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  1. @H, on some boomers’ beauty standards as “napagiwanan na”: You definitely are not my 2nd identity in this blog, as what some paranoid commenters allude to. I have been in this blog for 11 years and I nevel used, nor will ever use, another username. Some commenters cannot seem to accept the stark reality that in today’s global marketplace, the most populous, most influential, most tech-savvy generation is shaking things up on many things, including standards on beauty. @H, you may have the first hand knowledge on how the seemingly monolithic concept of beauty is being challenged in the so many beauty vlogs, blogs, online videos, social media platform, I simply share these phenomena in this blog because as a Marketing and Financial Management Specialist of a consumer products company, the global market pulse is being fed daily in my office dashboard.

    • No, as what a passer-by claimed that I spend a day researching on the arguments to my claims, being abreast of consumer trends is part of my job. I have so many other important things to do in my professional work than be consumed on trivial pursuits like pageantry.

      • @ scorg (Maybe ‘H’ stands for a certain American fashion designer. Maybe @ H is a great fan!)

        (‘Eh, si @ B kaya? The French one who mentored Givenchy and De la Renta, among others?)

      • @Flor,

        @H and @B both sound knowledgeable of the influence of GenZ in shaping the global conversation on beauty. They are progressive minds that can balance the generally reactionary sentiment that pervades this blog’s comment section. In this free market of ideas, we should encourage discussion of facts-based issues, not of the commenter’s perceived persona. Name-calling is a technique resorted to by people devoid of reason and fearful of arguments.

    • @ scorg Oh, my… Your dashboard must look like a cockpit… I’ll be your ‘Flight Attendant’.

      Some bubbly to while away the auto-pilot, our dear Captain?

      (So, ‘archaic’ na pala kami*, the term used by @ Fabian Reyes to describe the general sentiment to pageantry in his USA at present. So, we* are a ‘gen’ that got accustomed to being judged, our worth determined solely by external/third-party approval, aka the ‘panel of judges’. And now, it’s all about self-worth woke-ness, that success/triumph is irrespective of what Chanel describes as ‘obligation and convention/standards’, that ‘beauty… is simply a way of being’, that diamonds are ‘no longer trophies given by admirers, but symbols of liberty’.)

      * – KAMI, ha. Dili ka. @ Paul said you are younger batch than we are. Kung sa bagay, nowadays ‘ata, multinational conglomerates prefer the fitter-friskier youth to assign the global campaigns. Baliktad sa amin, where age~experience~network/connections bore more weight. 🙂

      Pero, ‘yun nga. Your ‘gen’ has TECHNOLOGY at its disposal. So, you could now accomplish in a few years what ours would have taken decades to pull off. Happy trails! We hope you’ll like it. We did.

      • @Flor, one thing that endears you to this blog’s commenters is that your views transcend all generational cohorts, yet humble, sincere and down-to-earth enough to admit your age. I must admit your comments give my tedious day a smile or two, despite the sometimes dizzying train of thought. Lol. You’re one of the few who spread positivity in this blog. In this critical period of human history, I simply shake my head in disbelief why others can still afford to hate and denigrate others– candidates, fans, organizations– when the grim reality of transience of human life stalks everywhere. Good day my genZ, genX, genY, boomer friend.

  2. *Toxic Failipino pageant fan
    “Hindi siya mananalo”
    *Same toxic Failipino pageant fan
    “Pipintasan at lalait laitin ko pa rin siya maski di naman siya talaga mananalo” 🤦🏻‍♂️

  3. May chance si Ayn sa Top 5 (and who knows even win?!) kung maraming straight Caucasian males sa Board of Judges na makaka-appreciate talaga ng exotic appeal niya. 😁😜

  4. Triggered ang mga ka-pangs, lahat ng pambato natin sa Miss U, madalas half half. Di natin kayang sikmurain ang true beauty of a Filipina.
    Wag puro title ang hanapin, we can look deeper and create a more inclusive culture sa society.
    Hanggang title lang Tayo, pero yung advocacy at mature principles na dapat nasa society hirap Tayo tangapin 🙂

  5. Ayn: *wants to break Beauty standards in pageants*
    Also Ayn: *wears tons of make-up in a minimal make-up challenge*


  6. I like her during interviews. I stalked her IG, I find her prettier less glammed up.
    Does she have good intentions in joining MUP? YES! Is MUP the right platform? I’m not sure.

