8 comments on “Miss Universe Philippines 2021: Mindanao Tourism Videos

  1. Jedidah please be at least, 5’7”. Comm skills mo swak na swak! May laban… Gusto ko rin video ni CDO. Ang saya!

  2. I’m not hyped with these initial set of videos, not that they’re not well done but because the visual elements and styles have been used last year. The general treatments of most of the video snippets are (at this point) already hackneyed and I’ve seen too much of them in Beyond the Coastlines – e.g., drone propelled zoom in and out shots of beaches, panoramic shots of forested areas, plus application of ethnic music. They’re probably good enough for purposes of the competition (if this is scored which I don’t believe so) but not fresh for today’s tourism adverts, except for one.

    The video of the girl from Cagayan de Oro is what I consider “fun, youthful and dank,” hence, commercially viable. Even the girl’s dresses are “on fleek” – vintage chic.

    The base material does not pretend to be lofty or preachy. The girl need not speak much since the snappy visual elements carry the message themselves. After all, there’s only so much raw material you can squeeze into a 2-minute spiel without appearing crammed.

    The general idea is straightforward (use of Instagram shots while city strolling) and that takes time and editing dexterity to effectively merge them in high resolution videos. It is clearly targeted to today’s Y and Z urbanites. The music used is campy but it works.

    • @ Luke We haven’t heard from you in a while. We’re glad!

      VV may have been sidetracked by Covid last year. But her tourism video proved she easily got the pace upon getting back in the race.

      And, yes. That ‘kilaw’ looks to die for.

      • @Flor, I took a little time out from work today. If there were tourism videos posted by Norman before, I definitely missed those. Otherwise, I would have commented on them as well. Most of the recent posts are photos of individual girls per se (understandably). I’ll reserve my views until I see them compete at the actual preliminaries (proof of the pudding). I veer away from the pull of the hype and the fan-based noise. In the meantime, I prefer commenting on solid “outputs” like these. Cheers!

      • Alrighty then, @Norman. I have the next 12 hours to lay back, sip black coffee, and watch those videos. I’m keeping my fingers crossed to see a few “AHA” moments and share my thoughts here. Cheers!

  3. The bird flocks (Misamis Oriental and Siargao) and cowboys (Bukidnon) were spliced in, right? 🙂

    For Vincy, because she made a ‘Beyond The Coastlines’ video (last year), we can compare. I liked from last year the LONGER visibility of the bridge at night (with its circular neon/LED? lights), even getting quite close… But over-all, I prefer her new effort because I feel I could now return to the city and just be a tourist for a change.

    I’ve been to/seen those (in Davao City) – marang, ‘manaol’*, durian, Malasag… The city is so VAST you’d be surprised to realize you were still within limits despite dramatic changes of scenery!

    Siargao Island… Was only featured in passing by Carol Quiza last year.

    I’ve been to neither Occidental and Sur (the road leading on to General Santos City) Davao. 😦

    (Malita is to Occidental as Mati is to Oriental, no?)

    Krizalleen gives Adele Go vibe! Meaning, she would have been the lone Asian in a Ford Model tilt.

    Watch closely the first part of Jedi’s. A shadow zooms across the boulder. Drone?

    Bronze medal to Krizalleen, silver to Chella, and gold to… Vincy! Congratulations, single ladies. Put a ring on it. (Beyonce, credits)

    * – the name for Pithecophaga jeffreyi by the Mandaya? Go read ‘Philippine Birds and Mammals’ by Prof. Dr. Dioscoro Rabor if you find a copy. RICH source of information on local wildlife.

    • (Cont.)

      Incidentally, Google shows a photo of a young Dioscoro. Looks like Manny Halasan.

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