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  1. Para po doon sa hindi nakaka-alam si Katrina po ay natural born Filipina. Born in San Juan City. Her mother is from San Juan and her father is from Lubang Island, Occ. Mindoro. 100 percent real Filipina Kayumanggi beauty. She speaks fluent Tagalog. I can say she’s more Filipina than those who lives in the Philippines who can’t speak, refuse or even try to speak the language or dialect. I don’t have anything against this girls though for we’re in a free country. She’s also also involve in some Fil-AM activities in the U.S. She was also a host of life style TV program” Adobo Nation” on TFC ( The Filipino Channel) here in U.S. Napakabait nyang bata. I know her personally. She deserve to win the crown same as the other contestants.

    My opinion. Peace.

  2. Galinggalingan Ang mga vacklah. Paulit ulit kaya nasa borderline na ng mental Crisis.
    Pagsabihan nyo Ang mga organizers bakit nila tinatanggap Ang ayaw nyo.
    Nanalo na nga c Katrina D sa panaginip ko eh, ginagawan nyo pa ng Mali Ang Tama.
    At pinagpipilitan nyo pang Mali Ang Tama.
    O cge na nga. Kayo na. Kayo na Ang Mali hihihihi. Mali pa rin pala sila dahil Mali nga sila😱🤭
    Wala lng. Mema lang.
    Hoy, Katrina D. Umayos ka ha. Huwag mo akong ipahiya. Pinakababa na Ang First RU kung mamalasin ka, OK🤪

    • I totally agree with you 101% in all what you have said”
      Hayyy they are all threaten to Katrina!!

      I am all for her and “Yes” mababa ang 1st RU sa kanya

      as if this negative commenters are all Pageant Guru ha?

  3. Obviously, the Katrina defenders missed the point I was raising. Andami-dami na nilang nasabi, but failed to dig in on my issue. How do you feel if you see Katrina wear Philippine sash in MU when she already wore the USA sash in Supra?


    That’s all.

    • Hello. Tell that to the Venezuelans and Puerto Ricans who usually do that. The current miss universe portui is a Luso-Venezuelan na runner up sa MV. Ana Diba afam asawa mo? You should know that the world is changing and Hindi na pwede yang nationalistic approach in PAGEANTS. PAGEANTS LANG NAMAN TO. ANO BA TO NUCLEAR CODES? WORLD WAR ? so oa.

      • Again, you missed the point and even brag other nationalities on our pageant issue. Haaaaaaizt! Sana bago mo ako burdagulin, maayos mo muna ang reading comprehension mo. Stick to the core issue, mamsh. Kaloka.

        That’s all.

  4. JawsKuh. Daming threatened Kay Katrina Dimaranan. Basta Bet ko sya. Puerto Rico… Venezuela…Dominican republic… Etc. Dami nila nagrepresent ng US tapos naligwak or nanalo then represent na naman nila sa origin country ng parents nila dahil mas bigger pageant Ang I represent nila.
    Huwag ng gawing problema Ang hindi problema. Kaya walang asenso mga dilawan dito dahil pinipilit Ang hindi puede😱🤭😃
    Cherette lungs. Pero Ang talino ni aling Leni ha Lalo na sa math😆 Yun lungs🤪

    • Yes, and did these same girls win at Miss Universe?
      No! Give me one good example? Dahil sa pagkaka-alam ko… WALAAAAAA!!!!!

      • @ Fabian Reyes Catriona only ever represented the Philippines – World, then Universe. She never represented Australia. That MAY be the difference and the MUO judges recognized it.

      • @Fabian…

        Catriona never worn a sash that says Australia or any other country except for the Philippines in any Top tier international beauty pageant. Geeez… How hard is that to understand? Where did your brain go?

  5. Nakukulangan ako sa kanya. Sobrang excited lang mga fans nya kasi nga kulay pinoy. Pero lalamunin siya ng mga latina dahil ordinary lang ang ganda nya. Btw, kamukha niya si Candy Pangilinan.