  7. I think she’s just doing it to increase her reach and online presence. She probably knows she’s not going to win but it’s always inspiring for her to do so. With that said, good luck on your journey and I hope she does inspire her followers to chase their dreams…

  8. Tama nga naman yung sinabi nya sa video.
    Kung may mga gusto tayong abutin sa buhay, gawin natin kahit pa marami ang tumutol at least pagtanda nya, masaya syang mamamatay kasi sinubukan nya lahat ng mga pangarap nya.
    May mga judges pa naman sa huli na alam nating maayos naman tumingin ng isang kandidata at isa lang naman talaga ang mananalo.

  9. “Someone commented that I must have a mental health problem for even thinking I stand a chance against taller, smarter, and more beautiful women,” she wrote.

    “I didn’t join Miss Universe Philippines because I believed I was the beauty standard. I joined because I know I’m not, and it’s about time girls like me are allowed to try, too.”

    According to Ayn, she wants to be an inspiration to others.

    “I needed someone like me on stage when I was younger. I did not feel represented. So now that I can do it for the next generation, why wait?” she said.

    “There are kids out there who see themselves in me. If I tell myself I’m not good enough, then I am telling them they’re not good enough,” she added. “I refuse to do that. So I represent.”

    Definitely. Ayn’s Filipina beauty doesn’t stand a chance with the Latina faces that we typically see in MU. Her body isn’t of a beauty queen mold. Born with a 5’3″ height, which is out of her control, she is bound to get hidden when standing next to > 5’7″ ladies. However, she’s a woman that can speak her mind with ease. This is her forte. This is where she shines.

    Yes, there could be a possibility that she might represent PH in MU2021. However, I trust the MUPh Org and the judges will eventually send out the most deserving Filipina to Israel this December.

    But let Ayn be.

    • “Girls like you who are not represented”. Ha??!!! Isa kang malaking kalokohan girl. Maggamitan kayo ng MUPO sa “inclusivity” ekek. Lol sa may “So I represent.” Seeking to manipulate more people to take on your side? So Brainy!!!

      • What I don’t get it is … why are the fans blaming and bullying Ayn for entering MUPh when it is the MUPh organization itself that opened the flood gates?

        With the height requirement gone, an opportunity opened up for the petites. And Ayn just took that opportunity. Ayn didn’t modify the rules to accommodate her. The MUPh organization did.

        The fans should be going after MUPh organization and not after Ayn.

        I can say the same thing for Kisses.

      • Ayn is different from Kisses. Mas may hitsura naman si Kisses and mas maganda ang katawan.
        I’m sure may idea naman sya about bashings and she has to accept that. Kung yung iba nga na veteran na sa pageant nababash pa ng todo. That is the reality in pageantry lalo na sa mga pinoy?

      • miss tissa, isn’t Kisses also tiny? 5’4″?

        Kisses is also not a beauty queen prototype like Ayn. Her face isn’t a standout for me. Sure, her body is a bit better than Ayn because it’s on the slimmer end but there’s no form. It’s like it’s stuck in pubescent ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ … but since the MUPh org hasn’t disqualified these ladies, we should just let them move forward.

        From what it looks like, Ayn just brushes off those non-constructive (“eh sa totoo naman!”) comments. Kailangan talaga malakas ang loob kapag sumali sa pageants. Most beauty fans like to nitpick. Of course, we want to only send the very best to MU. At the end of the day, it is still a beauty contest.

