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  1. I think Jasmine Umali should have consulted with many historians before creating her Video… it is extremely innacurate.😬 Cringe level 99999999 😬

    FYI, Binondo was only established during the early Spanish era because the original China town was actually in Parian de Arroceros beside Intramuros which was a plaza/marketplace complete with houses and even a Chinese cemetery…. and the Place may have indeed been dominanted by Chinese but there were also Japs, Koreans, Munchurians, Chaupchey(North Vietnamese), Tatars, Okinawans, etc…. The earlier settlers led by the Songs(from Southern Song empire) revolted and was defeated thus they were forced to migrate to Central and Southern Luzon.. The Spaniards wanted to prevent future revolts by destroying the archeological evidences of Chinese settlement in that area, dividing the people and relocating the more recent settlers… The Japs, Okinawans, etc. were settled at Plaza Azul/Plaza Dilaw at Paco/Pandacan while the Cantonese and some Mandarins, Munchurians, Chaupchey(North Vietnamese), etc. were relocated to what is now Binondo….

    In WorldWar II, it was actually the Americans who bombed Intramuros because the Japanese purposely hid in the historical buildings to protect themselves. Too bad, the Americans did not care or may have intentionaly bombed those gov’t buildings and historical sites for them to rebuild later on.

    It’s actually the Spaniards who burned Intramuros to the ground and passed the blame on Jasmine’s direct ancestors Rajah Matanda, Rajah Sulayman and/or Lakan Dula. 🙄

  2. @Norman, the ladies in the NCR group are relatively better spokesmodels (well, so far). I’m saying this in isolation of the videos that actually feature them (few potentials were lost on the final output).

    As a composite material, the videos also paint a more balanced portrayal of the region – something unfamiliar tourists may be interested to experience. However, I’m missing a little bit more humanity in them as no one succinctly talked about the challenging socio-economic dichotomy in the area. It can be done without being over-dramatic. Pasig tried to achieve this but suffered from disjointed flow in the verbiage (both a copywriting issue and the choice of clips).

    At 0:16 to 0:19 seconds from top, I understood the purpose of the interjection: “Where in Mandaluyong are you – inside or outside?” but for a tourist who is unfamiliar with insider quips or jokes, this wouldn’t work. If you want to achieve a light-hearted effect, the creative team has to think about the universal audience’ level of appreciation (international vloggers and prospective off-shore tourists are watching these videos). Nonetheless, this video presents the best view of the industrial and financial skyline in the metro.

    The “call-closing” clip of the Manila video at 2:02 minute running (classy girl by the way) where she supposedly woke up from a dream seems off-tangent with the earlier parts of the video. It was capped: “Hold on to your dreams. Soon it will get better.” The earlier parts are matters of fact (tidbits of tourist areas that actually exists) but nowhere in the whole video is it hinted or that she talks about plans for the future to be realized. This was probably cut out in the editing process. One thing for sure, she made me crave for “Ilustrado” again.

    The Taguig video is more interesting as a clip of a feature documentary than a standalone tourism promotional material. This is largely brought by how the girl confidently presented herself – such as interviewing a vendor or saying something like “there’s lack of time and she had so much more she wanted to show her audience.” That’s not a bad thing because CNN-prototype short clips like this is also an effective marketing tool. (I can totally see her in broadcast media beyond pageantry.)

  3. Sorry. But in a TOTALLY unrelated topic:

    What a turn-off that ex of Rabiya is. Using his break-up with her as part of his audition video to get noticed and enter PBB, is just plain tacky.

    I never liked Rabiya. But for the ex to compare the “corona virus” and “MUP corona” is the height of ka-cheapan.

    Rabiya at least fought tooth and nail to get the crown. You are just riding on her popularity. – – or whatever’s left of it.

    World Peace.