  6. I do not understand the hatred towards halfies by some commenters. I find it hypocritical when most of the readers of this blog (including the blogger) are Half Filipinos and Half Filipinas. Lol.

    World Peace.

  7. I will choose Katrina D over all the mestizas here that most from this blog hype who are products of mail order brides and pen pal relationships, or even the pokpoks of Olongapo and their US Army husbands.

    • Hahaha @Wynona Ryder….hahaha funny but don’t include the pok-pok from olongapo. Not all women there had worked in the clubs or entertained lonely horny American service men hehehe

  8. I don’t mind biracial Filipinas or full-blooded Filipinas born and raised abroad representing the Philippines.

    They did not choose to have a foreign parent, or be born abroad, or be raised abroad, or spend their childhood here in the Philippines only to later migrate abroad. None of that is their fault.

    If they identify as Filipinas, hold Philippine passports, and move back here as soon as they legally can make decisions for themselves, then they’re Filipinas. All the more if they chose to stay.

    As long as they speak the language, know the history, embrace the culture, associate with fellow Pinoys, and are updated with the current economic, political, and social issues of the country, then they’re just as Pinay as we are. I do not need a girl to know the Baybayin, or memorize the names of past presidents, or enjoy balut, or wear a Baro’t Saya, but it helps if they go the extra mile like Catriona Gray did when she hired a history tutor.

    I also don’t mind Filipinas wearing another country’s sash in pageantry. If they’re half German and they want to represent the other half of their identity, there shouldn’t be any issue as they are as German as they are Filipina. If they chose to wear Germany in one pageant and then Philippines in another, that’s not traitorship – that’s them embracing their identity. We can’t take away the other half of their identity, because then we’ll go down the rabbit hole of questioning the racial purity of every single one of us.

    The problem lies in opportunistic “Filipinas” who only use their Pinay Card when they know they’ll benefit from it (e.g. Sash Factor in pageantry) and then later deny being Filipinas or mock the culture or dissociate from anything Filipino when they no longer benefit from it.

    Beauty queens who come home to the Philippines weeks before joining a pageant, and then leave after winning; “Filipinas” who do not even bother learning Filipino or the dialect of their Filipino parent, do not enjoy Pinoy food, hate the climate, traditions, etc., these are the “Filipinas” who should not be allowed to wear the Philippine sash.

    There’s at least one girl in recent years who did just that – lived her whole adult life elsewhere, spoke no Filipino, knows nothing about the Philippines, gave no sh*t, came here, won, and then went back to her home country, with nothing Pinoy to bring back home except a Miss Philippines sash.

    As for Katrina, she was born here, experienced life here, migrated to the states along with her full-blooded Filipino parents, moved to a Filipino community there, she still speaks the language, and in fact works there as a TV host for a program for Filipinos. She clearly identifies as a Filipina. Her first national pageant was Binibining Pilipinas. She was appointed six years later to represent the US, which she has a right to since she’s a green card holder. That doesn’t make her any less of a Filipina. The US sash is worn by women from all over the world. It’s not like Katrina gave up her Filipino identity altogether – if I remember correctly, Katrina was actively promoting herself as a Filipina-American wearing the US sash.

    I understand the patriotic qualms of some of us, but Katrina, to me at least, is a Filipina abroad who remained a Filipina by choice.

    • I also don’t mind too. Just to add those mestizas most of them are products of mail order brides in the 1980s or penpal in the 90s. So diva Filipina ingenuity from the beginning. Or our miss world, with a GI father and a filipina mother from Olongapo, you know what I mean.

      • As long as they’re raised well, I don’t mind them being products of hustling Pinay mothers.

        VVV posted about her parents meeting randomly and then deciding to marry each other within 3 days. Was her mother hustling? We’ll never know. But did she raise her child well and is she still happily married to the foreigner she had a child with? Yes, it seems.

      • @paui. Expect for more biracial beauty this 2025-2030 pageants. Candidates born on 2005, 06,07 where interracial relationships are more common. Also expect lots of candidates from the diaspora like you’ve never seen before. The Filipino people are global citizens.