        Wish we could practice more kindness when commenting about these ladies on the spotlight. Easier said than done 🙂

      • @Lala, I am not a fan of Kisses as well… but I know this girl already gained achievements in beauty pageants during her younger years. So do not compare apples from oranges.
        5’3″ is not 5’4″ but both are still pandak. But they can be looked taller if their bodies are in perfect proportion from head to toe, example is Miss Australia who is miles ahead of Ayn and yet ended up only top 10. We should not aim for a top 10 or a runner up only.

      • Hi miss tissa.

        As far as height is concerned, I’m not comparing apples to oranges. Ayn and Kisses are both not statuesque. Facial beauty and body shape – no to both ladies. Sure, Kisses may have a bit of advantage when it comes to pageantry experience but Ayn is stronger in communication skills.

        We all have our favorites. However, it is really up to the MUPh org and the judges to decide who they want to send to Israel this December. If either Ayn or Kisses wins, pretty sure this will definitely break the glass ceiling for a Miss Universe Philippines. Let’s cross the bridge when we get there.

        Also, the competition’s outcome is totally out of our control. We can only watch the competition unfold.

    • @Lala. You are on point. Her inclusion in MUP is not only a victory for Ayn but victory as well for the girls who see themselves in her.
      We learn so much from Ayn hearing hearing her stories.

    • And we should not forget that Patty Kerkos, 1982 MU first runner up, is only 5’3. Though slim, Ayn really has a chance of winning,

    • Lala, this is a nice comment. Paying attention to the substance of Ayn’s words. Have a nice day!

    • I want her to be in top 15. I want to give her a chance of showcasing her pasarela while wearing swimsuit and evening gown. Most of all, I want to listen to her during interview and Q and A.

  10. Do you guys noticed that all the comments against her suddenly have about 42 dislikes all at once.
    Obviously, it’s a bot!!! She is reading the comments obviously.

    • JPB, Kailangan pa bang itanong yan? Halatang-obvious ang galawan nila. Kakagulat pa ba ang sabay-sabay na 40 + dislikes. Haha.

      Personally, I will be flattered if she or her camp have indeed read my comments even if in return I’ll get 1,000 dislikes. What is important is “message sent”.

      Repeat after me “I am not a beauty queen. I am not special. I am just a girl who can buy votes”.

      World Peace.

    • Oo nga no? Kagabi lang there were no dislikes to my comments, ngayon 40+?
      Ok, kahit maging 10000 dislikes pa yan I don’t care!

  11. Anyare sa Miss Universe Philippines? Is it still a beauty contest? Masok pa ang BB. PILIPINAS sa totoo lang when it comes to requirements/ qualifications

  12. I don’t get why people buzz around her reaching top 30.

    If it is based on looks only, what’s the difference with those retokadas winning and receiving high praises.

    We set our beauty standards here in the Philippines, let’s set it higher using our brain, not our eyes.

  13. She’s not my candidate.
    I don’t think she’ll win the main title.
    I also don’t have the right to harshly criticize her to the point of bullying her.
    Best wishes on her pageant journey

  14. Sabi nga ni Erap after the 1994 Miss Universe pageant in Manila….. “Beauty contest ito, dapat si Miss Colombia ang nanalo”.

    Sabi naman ng the late Kim Idol (bakit nga ba siya na-late?)….. “Kung ang tunay na kagandahan ay nasa loob, eh di wag na kayong lumabas!”

    AYNaku! Aikongasayo!

  15. P I L I T A C O R A L E S personified! That’s all! (Borrow ko muna Miss Anna Winter-Lud 😊 )

  16. She is very ARTICULATE… walang duda doon!
    She wanted to be HEARD… may PLATFORM na siya para doon!
    She wanted to be REPRESENTED sa PAGEANTRY… hahabaan ko ng konti ung sagot para sa claim n un!

    She wanting to be REPRESENTED… the TRUTH is… MARAMI ng nagsasali sa Binibini, Mutya, MWP, at MEP na hawig nya… as in MARAMI na. HINDI lang sila NANANALO!
    Sa Miss USA nga meron din eh (one example is Miss NY USA 2000)! Hawig nga nya eh!
    Kaya please lang… wag nating iPUSH itong ganitong pag-iisip na kasi gusto ko kaya i need to JOIN!
    This is not what INCLUSION nor DIVERSITY means… masyado n itong piNUSH!

