14 comments on “Team Philippines for Miss Intercontinental 2021 is ready!

  1. I believe she will represent our country well at 2021 Miss Intercontinental. She has a good chance of placing in the competetion

  2. I have a good feeling she’ll make it in the TOP 5 or maybe even TOP 3…. very Charming woman indeed…. Goodluck!

  3. Uncle, didn’t Cinderella just recently go home (to MisOr)?… So, this call was BEFORE that?

    So, she returns to Manila just in time for her departure to Egypt.

    May overlap with Montagne; (The) Miss Globe is 20 October ~ 6 November. Sana, may proper live Send-off para sa kanila’ng dalawa.

  4. My God! Look at that poise! Look at that choice of color of suit!

    I love it!

    She’s ready!

    • @ ClaiRe IbbeTson No? Cinderella looks good in pantsuit. 🙂

      Look, again, at her white-with-ethnic/tribal-trim-to-the-trousers ensemble upon Novotel arrival last July. LOVE THAT JACKET – wide/loose at the shoulders, like some ode to ’90’s Jil Sander.

      I WANT TO SEE HER NEXT IN ‘LE SMOKING’. Kahit wala’ng yosi.

  5. Looking forward for our next Miss Intercontinental. Good luck Cindy, basta huwag lang umabot ng 12 midnight ang coronation ikaw ang makokoronahan!

  6. How is the newly appointed PHL amb to Egypt related to Bb Pilipinas WORLD 1995, REHAM SNOW HAMDI TAGO? Are they siblings?

  7. Good Luck Cindy!

    While the face might be not that stunning, and the chicklet teeth, distracting, somehow I have high hopes with this girl.

    World Peace.

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