      • I think it’s a win. There are countless studies looking into this very topic, and it is suggested that multiracial people are healthier, smarter, and more attractive than the general population. It has to do with “hybrid vigour,” which means cross-breeds have better genes overall than pure-bred offsprings.

        So, yes. Interracial mixing is not evil. It actually helps us evolve better.

        Prostitution is not okay. War crimes such as rape of local women is not okay. It’s voluntary interracial mixing that I’m okay with, just to clarify, since the conversation is already touching upon sensitive topics. All I’m saying is, let’s not lump all tisays and halfies as products of such and such. They’re not at fault as to how they came to be, and apparently, they’re healthier, smarter and more attractive than most of us.

      • Well @paui we all know how those relationships went in the early 90s and 2000s. It’s an interesting topic because I know someone who is a product of such encounters. It’s not a very good experience for her unfortunately. Recent interracial couples are more genuine in their relationships and no prostitution is involved.

    • @Paul

      How come you did not mention those who already represented other countries?…

  9. Ang kalat ng mga fans ng ibang candidates dito oh 😂 Threatened kayo no? Si Katrina lang naman ang may beauty, comm. skills, at height among the candidates this year. Ito ang tunay na girl to beat kesa dyan sa mga hinahype nyong palpak naman sa comm. skills at ang liliit pa

  10. Exquisite ! Although I may not clearly see the 70th anniversary MU 2021 crown on head, I can surely see her owning the spotlight every time and every where she goes and it will propel her to the top 5 or even top 3 ! The 2nd ru finish I dreamed of from Gazini and Rabiya may finally happen with Katrina !

    • Katrina a full blooded Filipina with full blooded Filipino parents but chose to represent USA internationally. She competed against a Filipino flag bearer. Had she won the title, we cannot claim it’s also for the Philippines just because she is “FilAm”. Bakit ko ibibigay ang suporta sa taong hindi naman taas noo sa pagiging Pilipino.

  11. ok lang maski si Bernos padala ng Felepens
    hindi naman mananalo nor maka top 10 ulit ang Felepens
    top 20 pwede na siguro ulit

    basta mahalaga magamit ng MUO ang Felepen fans

    world peace

    • @ kembular2020 If Rousanne will be OK with whipping herself into S-H-A-P-E* (a’ la Zuleyka R.) within a month or two, G!

      * – aka, starvation route/technique, as others have pointed out before. She will require top-notch dieticians-nutritionists to guide her in this regard.

  12. She, as you said before Mr. Blogger, looks Caribbean. Abalos or Hipolito are more the Pinay type.

    (Her Supra form could have been a Halston model, a’ la Pat Cleveland. In afro, ya-aasss!)

    Imagine a less angular Teresa Lourenco. Watch Lenny Kravitz’s music video for ‘Again’ (circa 2K).

    There’s this Brazilian model whose name I can’t remember. Clearly ‘India’ extraction but slit-eyed as to suggest Nippo-Brasileira origins… She did runway; I don’t think she ever did VS or SI. 😦

  13. The problem is this pic only show a certain angle. We all know she gained compared to her supra form.Let her go back to that ravishing days
    Uso naman ang aiko melendez look of andrea meza sa mu pero ipanalo nya muna mup dito di uso aiko look

  14. Commenters here who are making fuzz about Katrina being citizens are definitely nativist pero wiling wili na mga mestiza ang nagrerepresent sa Pilipinas. Paano???? First and foremost Katrina grew up in the Bay Area the most Filipino part of the union. Hindi naman sya lumaki sa Minnesota or Vermont no? Mas Pilipinas pa nga ang Bay Area sa BGC sa true lang tayo po opo. Next, hello naman sa mga Miss Venezuelas na nirepresent ang Poland, Germany and so on. Mind you they are descendants of their grandparents leaving Europe in the 1940s. Hello naman kay Katrina na late 90s na nagimmigrate parents niya sa US. SHE WAS BORN HERE AND LICED HERE UNTIL SHE WAS 6. Halatang alien sa commenters dito ang concept ng PAGIGING global citizen. Nakakaloka 🙄 Si Catriona nga hindi naman lumaki na Filipino ang culture nya and lumaki sa whitest part of Australia , Cairns 95 percent white. Bye

    • Gunggong! Lahi nga Pinoy.. Tinakasan naman Pilipinas tapos nirepresenta pa ang bansa na nagpapahirap sa bansa natin hanggang ngayon! Ang tawag dun e TRAYDOR!!!!! TRAITOR!!!!