    It’s like me na pupunta sa korte para mag-abogado para sa isang client kahit hindi ako nag-aral ng LAW or gagamot ng isang pasyente just because naGOOGLE ko ung procedure.
    Binigyan n nga kau ng YOUTUBE at TIKTOK (at iba pang SocMed) na gawin nyu kung ano gusto nyu… pati ba naman PAGEANTRY idadamay nyu pa.

  17. Is she what they call assymptopangit?
    Sorry guys…the last picture just gave me goosebumps and not in a goodway.
    Goosebumps not because of her per se but because of her inclusion in the top 30.
    There comes a time when all the dust has settle in, Ayn herself cringes when she gets to watch herself on stage competing for MUPh.

    • *has settled

      Anyway, where is that commenter who keeps on repeating that the new generation is the driving force of the new paradign in pageantry. That commenter who seems to spend a day researching for phrases and clauses then incorporate them with his comments just to appear very smart on a beauty pageant blog such as this lol lol

      I would like him to take a look at Ayn’s last photo above and rethink; is this the new paradigm of BEAUTY pageants all about and must ponder then answer himself with all honesty and sincerity.

      • He’s still here. In fact, he left a comment here. He changed his username, but his shallow sentiments are a dead giveaway of his real identity.

  18. sino ba kasi nagsulsol dito sumali?

    she is already outstanding in her space
    already has a voice etc

    congratulations for making it to top 30

    but please do not send her to MU

    it is not just a speaking contest

  19. Ayn Bernos winning the MUP title = Manny Pacquiao winning the Presidential seat.

    Both unqualified, both mocked, both unbothered (due to ignorance and arrogance), both possibly winning thanks to sentimental votes, both claiming to have noble reasons for joining but are really just too ambitious for their own good (and for the good of the Philippines.)

    We don’t dislike Ayn because she’s not the typical beauty queen. We dislike her for the same reason that we do not want Manny to be our president.

    Imagine Pacquiao claiming he wants to be president because it has always been his dream, and that he wants to prove the world, the universe, rather, that he’s here to break the politico mold. I mean, he wants to help – he can help without a political position. Ayn wants to push for “beauty for all” – she can do that without a beauty queen title.

    • Well said Paui. I like your Manny P analogy. We love Manny. Many love Ayn. But do we want Manny to be the President?

      Some of us can be emotional in expressing our disagreement and disgust to the point of sounding like bullies in our comments, your input is very logical though.

      You are right : there is a world of difference between Confidence vs. Delusion, Determination vs. Arrogance, Perseverance vs. Ignorance.

      If a certain girl has no wisdom and humility probably due to youthful arrogance, wala ba talaga syang mga magulang or friends advising her?

      World Peace.

      • You know at this point, I feel like maybe we should just let this girl win, so then when she misses the first cut in MU and ruins our streak, people are finally gonna secretly admit that supporting one delusional, selfish dream is not good for the Philippine sash.

        I don’t hate Ayn. I think she’s an intelligent, admirable young woman. But this isn’t her lane. She’s swerving and needs to go back to her lane. She’s resisting rules and upsetting the game not realizing the consequences are beyond her own shame.

    • @paui, site the platform wherein Ayn can promote beauty for all. BTW MU now is not about physical beauty only they focus more in beauty that is confident which inspire and empower others. I think Ayn can inspire a lot of young ladies with her story. You cannot compare Ayn’s journey with Manny. With Manny, he will be leading a country unlike Ayn she doesn’t have any direct responsibility over people.

      • Have you not seen a single Dove campaign where real girls get to showcase their natural beauty and encourage others to do the same without makeup, excessive styling, and the showmanship of pageantry?