    • Rabiya had that fresh inexperienced aura that I thought could shine in MU and take her to the top 3 at least … if only she had a much better SW semifinals and entered the top 10 , she could have been fighting for the last spot of the top 5… but well, her nerves was her setback and blew up all her chances of getting the job

      Let’s face it … MU is a job interview , a prolonged job interview to find out who has the brightest grace under pressure , … experience counts and totally bring great advantage to those who have it …

      My top two this year is : Katrina (1) , Leren (2) … even though they may not win the MU crown , they will place high enough for sure … for the Philippines

      Steffi and Maureen are on the second tier , and Mirjan and Victoria are on the third tier , Keesha<spoil

      • Thanks Jaret. Appreciate your inputs.

        However, if having overly enhanced boobs and veneered teeth with matching ready-made, recitation-like answers (with matching widening eyes and making a fist) is what you would call “fresh inexperienced aura”, so be it.

        Interesting that we your second tier girls are actually my top tier girls.

        My top tier girls are Maureen and Steffi.
        My second tier girls are : Victoria, Katrina
        Leren and Bea will complete the magic six.

        Can we make these predictions more interesting? Say, a token prize for who is right. A token penalty for who is not? Lol.

        World Peace.

  4. NCR
    Manila and Mandaluyong are very pretty.
    Ms. Mandaluyong needs to relax her smile though.

  5. Wait, I need to ask (I might have been sleeping under the rock): Is this tourism video part a pre-pageant competition?

    If not…

    Then ALL THE GIRLS did well. We are able to see and hear different facets of them, Overall, they represented their province / place very well. Congratulations to all. Including their respective teams : videographer, editor, stylists. DOT can really cull from these videos the best of the Philippines.

    World Peace.

    • The Tourism Videos are significant in MUPH, although they don’t get scored for the actual competition. It can add up to the entire positive halo effect that a candidate has been building up on, though. The organization can always have these clips playing in their minds while making decisions. 🙂

    • Although not scored (only for Special Award), the Tourism Video really makes an impact to the audience and the organization. Pauline’s Tourism Video made me love her!!!

  6. wala pa rin tatalo sa
    Behold Bohol last year

    and Katrina she nailed this
    afterall she was Bb Pilipinas Tourism 2012

  7. okay so I’ve seen all the Tourism videos. Here’s my top 5:

    1. Mirjan
    2. Steffi
    3. VVV
    4. Leren
    5. Kesha

    Mirjan, Steffi, and VVV understood what this challenge is about. This is a TOURISM VIDEO, this should be about the place, culture, people, history, etc. and just partly about the place being the girls’ hometown. The goal is to entice the viewer to come visit the place. The others made theirs a MY HOMETOWN VIDEO (this is home, this is about me, this is my favorite spot, look at me, etc.) Though there’s nothing wrong with making it about the girls, the goal of the challenge is to see how effective they are at presenting the places they wear on their sashes.

    Leren, though she went without a voice over, more than compensated with a beautiful visual storytelling.

    Kesha, I saw last. I don’t trust my judgment here as I fear I was already suffering from judgment fatigue (see, this is the problem with having too many contestants!) I guess I just really loved the part where Kesha transformed from an athlete to a beauty queen. So, others probably did better I just do not remember anymore.

    Maureen’s was fun. Jasmine’s was informative. Christelle’s was breathtaking. Bea’s was good, but there are two Cebus (one city and one province) and it’s inevitable that they get compared, and Stefi’s was just better imo. Some girls did okay. Some girls completely missed the point.

    My criteria, which might be different from the actual competition criteria: informative, visually appealing, enticing, goosebump-inducing, entertaining.

  8. I think they all did well in this group…. all good speakers… I think Ingrid Santamaria has the greatest potential of representing our country in the future…

    I love how Corine Abalos captured the whole essence of Mandaluyong… kudos to whoever thought about the script… It was very interesting…. and I love how she turned something sounding negative into a strong positive. I love it.. watched it twice.