      • Hahahahahahaha ang America talaga ang nagpapahirap sa atin hanggang ngayon? Hahahahaha 😛😛😛😛😛😛😛 for sure taga skwammy ka no? BPOs who are thriving today and keeping our economy afloat mostly are US based. Wag Kang tanga. Ang nagpapahirap sayo ay sarili mo at sarili mating gobyerno! Wag Kang mangmang. Paano naman sina Ruffa Gutierrez, Alice Dickson, etc may mga US passport, ayaw mo din sa kanila? Patch Magtanong na green card holder? Ohmygod why am I even arguing to you??? 👅

      • My bad for my grammar lapses. Nakakaloka pero yeah Closer2Fame, hindi America ang dahilan ng kahirapan natin. Constitution natin na tayo lang din naman ang gumawa protects the local elites very Spanish colonial times. Sino ba namang tanga ang magiinvest dito kung hindi mo naman magiging pag mamayari ito as a whole.

      • Gul Punag

        HAHAHA… yeah.. I must indeed be a “squammy” as you call it… BUT a well educated one… FYI, the constitutionyou are reffering to was actually based from the American Institution… Implimented by officials appointed by the American Colonnial Government… and that includes the extremely one sided Economic ties that only favors America and the Local Elite- Tydings-McDuffie, Laurell-Langley act, etc….. LOL Ganda ng example mo.. BPO?!!… hahaha The peso depreciation itself is actually caused and designed by USA.. again FYI, the current financial and monetary system itself was again from the USA.. when the Philippine National Bank became the defacto central bank of the Philippines through the Partnership of the Cojuangcos, The US Governement and the Federal resserve…And root of the Economic war between our Country and US that we’ve been losing for the past few decades is still based on those lopsided economic ties… 🤣🤣🤣


      • Oh I’m sorry if you’re very good in history. As if naman we will be better excluding the Americans. The Philippines being a Spanish colony is designed to fail to begin with. Lopsided din naman ang SK-YS relationship pero they were able to turn things around. Ang problema sa atin is the CULTURE. THE CULTURE BROUGHT BY THE SPANIARDS.

      • Regardless of your diversion, backpedaling and what not… A girl who already represented a different country should not win our highest national title!

      • Wow 10 thumbs down.. Ang dami palang BOBO sa history na followers ng blog na ito?!… Triggered ba ang mga CORPORATE SLAVES ng BPO?! Itulog nyo na yan!!!… baka dumagdag pa ito sa stress nyo kakapuyat! Don’t forget, kailangan nyo pa payamanin mga American Owners ng BPO company nyo!🤣🤣🤣🤣

  15. Sana sa Miss USA nlang siya sumali. Pang runner-up lang siya. Baka second runner-up siya later this month.

  16. This brown beauty is still one of my top favorites to win the MUPh crown.

    Best of luck, Katrina! 👑

  17. Beautiful and youthful! Those lips! Ughh.

    She will not take all the effort to come back to the PH if she’s not serious in winning. I think she was inspired by Andrea Mesa winning the title, and she thinks she can represent what the MUO is looking for. Mature, established, relatable and marketable.

    Andrea, Julia and Janick all have these qualities.

    Best wishes, Katrina!

  18. She’s my favorite candidate. I’m not bothered by her previous USA Supra representation, and I’m glad to see more highlighting of her natural features in these photos. She’s gorgeous when she goes full Pinay.

    • I dont care also about her joining supra before as Miss USA. She is not a queen of beauty to me. If you want to send a Pinay beauty to Israel then matatanggap ko pa if si Corrine Abalos! But definitely not this girl above.

