13 comments on “Miss Universe Philippines 2021: The Tourism Videos you might have missed

    • @miss tissa, of course! As revealed by an American pageant board, MUPH has one of the highest franchise fees for MUO. It’s in the millions!

      Pulling a fast one over the original franchise holder was unfortunate in light of the pandemic and businesses going kaput everywhere.

    • Which is why they really need a new Miss Universe from the PH this year to make sure that they would get their ROI ASAP!… If MUPh Org is smart, they would crown the girl with the greatest chance of winning MU… The most well rounded-girl who would be supported by our national government.

  1. Bakit pinagsubmit pa ang wala naman sa Top 30? Sayang ang effort at gastos nila. Taoos naka-upload yan sa Empire PH so kumita pa rin sila sa mga niligwak nila?

    • Of course MUPh is a fund raising organization, remember?
      I still remember one commenter here who said that with all the wealth and connection of Chavit Singson, sponsors are not necessary. Is Chavit still involved with MUPh or just the group of disillusioned gays who has and has been desacrating and cheapening a prestigioua brand such as Miss Universe.

  2. MUPh’s idea of having these tourism videos is taken from Miss Earth’s eco videos.
    Not an original idea.
    MPE/ME eco videos are more impactful and meaningful

  3. I love Kristina Alexandra Rodriguez’s video!

    She’s very charming. Sana nabigyan sya ng chance.

    She may not be pageant-perfect for now but she has beautiful face and radiant personality.

      • @ Norman I concur with @ nunyabiz1991. The best of this selection!

        LOVE her shaggy-camel hood-coat! Tres chic.

        (Not to mention memories of Baguio City in the rain, a few of which I’ve shared before and which helped bond me with @ paul, himself a veteran-of-sorts of the City of Pines. ‘Baguio is beautiful in the rain,… But sad…. Like a dream… But a boy held my hand and we loved each other..”, went a passage from a Filipina writer~activist~nationalist after whom a station of the LRT Santolan-Avenida line is named.)


        But I will give the ‘white ribbon’ (the highest accolade) to… Ilocos Sur.
        > I’ve been there… (Memories I will keep to myself). Seeing it now from the air, how beautifully EVERYTHING is laid out, whether man-made or natural, is utterly delightful sight!
        > Besang Pass, misty mountain road granting access to the Luzon Cordilleras is well-loved by riders and cyclists. It also has history; @ Closer2Fame should know.
        > Kamille Quinola’s VOCE, and that of Angelin Summer Fernandez of Cotabato, is worthy of a radio station contract! Tell Boss Jonas to sign both up with EmpirePh and send their ‘talkies’ to radio stations for possible gigs, if not employment. 🙂

        Nepheline,… a mineral of igneous (volcanic) provenance used as substitute for feldspar in the glass industry… I will assume there are supply and logistic issues with the latter so as to make the former a viable/cost-effective alternative. Adam Genato referred to this as ‘science’.

        Bulacan – I’m glad there is effort to showcase the mountainous parts of the province, such as Biak-na-Bato (National Park) and Dona Remedios Trinidad. It’s a thrilling road trip, I’ll always remember.

        Agusan del Sur – Uncle, you recall ‘yun’g 2nd Runner-up sa Mr. Philippines na Manuvu ‘datu’? ‘Yun’g ka-batch nina James Ventura at Ibahn Ryle Francisco? Pangalan nu’n? Kumusta na siya?

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