23 comments on “Steffi Aberasturi: Bold in black bodysuit

  1. She is the most complete of the candidates. Substance na lang talaga ang kulang sa kanya.

  2. 1) Mas gusto ko na ‘yun’g concise-direct-to-the-point-if-borderline-bland over rambling-beating-around-the-bush, if this is her Question Round strategy now. Basta may valid point at sensible ang pag-argue, SWAK. 🙂

    2) I see the problem with the bodysuit. Dapat, all-matte/opaque na lang, wala na’ng sheer/see-through parts. Looks cheap; very ‘VIP Lounge’. 😦

    3) Obviously, this is a wig. Kung ma-implement ‘yun’g #2 (above), try an asymmetric bob, a’ la Vidal Sassoon. Yes, that’s yet another wig. Pero, of course, next time na lang and maybe even for future candidates to try as well.

  3. Steffi is the prettiest candidate in MUP this year. She has a very good chance of reaching the finals.

  4. She’s beautiful! No doubt!

    But if she will be the one to wear the Philippine sash at MU, it will be Gazini 2.0,

    I’ve watched her Binibining Cebu performance especially the QnA and she was asked a question, “What makes you blush?” Her answer was her boyfriend! Why not nga naman, diba? As a follow up to the answer, marami siyang beating around the bush na statement!

    Then came the QnA Challenge of MUP,

    Seguro nasabihan na siya ng KF not to beat around the bush in answering a question, ang nangyari naman too concise yung mga sagot niya na it’s as if she was playing it safe,

    So, In as much as gusto ko rin siya to become MUP, she may not do well in the closed door interview sa MU? Baka ang mangyari nanaman eh daanin sa Rap Song yung interview!

    I believe na mas magiging fit siya for Miss Grand International!

  5. black mamba! I always thought that she’s exuding the Catriona Gray looks. But I realized if she really looks like Cat, then how can you change that? You cannot erase the resemblance by just changing the makeup or styling. And there is no problem about that. Best wishes, Steffi!

  6. If BEAUTY is the primary criteria then Steffi Aberasturi is definitely the Winner… I wish you the best… You are trully the most well-rounded contestant who’s trully desserving of the crown!

      • @ Ramon Lua Sir, bakit niyo po na-bring up? Kasi, you also posted above…

        May issue po ba’ng 26 years old si Steffi?

        (Or, well, maybe you just intended this for @ Closer2Fame… For some reason…?…)

    • STEFFI is serving FACE! FACE! FACE!!

  7. Not a fan of the styling. Made her look old and retokada (which I’m sure she’s not). The last photo was bordering on obscene when one can almost see or imagine pubes peeking out as one zooms in the photo. Not very queenly. Ill advised styling. Makes one really wonder about the thought process of the gaggle of gays styling these girls.

    Nevertheless, Steffi remains to be among my Top 3.

    World Peace.

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