. I’ve seen her in motion and in some glamshot. Simple sabotage is what it’s all about.


    • She’s actually tall. She can be a candidate in BBP. She flies with Emirates??? Not sure. Pero there. Bongga physical wise.

  2. I love Grace’s dusky Pinay beauty. I just hoped that they brought out her regal beauty in the traditional glamshot especially that she’s not really figuring well in the prediction list among pageantologists and fans alike.

    Is she from Dumaguete City? I was assigned before at that idyllic place for like three years. That brief interlude back in the mid 90s proved to be very memorable. And that city has some of the most gorgeous Spanish tisoys and tisays

  3. ganda …hindi pilit…actually delightful

    congrats sa presentation. international calibre. thumbs up. Pan-Asian

  4. This is what makes the World go round..and Spinning madly at that!! Love these pasabogs!! Without which the World would be such a boring place in this times of Pandemic!!.. Embrace the fun,and the Guts of these ladies and their teams!! They bring so much respite and Unpredictability in this arid world of Quarantine- boredom-come!!.. To see such talents come forward amidst such bleak and bleary times should be met with much aplomb! Bravo Pasabog Warriors!!

  5. PRIDE indeed. Why do you like making the girls look trans? No offense to trans but this is horrible. They look like they are auditioning for RuPaul Drag Race Philippines. This is what we we have become: from Mdme Stella’s La Cumbia’s old school gowns to Perya-gay look and make up. Lol.

    Please stop this sorcery! Grace Charmaine looks like Gay Charmaine!!! HINDI MAGANDA. Promise.

    World Peace.

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