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  1. Her waif Child- like Empress face reminds me of that same character in the NEVER- ENDING STORY!! ..A beguiling ingenue!!– In a more polished streak,..her face is similar to Ms.Trinidad & Tobago,former Ms.Universe Wendy Fitzwilliam!!

  2. Top 16 is the possible placement for Sam but if stars align for her come coronation night, she could reach top 5

    • @ serge Are you kidding, po? Sure Top 10 ‘yan’g bata’ng ‘yan. 🙂

      On lineage/pedrigree alone…

      Last year, the ‘familia buena’ were Paola Ortega and Bella Ysmael. This year at the other ‘side’, Samantha Panlillio.

      • @flor, there is no top ten in this year’s MUP. It’ s top 16 then will be narrowed down to top 5

  3. Yeah! I agree! She looks like Denise Richards here!

    Nag-reminisce tuloy saken yung pelicula niya na “Wild Thing” which I watch when I was in College! May scene dun na nag-side view si Kevin Bacon sa shower and may nag-hello! Tawanan yung mga girls na katabi ko sa cinehan!

    Not to mention the steamy threesome of Matt Dillon, Neve Campbell and her and josketch nagpalamas siya ng boobie!

    Going back to Ingrid, kahit anong gawin mo sa kanya, alta talaga ang dating! Kahit mga circle of friends niya parang puro mga alta de sociedad din! Mga mestiza! I think friend din niya yung anak ni Lotlot and Ramon Christopher!

    I believe she’s also the third girl who happens to be a daughter of a basketball player who joined pageantry. The others is yung anak ni Paul Alvarez & Alvin Patrimonio!

    The thing with her is may makinarya na on stand by kung siya ang magiging MUP! Isa na lang ang hinahanap kong quality sa kanya and that is maipakita niya sa masa na “I’m no longer a girl but a phenomenal woman!” kasi kung si Zuleyka Rivera nga na nanalo at the age of 18 eh eto pa kaya na nasa 20’s na! Although hindi rin ako nag-e-expect ng another MU crown, I’m still wishing for the very first second runner up placement of the Philippines!

    • Lol. I also remember that movie The Wild Thing. Yes, Kevin’s “bacon” said hello. Lol.

      There was even one brief moment in the shower between Kevin and Matt Dillon.

      The movie was shown 1998 Claire. When you saw that movie while college, you must have been 18? Therefore you must be around 25 now? Lol.

      World Peace.

  4. Samantha’s face isn’t proportional because she has got short nose. When she smiles and gets photographed on her side view, you’d see her bad angle. However, that imperfection of hers makes her exotic.

    I’d love to see her and Maria Corazon Abalos standing next to each other as the last two women ready to be announced the winner and the first runner-up. Who knows, right? They are both beautiful and refreshing than those hyped ones.

    That’s all.

    • @ Ana Winter-Lund It might look like old-school BBP, wherein ‘familia buena’ bets got crowns.

      MUPO needs someone marketable. Look, now, how Rabiya is doing show business.

      In the event either ‘rich girl’ wins, wala’ng attitude dapat. Kung may literally dirty work na i-require ng sponsors, attack. 🙂

      • (Cont.)

        Such as a ‘boodle fight’.

        WHO, IN THEIR RIGHT MIND, DECLINES A BOODLE FIGHT? It’s a FUN way to get untidy. Busog ka pa. 🙂

        It can even become a charity event. May ginawa’ng ganyan dati… Parang, you pay to be part. So, the more participants, the greater the amount raised. Pero siguro, para appropriate, dapat either sa beach or mountain/waterfall resort.

  5. I’ve mentioned this before but I’ll say it again – she can easily pull off a Bella Ysmael. They’re practically mirroring each other – Lasallian girls coming from well-known families in the arts. They both give off the same “alta” vibes that only being raised in a high pedigree household can bring.

    She has lots to improve on, pageant-wise, but there’s no question that she’s one of the best speakers of the batch.

    Her family can probably buy the MUPh franchise and finance the entire pageant lolz

    • @ REGINA ‘Ay, huwag ka. Nangyayari ‘yan… Candidates who buy the national crown/title.

      Nito lang huli, sa Supra. May lumabas na ganyan. I believe the ‘culprit’ was 2018 batch. Didn’t win the Poland prize in the end. Ngayon, bad guy ang arrive niya.

