11 comments on “Pageantry Norms S6E4: #InspireYou and Me Part 3

    • @ Fabian Reyes You, Sir, are puzzling. 🙂

      You said Steffi Aberrasruri, when she talks, lacks sophistication… So, OK na po kayo sa kanya? No more Katrina and/or VVV?

  1. Ganda din nitong Megan Digal, lalo na kapag naayusan. Another bisdak beauty to watch out for in the finals. Spontaneous and very naturally confident during interviews.

    Stalked her IG. Her live mukbang (after her MUPh interview) was entertaining. Katrina D showed up for a few minutes –

    A couple more plus points on Megan, this lady oozes with sex appeal with matching beach body.

    Grace Vendiola din. She’s got something. I wouldn’t discount her just yet.

  2. I feel for these candidates
    How many interviews do we have to subject them to ? Imagine the preparations that they have to go through – the make up the attire etc
    They feel trapped because if they refuse the invitation , they get fried by these vloggers .. “Oh , she’s snotty, she’s high and mighty, she’s not gonna win , etc etc “
    Why can’t these bloggers get together and agree on a date to interview these candidates ???
    This small business of pageantry is plagued with a hundred million bloggers !!!

    • @fabian. This is a 2-way street. While Pageant bloggers/bloggers are giving the candidates media mileage increasing the later’s marketability, the former are earning while doing so.

  3. I had fun watching the show.
    The guests are smart and engaging.
    Vendiola is my dark horse. She could reach top 5

    • She’s actually really a BBp tall candidate. She’s 5″7-5″8,ish and an INTERNATIONAL flight attendant. I think she’s with Emirates, not sure. Pero beauty nya is pagugulahan ng mga afam.

  4. I don’t find Megan to be “mayabang” at all!

    I saw her Instagram posts and her personality was just really carefree!

    There’s no keme in her or kaartehan or pretentions!

    It’s like kung ano maisipan niyang gawin regardless kung naka-bikini lang siya or with a fussy hair, she will do it!

    This interview also showed her sportmanship, though she was described as mayabang she was able to maintain her composure and still calibrate her personality based on the question being asked from her which is very important if you are on a closed door interview!

    She’s still my choice for MUP! I must admit na kinulang siya sa ganda pero madali na remediohan yan and for our standard, hindi siya ganun ka-swak but have you seen his Russian BF, ulam na ulam which means there is something in her that non-Filipinos would find attractive!

    • In fact, mas nayabangan pa ko dun sa nagsabi sa QnA challenge ng

      “I’ve been to 48 countries and it’s like it’s not enough”

      It’s like heller! Kung hindi ka pa naging FA hindi mo rin naman ma-a-afford to travel to those 48 countries !

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