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  1. BORING. Next.

    Sorry, ang weak ng batch na to. Walang-wala sa Top5 last year. Any of the remaining 3 (except overage na si Gumabao) can represent us. Sa batch na to, si Ms. Abello lang ang may star appeal but I think mas fit siya sa either Supranational or Grand International.

    Team PH 2022 Bets:
    Universe – Ahtisa Manalo
    World – Rabiya Mateo
    International – Hannah Arnold pa rin
    Earth – Pauline Amelinckx
    Supranational – Gabbi Basiano
    Grand – Christelle Abello

    Shookt ang mga shupitballers pag ganyan ang lineup.

  2. Abs represent FITNESS. Pia said so herself (in a ‘Queentuhan’ episode).

    MUO wants someone who ‘takes care of herself’.

    No, it’s not a body-building competition. We are not after cuts as deep as those of Lala Guedes.

    But, here again, we talk of marketability and commercial appeal. Why would EmpirePh turn down a wellness ambassadorship job?

    That being said, imo it was Lala’s ‘fast Stefhany’ that cinched the deal. It just so happened she was a fitness buff, which was a bonus. And now that I think of it, wouldn’t it be a SIGHT to see Bea attempt that walk? Fit-toned-active-athletic that she is… 🙂

    • (Cont.)

      THERE SHOULD BE A FITNESS CHALLENGE, LIKE REALLY. Unlike in MW/MWP where it’s simply a fast-track to/qualifier for the Semi’s.

      Pero, dapat practical na task. Or, endurance tests. Dili gym routines as usual.

      Halimbawa? Just watch the ‘Survivor’ series over the years.

      (If this idea doesn’t meet with optimism with MUPO, offer it to MFP, which I believe will be casting soon, if it has not already begun doing so.)

  3. There are many factors to consider in choosing a winner. We all have different tastes, different standards, but we must remember that MUPh, at this point in the org’s existence, is still trying to stabilize its footing. Their most important consideration has to do with money. They have fees and trips and people to pay. I think this will greatly influence how they will choose their winner.

    Factors & the girls who fit the bill (kindly mentally add the rest of the girls na lang, I don’t know all of them, please don’t hate me if I failed to mention your bets):

    General Commercial Marketability – Stefi, Kisses, Maureen
    TVCs – Stefi, Kisses, Maureen, Leren, Jasmine, Janela
    Print – Stefi, Kisses, Maureen, Leren, Corinne, Chela, Joana
    Social Media Influence – Kisses, Ayn, Stefi, Maureen
    Sponsor Product & MUPh Merch selling – Stefi, Kisses, Maureen

    Of course, the org has to choose a girl who can at least place. Rabiya’s non-inclusion in the top 10 caused the org’s popularity and bankability to suffer immensely (hence, the lack of this year’s sponsors.)

    International Winnability (at least top 10 in MU) – Stefi, Katrina, VVV, Maureen, Leren
    International Fan Support – Maureen

    Another factor is the Pia W Effect. Whoever wins must still be bankable after the MU contest itself. Many MU winners faded in the background after winning, but not Pia. She managed to secure a modelling career after her reign. MUPh must crown a girl who will not settle back to an obscure life after the contest, they need a girl who will keep on making money.

    Girls I have in mind – Stefi, Maureen

    I want VVV to win because, to me, she is a phenomenal woman who can walk the talk. I just don’t think she is what MUPh needs this year. Unless she manages to prove us wrong with her performance on stage and idk does something ridiculously amazing that will propel her to international and masa-level fame (ergo be $$$ bankable.)

    Stefi, in all her shallow cheerleader talk and wrong choice of camp, is still the safest bet. With Maureen a close second.

    • Based on your Criteria….

      Steffi, Maureen, Jasmine & Ingrid fits those requirements…

      The last 2 just needs a few improvements…. Jasmine needs to be more relatable while Ingrid needs to work on her pasarella…. Among the 4… Ingrid seems to have the biggest potential.

  4. kahit sino sa kanila pwede na hindi naman mananalo dun
    wag na umasa
    girls wag kayo mag pa pressure
    tas sasabihin nyo i love pressure like good pressure bla bla
    tas iiyak iyak and hindi mag smile pag rumarampa

    enjoy na lang ang experience
    we had our golden time

    world peace

  5. I don’t think height is that important but she should be at least 5’5” Australia last year would have advanced further if she was taller

    • But why did she advance to the Top 10 when her height was only 5’3″? Was the height a barometer in determining the Top 5? I can’t see the logic there. Can you buy a logic, Fabian?

      That’s all.

      • The body. Almost all of the Top 10 have abs. The judges prioritized body over walk and height.

      • But not top 5 Ana. India was the shortest at 5″7. Empleyado ka ba ng Mandaluyong city hall? Or are you a liberal party voter? Why do you keep hyping Abalos. Pretty jn picture not in motion . Ang ikli ikli ng biyas.

      • GP, I won’t dignify your statement. I won’t go down to that kind of discourse because, truth is, your guesses about me are sham and frivolous.

        If you just don’t know how to argue with class and wit, you better keep yourself grounded… and in the dark, dahlin’.

        That’s all.