      Pero, napakagahaman’g familia, naman, to do it. The Ysmael’s (Roxas) didn’t do it, at least it didn’t feel that way. But of course, NOBODY HERE (in this blog) EVER brought up that possibility. If you can find a way to review last year’s comments, I recall NO ONE insinuating it. 🙂

      Bella dear, you got your silver medal fair and square. And left Rabiya with the work while you got the glamor and the time to whoop it up with your Runner-up sisters. Good for you!

      Moral of the lesson : Not all that matters is gold. Also consider the silver lining.

      • @ Gul Panag May mga trabaho’ng sarili naman ‘ata ang Board ng MUPO, ‘eh. It’s not as if, from all indications atm, na may overhead sila owing to a business address, a secretary on payroll, etc.

        First and foremost, they need to make at least enough to retain the franchise. One us said, I recall, na good for three (3) years ‘ata ang contract nila with MUO, and they have the option to not renew… Ibig sabihin, kung nagpasok man sila ng pera, dapat siguro bago mag MU2022 mag-break even man lang, if not make even a little profit.

        Now, granted that certain candidates are ‘loaded’ enough to influence the results, why stop with MUP? Go straight to MUO/Paula, like what Governor Singson did. 🙂

        (Not to make Catriona win, no. But to make it clear that he can make entire pageants possible.)

  6. One of us said she ‘is Wendy Fitzwilliam’ of this batch. Like this, she does/is…

    Admin, aminin na kasi kung sino AP ng Paranaque! 😦


    The Camp, listen up.

    You can ONLY have one (1) ward in the Cinco Ultimo. There’s just a loyal handful of us rooting for Telle. But please admit, her tourism video _ucked… VVV, we wonder if there’s anything more to her, as she has ‘flat-lined’, insipid. It is THIS SLOW-BURN ONE that is now exciting.

    Go check again the perfume I blended. I placed one ward of yours at every level/note. You do NOT touch the others, what is not yours. But feel free to re-assign ‘your three’ on those slots I gave. 🙂

    • Umayos ka ng Flor Tulo! Lol. Hindi ko talaga ma-arok ang mga matalinhaga mong turan! I feel I need to grab some biogesic after reading all your comments!

      What are you trying to ejaculate ba? (Ano gusto mo palabasin? Lol). Are you trying to impress us? Is that one of they symptoms of early dementia? Ano ba?? Lol.

      World Peace.

    • (Cont.)

      Oh, I forgot. Abello is no longer… STILL, her tourism video was done in your tenure, under your jurisdiction. You didn’t sabotage her, did you? Para matutukan ‘yun’g dalawa?

      @ THOMAS Sweetie, vested interests seem at play. It’s as if the crown is under auction.

      With possibly just the tiniest modification, the latest Top 5 I suggested appears viable.

      But ja. It may reinforce the notion that just maybe goodwill was not foremost to the organization.

    • (Cont.1)

      Ingrid will look good like Ashanti in ‘Rock Wit U (Aaawww Baby)’. Pero, DAPAT may abs like Ashanti! 🙂

      For the guy, one male nationals wasted a number of tall, tan, & be-muscled Pinoy beauties. Ask Misso for particulars and the relevant talent fees.

  7. She looks like Denise Richards (ex wife of Charlie Sheen).

    Beautiful and articulate but I don’t think she will get the MUP crown. Top 10 at most.

    And yes, I agree that anything obviously fake (like colored contact lens), and nag mamantika lips is a turn off for me. What were these stylists thinking?

    World Peace.

    • Yes! Young Denise Richards. Denise’s character in FRIENDS. That’s who Ingrid reminds me of. Thank you.

  8. She has minor flaws but she got everything else… Beauty, brains, & height.. If she get’s trained for her runway-walk, pasarella and dancing… She could be a future international winner. I foresee that she would achieve great things in the near future.

  9. I think she could be Miss Grand International. She has that innocent flirt thing going…

  10. Both. Ingrid means “loved” or “beautiful” while Samantha means “listens well”.

    I like her. She captures the beauty of youth. She seems to have a good head on her shoulders. She comes from an elite family and yet she remains humble. Classy AF.

    If she wins, I wouldn’t mind her representing PH in MU. A few have commented that her pasarela is weak. This can easily be improved and perfected with hours of practice. Her body can still get lean, of course with proper diet and exercise. I wouldn’t be nervous when she gets into the interview and Q&A portions. She is very witty with her answers and doesn’t beat around the bush. May laban siya!

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