    I totaly agree that Jasmine may have a some bad angles… but her good angles are uberly gorgeous! I think the order of each segment could have been arranged better for a greater impact but it was ok… I wish she delved deeper into our pre-colonial history since she is the product of that but it is a short video… it is the pandemic… Im dissapointed that she did not show barely showed Roxas boulevard, Malate, Baywalk, Paco park, Luneta, Cityhall, Liwasan Bonifacio, Fort Santiago, etc… I feel like there were a lot of missed opportunities there…. if she showed the new cleaned up beach and all those other improved sites… she might have increased her chances of winning by gainning support from her local and our national government.. tsk tsk

    • @ Closer2Fame Would you tour (foreign) visitors through, for example, Recto, Legarda, Echague (Quiapo), Arlegui, or Sampaloc? Just asking. You clearly know PLENTY on these things. 🙂

      Ok ba’ng ‘pasyalan’ ‘yun’g… Ano nga ba’ng pangalan nu’n? Kung saan nag-ra-rally noon leading to Malacanan? ‘Yun’g may mga ‘escuelehan’ like San Beda… I recall San Beda because there’s a really nice chapel (Abbey of our Lady of Montserrat) there. Kaunti pa’ng lakad, San Sebastian Church. Incidentally, thanks to all these tourism videos in Philippines national pageants, I learned that there are at least three (3) churches dedicated to ‘Sebastien’ – Manila, Bacolod, and Lipa.

  9. Still, the standout is Katrina … experience shines through ; and she will stand out in MU for sure

    Even though her looks are very Filipina , in an international competition that would be exquisitely exotic and can really compete to win the crown or place very very high … and that is the ultimate aim , to choose the one representative of Pinas who has the greatest chance of placing the highest at MU

  10. Rousanne should also have flexed her Mayor. HAWT din ‘yun, ‘a… 😦

    (Cafe Ysabel was in San Juan City, no?)

    (Mandaluyong City from above looks like an urban blight. Sorry, didn’t feel too good for me.)


    Krista, even just a full two minutes on Dimas-alang Bakery is enough; the establishment is legend! The Revolving Restaurant Aya also/already included in her BBP 2019 intro video, but hers leaned towards the arts; that’s something you have in common with her, a passion for the visual. You get Honorable Mention. 🙂

    Bronze goes to Isabelle. Great improvement to Ivanna Kamil Pacis’ effort from last year.

    Silver goes to Ingrid. The facade of Baclaran Church could be straight out of some Modernist settlement in Scandinavia or Brasilia. That sunset scene of ‘street-side shopping’ along Roxas Boulevard is one that conjures palpable memories…

    Katrina gets gold.
    > Sandra left out ‘lower Taguig’. I’m very glad Dimaranan showed this part of the city where it ‘kisses’ Laguna de Bay.
    > She is in her element – hosting a TV show. She is clearly effortless here, not ‘Justin Bieber’.
    > YA-AASS. Go to Market(2x) if you crave anything from some distant place of the archipelago (relative to Manila). This was where, to my DELIGHT, I found SLER’s chicharon outside CDO City.

    * – On a warm June evening at the turn of the millennia, we (my college professors and us staff) treated a visiting scientist from the Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium) to fine dining in Intramuros. I was clueless~dumbstruck; I asked for the ‘pesci’ simply because I read somewhere that it was ‘fashion’ and with the bosses having steak I wanted to be humble… When the evening ended, a fragrance in the night air caught the attention of our College Director. He looked up and around, and with a leap and swoop caught the object of his fancy – a handful of ‘dama de noche’ (Cestrum nocturnum) blossoms, from a vine on the trellis that once greeted customers.

    I think that trellis is no longer there, has been taken down. At what was ‘Cafe Illustrado’.

    I await the Visayas category. After which, I will name a Grand Champion (of those that got gold).

  11. Isabelle – very Lucy Torres. MI beauty.

    Jasmine – I don’t like the ending, but that’s just me. Best video in this group. She has bad angles, but the good ones are jaw-droppingly good. She has Maxine Medina’s charm. Very enchanting. Also, sexy voice.

    Ingrid – alta through and through. I just wonder why some girls’ videos are blurry while others are in HD? Sayang production value.

    Katrina – she stands out overseas, where her color and features are more appreciated. She’s… plain in local eyes. They’ll probably appreciate her in Israel so she’s still in my top 5.

    Corinne – very pretty. Love that she embraced the identity of Mandaluyong – sa labas o sa loob?

    • I like it that Corrine started and ended her video with a play on “sa labas o sa loob” with “sa loob” indicating an invite to see what’s really inside Mandaluyong.

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