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  1. It’s high time that home town, Angeles City, clinches the MUP crown. Sulapo ka, Mirjan Hipolito!

  2. Before I proceed, let me explain were I’m coming from. I’ve seen all of last year’s crops and somehow, I’ve reached my saturation point as regards videos using similar themes and executing them virtually the same way. Again, they’re relatively well done. However, without new distinctive elements, there is no recall and that’s not a good thing. That’s how I generally felt after watching the nine tourism videos in this set.

    Most girls, pretty as they are, either sound pitchy, dragging, over-enunciate their words or too stagey (bit contrived really) in the way they speak while noting their exaggerated gestures as well – e.g., overextended arms and hands on chests, etc. I blame the copywriters. They know that the written text (for literally reading) is different from spoken text (short phrases, conversational, largely informal with a bit of slang infused or even be colloquial to achieve the desired effect). It’s 2021 and you’re working on short materials for promotional purposes online, not for Pulitzer.

    On the extreme end, one girl (you’ll know who when you watch all) did not utter a single word – not even a “hi or hello.” Sometimes that strategy works, especially for shorter 30-seconders featuring multiple models with clear visual messaging but not for a 2-minute stint with a linear storyline that features only one girl. I’m on a fence with this as it may make the girl look disengaged. Having too much or too little is definitely a judgment call of the creative team.

    However, there are specific elements in few of the videos that are noteworthy (good or bad), viz.:

    1) For the Laguna video, good job on splicing and editing at inclusive times 1:44 to 1:49 minutes into the video. There are 7 outfit changes in a matter of about 5 seconds and 49 nano seconds. There are no observable residual motion blurs on the girl herself by the naked eye at normal speed while the feeling of almost being hyperreal are avoided. Since her “quick change” transitions are crisp, I can surmise that a camera with very high frame rate was used to take the raw footages. I’m simply nitpicking here but an option to make this better was that she could have been filmed on virtual screen so that the background used appears exactly the same without those flickers due to changes in natural lighting. (BTW, I love the song used.)

    2) The first 10 seconds of the Cavite video are mesmerizing – the way the saturated blacks contrast the rising of the sun and then defines the girl’s facial silhouette was totally zen. That should have been the anchor for the entire video (which went drastically whimsical after that). Same goes with the first 10 seconds of the Masbate video.

    3) The background music of the Marinduque video needs refinement in the remix of multiple scores (love the girl’s voice – young but not shrieky). You can hear when one music ends and another begins and detect light 1-second thuds in between. The audio editors should have been more mindful in the mixdown process – balancing levels, panning sounds, equalizing, harmonics enhancing, and adding various effects. Using just one music may work too in the case of the Isabela video.

  3. Maureen has the best delivery
    Where is Katrina’s ???
    But Leren has the best video.She doesn’t have to say anything because the video shows it all. So I Hope Leren wins this round

  4. Maureen – I smiled throughout the video. She’s adorable.

    VVV – gave me goosebumps. Her Ayu resemblance is forgivable due to the right mix of sweetness + intellect. Let’s all just agree that she’s Ayu’s perfected version.

    Mirjan – love the voice over. Proportions are amazing. Beautiful smile.

    Leren – smart choice to skip the voice over. She would have struggled. Sometimes it’s best to stick with what works. Beautiful face. Filipina Barbie.

    Kisses – voice over script was not well thought out unlike the others. It was repetitive throughout the video. Nonetheless, this is the prettiest I’ve seen of her. Love the visual components.

    This year’s videos are amazing. Good job, MUPh.

    • Paui I have the same exact comment. I was just smiling and enjoying the video from the beginning to the end!

  5. Boss Admin, I got ad placements for Zambales, Laguna, and Masbate. Fyig.

    Bronze goes to Masbate. That EXPANSE of empty beach (sans palm or hut) soothes the senses!

    Silver goes to Cavite.
    > ‘Love is both home and adventure’. – VVV
    > Much better than last year’s ‘Beyond The Coastline’ (Hakkenson simply ‘served fierceness’ at the Aguinaldo Shrine, little else).

    Gold is unquestionably yours,… Ciudad Angeles!
    > Much (3x) better than last year’s ‘Beyond The Coastlines’ (Nicole Silvernale just lingered around the Cathedral for the most part).
    > The paper plane is like that on the visualizer video for Joe Hisaishi’s ‘La Pioggia’ (the rain).
    > The far-away steeple-dome shot of the Cathedral is like the twilight view of the Eiffel Tower and the Grande Palais in Janet Jackson’s video for ‘Come Back to Me’.

    Honorable Mention for Laguna. I WOULD SHOW THIS AT MU, to the Israel people/audience. That bamboo raft in the middle of Lago Caliraya can rival any alpine lake town in Europe on IMPACT. The ‘blanca diwata’ segment at Cavinti Fall is the stuff of fairy fantasy. KIds would love this!

  6. We have to give to where credit is due, to the ladies and their respective teams to come up with this tourism videos that I would say could be utilized by the Philippines Dept of Tourism in their campaigns… Which leads me to think, why wouldn’t the DOT be a major sponsor of MUP if this is a trend that the organization wants to include going forward? At least partner up in providing funds or award the best in Luzon, Vizayas and Mindanao videos to help cover the cost of these fabulous videos?

  7. Love Leren’s video. The text overlay for each tourist spot is a great idea for remembering the place. And she truly is a model. A good model at that because I want to know where to buy the pink/purple and off the shoulder ensembles!

    Maureen’s cherry disposition showed in her video. Nagpintas ka, Maureen!
    TIL Pangasinan is derived from “asin”.

    The Philippines is truly blessed in natural resources. Beautiful.

    • I never really appreciate the beauty of the PHL in my younger days. Now, I indulged the bountiful of natural resources our country possess. Comparing the PHL to some areas of the world, we are truly blessed.

  8. The polyglot Maureen Wroblewitz obviously nailed this…

    She did not just prance around lookin pretty… She really narated that whole video like a Boss. I love how she spoke Pangasinense so fluently…. since we already know that she is fluent in Tagalog, English, German and I assume Arabic(She had elementary at Saudi Arabia). I hope she is also learning Bisaya through her Cebuano boyfriend so she could pick-up some Spanish words which is the commonality in the creole Filipino languages. It would be a great asset to understand some basic Spanish even if one does not speak it fluently specialy if ever she’d be surounded by a sea of Latinas. Being Multi-lingual would be a great asset as a spokesperson of Miss Universe..

      • I’m sure Maureen’s mom always spoke to her in Pangasinense before she died… If ever she just practiced this, at least she did way better than those pretty girls who’s only fluent in English and obviously struggles even with their attempt of their scripted Tagalog after many rehearsals..🙄

    • With Maureen’s pangasinense just to add, she was trained by APT ( Eat Bulaga) Tagalog since she was tried as a co-host in that show. So medyo nahasa sa dun. Pero her stint in Eat Bulaga was short lived since she’s very bland for a noontime variety show.

  9. I enjoyed Maureen’s tourism video the most but all of the other girls also did great. Ganda talaga ng Pinas!! 😍😍 Tuhhra kaein teyo! Love VVV, so cute.

  10. Let us give credit where it is due.

    Leren’s is a masterpiece.

    Kudos to her whole team!

    The video speaks for itself.

    No words. ❤️

    • I agree, credits should be given to the videographer/editor…

      too bad the videographer is not the one competing in Miss Universe.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  11. I appreciate that Maureen spent majority of her time in her video talking directly in front of the camera to her viewers, and not settling to do a voice-over.

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