13 comments on “InVINCYble Vacalares, she is!

  1. Ang bagay na styling sa kanya is long straight hair that’s it. Very pinay. Kung foreigners ang mag ju judge she will go well.

  2. Ito yung tipong mang-aagaw ng boylet ng may boylet!

    Vading na vading ang arrive ng lola mo!


  3. I wonder if that is her natural hair color?

    I like it! It’s super jet black!

    • @ kembular2020 Just a bit of clarification, po.

      Second time, yes. But because she tested positive for Covid just as they were about to depart for Baguio Country Club, she had to withdraw…

      So, in a real sense, only now is she actually competing. And unfinished business, or journey to bring to completion.

  4. One can sense she was styled and made up by an army of gay men. Vaclang vacla si Vaclares dito. Lol. In the same league as that butterfly lady.

    A No for me.

    World Peace.

    • @ miss tissa Agree.

      ‘Eto ‘yun’g sinasabi ni @ paul, na mga litrato’ng dili dapat ginagamit… 😦

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