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  1. Accdg to Angelopedia, Kheshapornam or Kay is 175 cm. She was only 17 or 18 and 5’8 back at 2018 Mutya ng Pilipinas.

  2. Yes to this sexy bookworm! She stands at 5’6.5″. I find her very natural in interviews.
    Her eyes are similar to British actress Olivia Williams.

    A beautiful dark horse.

    • When she joined Eat Bulaga in one of their show Segments,..she stood way shorter than Pia Guanio who stands 5’6″… Chela could be 5’4to 5’5″ at most.

      • No. She was still a teen then. She probably grew. Maureen and Chella standing side to side wearing the same stilettos, Chella is actually taller than Maureen by a bit. She is listed at 5″6 1/2 by Aces and Queens. Just to remind you she is half American.

      • Accdg to Aces and Queens portfolios of their MUP entrants, Chella Falconer was entered at 5’6.5″.
        The other A&Q team:
        Beatrice Gomez 5’9″
        Maria Corazon Abalos 5’5″
        Jasmine Umali 5’9″
        Kirsten Delavin 5’4″
        Maureen Wroblewitz 5’6″
        Joanna Rabe 5’8.5″

        Not listed:
        Kheshapornam Ramachandran (I believe she is 5’8″ based on Mutya ng Pilipinas 2018 stats when she competed and I heard her devulging her ht in an interview.)

  3. Up in the Malasag Eco-Tourism Village Park in CDO City, I’ve been there once, on my first time to Mindanao… A ‘lepidopterarium’ would make a nice addition! ONLY native species for conservation and educational purposes; it would certainly attract foreign scientists. Excess production can be sold to other facilities elsewhere, not to mention private collectors of ‘farfalle’. 🙂

    The General Services Office of the City Government, in cooperation with the PENRO, must make available sufficient funding for the permanent employ and residence of a respected entomologist to oversee the initiative.

    I hope they discover a new species of ‘birdwing’! Trogonoptera falconerae, the suffix ‘ae’ denoting femininity.

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