  19. Hindi talaga nakaka-proud pag siya ang nanalo. Miss USA na pakilala ni girl sa buong mundo. Atat magkaroon ng international title eh may plano palang maging Mess Pelepens. Ekis ka na girl kahit pa #inclusivity ang MUP ngayon, pwera nlng kung Top notcher ka sa Board of CANVASSERS. 😅😅

  20. Over sa pagakakaedit. We all saw her tourism video and she doesnt really look good in motion. Hers is like the mongoloid type of beauty. I dont want her to represent us in MU. Please!

  21. I don’t know but I think I won’t feel proud once she’s doing her stuff on the MU stage wearing our Philippine sash. That is because she would flashback in my mind that once upon a time she wore the USA sash in another international pageant. I believe wearing our sash bears a big responsibility as our representative in the international pageantry and she would not just be there to represent us.

    Per Catriona Gray, one should know a purpose in joining a pageant. And in Katrina’s case, I don’t know which purpose she would bring in the pageantry that makes her nationalistic and makes her fellow Filipinos relate.

    Thusly, if she finally gets the crown and represents the country in the MU pageant, I would not dare follow MU for a time being and won’t join any discussion, so I won’t say anything bad against her then.

    That’s all.

  22. Yan ang kulay na hindi ko ma-achieve-achieve!

    Last time, Three days straight na ko sa Boracay at tatlong oras na’ko babad na babad sa araw na may application na olive oil on day 1 then coconut oil on day 2 and finally shea butter on day 3! Ay Naku! Hindi pa rin ako naging Tan! Then after two months, bumalik na ulit yung fair color ko! Yung nga lang ang ganda sa kutis pag nagbalat na!

    Truth be told, eto ang naging reference ko din sa Miss Supra!

    I said kung si Katrina hindi masiado fierce in her performance sa Miss Supra eh naka-1st RU, may possibility na si Dindi maka-Top 5 pa rin (after watching the swimsuit and top model segment) pero strong talaga yung 5 nakapasok this year kaya ok lang! Still I made the right choice!

    • Useless ang coconut oil, olive oil and shea butter. My advise to you Claire is to marry a Chinese guy. Preferably, last name nya, Tan. Therefore you will be Claire ..Tan. Lol.

      World Peace.

      • Loca! Hindi ako mahilig sa Chinito!

        Ang bet ko yung mga tipo ng jowakels ni Inday Alaiza! Josketch! Uma-Ana Winter si Inday!

  23. If Katrina is able to advocate for(aside from education) a feasible solution to the existing problems of our nation.. Then maybe I could consider her worthy of the crown. 🙄 She may be a better speaker than Steffi but actions speak louder than words and I see Steffi making those choices and implimenting them which I know for a fact would benefit the greater good of our people. She is a sure Top5 without a doubt.

    • I know you’re a deranged DDS but seriously what are you talking about? In terms of unsubstantiated pageant advocacy, Steffi is no better than Katrina. That’s actually the parallelism between the two – they stand for nothing other than being pageant queens bringing with them the most generic of pageant platforms. Nothing of substance to contribute to the social discussion.

      • Hahaha… As much as I want to educate you… small-minds w/ shallow reasoning like yours will never see the bigger picture…. 🤣🤣🤣

      • Bet kasi ni Regina si Babalina junior na naka boots lagi para matakpan ang bagtak niya na parang balusters sa Malacañang.

      • Baklang Regina, Wag ka na umasa!!!
        Hinding-hindi mananalo anak ni Babalu!
        Itaga mo pa sa mukha nyang hugis Mangga!!!


    If these photos will be the sole basis, even delegates from other countries must already be shaking at their core. Look at that Filipina face and skin color.

    My beef about the photos though is the over-fillered (?) upper lip. The dead give away of excessive filler is the slight mustache-like formed above her upper lip. Namamaga. Looks kinda painful and not so fetching.

    But yes, Katrina remains to be among my Top Five.

    World Peace.

    • So funny. The defenders obviously missed the point I was raising. Guys, girls, and gays, I don’t have an issue with the halfies, but on the fact that they have already previously wore a sash in another international pageant. Gets?

      That’s all.

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