8 comments on “Jan Louise Abejero: The Last from the Northeast

  1. Let’s be kind and say she’s tall.

    But aside from that, a No for me.

    Tip to the girls and their handlers.

    Ana Wintur-land is correct. The only way we can judge or examine closely the girls is through the photos you allow us to see. We don’t know you girls. We seldom see you in motion. If you’ll post freaky long fingers (nail extensions?) just like in the last photo, be prepared to freak out and turn off many readers / audience.

    Missed opportunities talaga ang iba. Nagpapa- unique ek ek sa photos ( butterflies, Thai 70s swimsuit porn look, tingga sa ngipen, gown the color of caladyrl, and now these talon like fingers, etc) at the expense of the girls.

    A really beautiful girl does not need all that gimmicks.

    World Peace.

  2. Wow. BODY. Sana, mahaba rin ang legs. Kasi si JoAnn Bitagcol, mahaba torso, maikli biyas.

    Boss Blogger, we REALLY need a Swim pre-Finale! Kahit group photo; ihilera, po, sina Katrina, Bea, VVV, Krizalleen, at ‘eto’ng si Jan. Tell Boss Volter, habang may time pa. Please. 🙂

    Only one left from Northeast Luzon dahil nag-back out si Cagayan*? Were there reps from Quirino, Batanes, and Nueva Vizcaya who were in the 100? Aahhh… ‘Yun’g mapa’ng ginawa ni Boss Mario… Uncle, could you provide the link here again at nang ma-appreciate ulit natin ‘yun’g effort?

    * – Covid, no?

      • @ Yna At this rate that Boss Jonas is ‘launching’ tall girls, it won’t be long before Mercator will be bursting at the seams with runway types.

        Kaya pala tinanggal ‘yun’g height ceiling! He will keep the willowy ones for himself…

        … Which effectively means Jan, here, will have no chance at all to even Five Finalize? Aawww. 😦

        Speaking of model, Galeria Sorsogon wasn’t incredibly tall, was she? Kasi ang mga ‘tore’/gratacielli* last year were Zandra Nicole, Mitch, Apriel, Paola, and Hakkenson. Btw, ano’ng balita kay Maria? Interesado pa ba siya’t will the Sorsogon First Couple still support her, if ever?

        * – Italian for ‘skyscraper’.

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