      • Aysus @Ana Ingles inglesan kuno. I stated a fact. 5″5 short limbs. Super meh communication skills since International Studies student pa naman sa DLSU ( pero I was not shocked, a summa cum laude in DLSU is a cum laude in UP). That’s all..
        Maria Corazon Abalos will probably win because she’s an Abalos. That’s it and with MUP short of cash the Mayor of Mandaluyong will not hesitate to chip in some cash.

      • Ana, Ingrid Sta Maria is the better La Sallian than Corrine. And taller, smarter because the latter is a cum laude. If you insist that Corrine is the perfect fit then you clearly do not aim for the MU Crown. You just want her to win that’s it. She’s not even witty.

      • Your accusation about Abalos Family’s chipping in a cash to probably make Corrine win the crown makes you more a below average thinker. Shoooooo!

        That’s all.

      • Sus below average thinker??? Everything is possible Ana. We know how things work here in the Philippines. You believing Corrine deserve the MUP title just because she’s not mestiza and 5″5 is below average thinking too it’s a Tie.

  6. After seeing Supermodel Nadia Ferreira crowned as Miss Universe Paraguay 2021, my belief that a true Filipina beauty be sent to Miss Universe is reinforced. I know that only such a morena beauty with uber elegance and unique charm can upstage Ferreira. If we send VVV, Maureen or any mestiza in MU that is below Ferreira’s beauty, then we don’t have a chance to the crown.

    At this stage of the pre-MUP competition, I still believe that Maria Corazon Abalos has it. She may not be that towering at 5’9″, hers is a gold standard of a true Filipina beauty that needs to be showcased on the MU stage. After all, a true Filipina is not tall. The important thing is she looks tall.

    That’s all.

      • And the average height of Filipino women is 5’2″. Is there a problem with that?

        That’s all.

    • This is a Global competition..the MUP winner gets to represent the country..thus,..International Beauty Standards matter..ergo,disregarding height in the picture would serve only the Local barangay beauty Standards. Even BPCI loved their winners tall even if they lacked something between their ears!( remember –My Pamily!?)…
      Going back to height restriction, MUP just wanted to be more inclusive..reason why some shorties with big following got in!– talking about dire monetary constraints for this fledgling empire!!.. But,at the end of the day,would the Jonas team gamble on somebody who’s just worthy to be in the semis or Thatil- ish at most!??Of course not! They have to prove to the MU Org that they can produce a winner,..a TOTAL PACKAGE!!–and definitely NOT 5’4″ or 5’5″!

    • A better alternative that fits your description of pretty and morena is Bea Luigi Gomez. 5″9 barefoot and a proud gay. Good communication skills and good PASARELA.

  7. Steffi and Maureen are the standard bearers from KF and Aces. I am still not sure of Maureen’s chances but I know it is pretty high. If she can just have a convincing answer in the interview and Q&A then walang aalama if she wins. Unless Steffi outperforms her..

    There’s also the curious case of Katrina and Leren, pageant veterans who should not be counted out. Both have the machinery that could be appealing to MUP org and are both “acceptable” winners.

    If MUP choose someone out of the box then this might cause another controversy however, the beauty of Corinne and Luigi could pull off a Rabiya…

    The main difference this year is that I feel that last year there was no clear front runner. Everyone had flaws that it was still an open competition til the end.

    • Nice analysis 4M. I am for Bea because she is both calm and commanding on stage. And she’s rare in a sense that she’s out as a lesbian and she’s proud of it. She also sounds mature and can talk with profoundness without sounding artificial and rehearsed.


    • Aysus. LAHAT SILA NAGSUSUOT NG PLATFORM CHUNKY HEELS. HIYANG HIYA NAMAN SI DUDAY FROM ACES AND QUEENS. HAHAHAHA Ara Arida Pia Wurtzbach wore very very chunky heels in their evening gowns too. Wag ako. Kahit nga miss Venezuela na 5″9-5″10 nag pa platform in evening gown, Kita pa kaya na UNANO mga girls natin. This reply is for H, a fanatic of Aces and Queens.

    • Lol all girls wear chunky platform shoes in evening gowns. Catriona wore it. 5″10 paano na kaya si Corazon Abalos na 5’5. For sure the gown design would be covering the feet para tago ang platform. Wag ako… Mapa Aces or KF pa yan NAGSUSUOT NG ganyan. Duday, Cassie Banks the midgets of Aces wore platform to look tall pero waley parin.

  9. The Jan Abejero from Isabela is serving Jo Ann Bitagcol vibe. Came to mind Lovely Mercado… 🙂

    Herr Blogger, MUST be featured in PN’s!

      • @ Jmgonzalesme Then, it’s all set! 🙂

        BBP wanted nothing to do with her, giving her no placement.

        YOU GO WHERE YOU CAN BE RECOGNIZED. The Isabela AP now has a lead for the future.

        (KF siya. I just hope she was included in the camp’s recent ‘recruitment/casting’ for MUP. The ones we are seeing are now ‘ripe’, being the 2020 recruits at the earliest… The eight here. So, we could see Lovely on the MUP stage soon…)

  10. 7/9 of the A&Q girls are in my Top 15. 2/8 of the KF girls are in my Top 15. 2/3 of the The Camp girls are in my Top 15. The other 4 are Katrina, Leren, Mirjan, and Jedi.

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