12 comments on “Christelle Abello: A Beautiful Hiss to the Finals of Miss Universe Philippines 2021

  1. I don’t know why but I always forget about her in my Top 16… Maybe because she’s not very relatable?

  2. Christelle is again one of the sexiest candidates.

    I will just be a little careful with borrowing African styles and concepts for creative photoshoots. You don’t want to be lectured on cultural appropriation.

  3. There was a model and an MTV VJ before whose name is Belinda Panelo na parang hawig nya.

    She is beautiful and very well spoken kaya i do not think she needs this kind of photoshoot na walang purpose.

    Christelle… kung nagsuot k ng isang simple suit na sa mukha mo lang kami nakatuon… nilamon mo sana silang lahat.
    Yung androgynous feature mo ang panlaban mo… #fact!

  4. I agree with some kibitzers who claim she is a thesis beauty who needs to enhance her features not polarize more pageant fans.

    I have been a fan of her angular looks especially with that chiseled jawline that could crack a thousand hazel nuts. But this is too much. Enough with the gimmicks pls

  5. I’ve always said this, a beautiful face needs no gimmick to get noticed. Lalabas at lalabas pa rin.

    Christelle has a beautiful face that needs no cheap stunts like nose rings and snakes (and with others, butterflies ), to tamper her face.

    Attention handlers and stylists that are mostly a gaggle of gays, please wag nyo naman masyadong baklain these girls. I don’t know what fantasies you are projecting through these girls, pero ang cheap cheap tignan. Pang baklang-kanal ang dating.

    World Peace.

    • Or maybe she’s channeling the snakey snakey org itself as the most venomous snake in Farmers Cubao leaving the victims in comma. 😅😅😅

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