11 comments on “Miss Universe Philippines 2021: Visayas Tourism Videos

  1. Distracting ugly Tattoos in Cebu arm!
    Can’t help but focus on that ‘thing’ to in her arm
    than her Tourism video…Bad!

  2. The one thing about Steffi and Maureen is that their pictures without make up , side by side with their pictures all made up , you see them transform into a totally different person , it’s like a photoshop effect , not natural … although when it comes to speaking skills, Maureen can deliver, she speaks her mind, very authentic , while Steffi comes across as putting on a show , there’s a facade, very ‘actress-y” , “girly girl showbiz-y” which I think will not be impressive to MU judges , both front seat and back seat …

    • Maybe. She’s still very young. She was 19 in 2018. Kaka 19 palang din nya nun. Nagscreen sya 18. So she’s probably 22/23 pa. I want her to have breast augmentation. Yung Magaling na doktor. And fix the eyelid. No need for veneers maganda ngipin nya. Boom miss Venezuela ang drama nya at 5″10.

  3. First of all, LAHAT (pala) sila pinagawa ng tourism video. So, it feels sad to watch those of candidates who have bowed out due to poor placement in the Poll. La Union was different from last year’s because Megan Sanglay apparently missed the grape harvest season; the aerials were very nice, though.

    (Had Flejoles of Capiz not been eliminated, kumpleto sana Panay; here are Iloilo, Antique, and Aklan. I look to the day when MUP will have a complete region in the Finale, for example Region 3, which is Zambales, Tarlac, Nueva Ecija, Bulacan, Pampanga, Bataan, and Aurora. That alone is seven (7) ‘provincias’, or automatic seven candidates! Include HUCC’s and that’s PLENTY of AP’s.)

    Vendiola and Minano both in yellow, a color that POPS out from the greys of their rocky locales.

    Abello’s ‘Aklan’ was better last year. I don’t dig that ‘look book’ of rapidly changing outfits. 😦

    Bronze goes to Antique. Who among us said Campos is 5’10”? She looks it! I’m retaining her in my ‘Premature15’ fragrance ‘middle note’. And the rugged~raw aura of the place makes it very attractive in that it doesn’t feel over-run tourist trap yet.

    Honorable Mention for Vendiola. Since this was Negros Oriental/Dumaguete City, references to nature – dolphins, that Maldives-like sandbar, Canlaon, and Lagos Balinsasayao – were expected. To her successor, do also visit Silliman University and its local boy, Dr. Angel Alcala, NS*.

    Silver, you go to… Cebu City. Why not, indeed? It is, after all, the Rio de Janeiro of the Philippines.

    Gold for the City of Love, Paris. Chos… Iloilo… 🙂

    … Which I also declare GRAND CHAMPION. Never mind why. Just watch and see for yourself.

    * – National Scientist

    • (Cont.)

      There was ad placement in Cebu City. I do not remember there being ads anywhere else.

    • hey F. Tula. Good Choices.
      Im liking the tourism videos of Negros Oriental and Antique but will disagree with Iloilo.
      Cebu City, Cebu Prov and Pangasinan are still our best choices (at this moment) for Israel

    • @ Flor, At the onset of the competition there was very little if any information re Antique. I’ve read it from your post, after you’ve researched, that she was 5’10” and a taekwondo athlete. I was skeptical with those info at first. But it looks legit. Needs some polishing here and there but overall she’s there with the pack. Is she 23 or 24? Still have time and, is a diamond in the rough. She strikes me as a humble country lass.

    • yes you are right, i kept posting that bea luigi will win based on her performance during miss cebu 2019; i received a violent reaction and said otherwise…

      bea vs steffi for the win..

      • I also want her to win. Pero parang nagdududa ako dahil openly gay sya. I’m also gay tbh. Pero I don’t know how Filipinos will react to it. Yun lang that’s what holding me back. Si Katrina D parin safest choice.

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