        Whoever wins MUPh will carry the responsibility of representing the most beautiful women of the Philippines. She will represent the country. That’s a responsibility. What are you even talking about?

      • Ahh ok so yung winner will only represents beautiful women akala ko lahat ng Pinoy. So mali pala ang stat ni Catriona. Dapat less than 1 million lang kung sa mapagpunang mata mo. BTW may commercial na ang dove with different types of woman. Baka dapat ikaw ang mag research.

      • You asked for a platform where Ayn can promote beauty for all – I answered Dove.

        You said whoever wins does not have a responsibility – I answered yes she does, she will represent the best of the best of the Philippines.

        Reading comprehension, please.

      • 1) Wouldn’t it be WONDERFUL if we choose someone who is : Confident, who inspires, who empowers AND STILL beautiful physically? A “beauty” that is not divisive or at least unanimously accepted as beautiful.

        2) Also, let us remember that this girl has no monopoly of confidence, inspiration and empowerment. All the other 100 girls have whatever she claims to have. Unfortunately those are intangible traits that are impossible to measure.

        However, Beauty and Ugliness are visible. Especially if one is put side to side with each other. I am sure that the photos above have been carefully selected among hundreds of other photos to show the best beauty version of the girl. Unfortunately, someone who looks like Jopay of Sex Bomb Girls (no offense to Jopay) is simply not….

        Beauty may be is in the eye of the beholder, however ugliness is universal.

        World Peace.


        I had listened to ‘Kung Ako’y Magkakajowa’ an hour or so ago.

        And I thought to myself, ‘well, Evette looks like one of the candidates…’.


        (Weng Ibarra is my all-time fave.)

      • Oo. She will inspire other Shogits to join MUPh in the upcomjng editions to come. Que horror!

  20. If Katrina Dimaranan is not our delegate in MU 2021, I would much prefer Leren to Steffi or any other choice because Leren has so much experience in worldwide competition even though admittedly she is not too good in Q&A ; but with Leren in MU 2021 , she is for sure a semi finalist at least !

    For above Bernos , it is a defiinite NO for me … maybe try Mutya instead

  21. A lot of insecure old world pageant fans who are against inclusion in the comment section 😅
    Ms Universe is a celebration of women from all sectors, religion, race, culture, and whatever shape or size they may be, yet some of these boomers still desperately cling to their outdated standards and way of thinking. Napag-iwanan na 🥴

  22. Pang-apat (4th) na taga-KF… Aberrasturi, Cuaton, Digal, and herself.

    As communicator, I prefer her more neutral~professional tone (precisely because she has a vlog to run) to Dimaranan’s semi-patronizing manner. And Justin Bieber did the former Binibini no favors.

    Now I get a sense that Michelle Okol and Simone Bornilla are also KF…

    Uncle, Nichole Minano is also KF?

    • Erratum Nichole Minano is A&Q.

      (They got 9 into the 30-Cut, out of 16 fielded. Not too bad… The Camp, 100%, all in. KF kaya?…)

      Back to this post…

      My brain refuses to let go of that second (smaller) photo. Such a tortuous pose! I suspect some digital wizardry was used… 😦

      • Flor, KF has 8 remaining contenders: Janela Cuaton, Megan Julia Digal, Vincy Vacalares, Steffi Aberasturi, Grace Vendiola, Princess Kristha Singh, Jan Louise Abejero and Ayn Bernos.

      • @ Norman Thanks for the tally! Bakit parang deliberately pantay ang pagpili?… Consider :

        8 KF, 9 A&Q.

        9 Luzon, 7 each from NCR, Visayas, & Mindanao (from your FB post).

        Ang akin lang, kung ganito rin lang gagawin, ‘eh dili na sana nag-Poll… Anyway, here we are. 🙂

        (Darren Genobisa was KF, too, no?)

  23. I know she won’t win but if ever I have to pick between a tall beautiful candidate with no brain and Ayn Bernos.. I pick Ayn Bernos. Period.

  24. Beauty is in the eye of the beerholder, maganda itong si Bernos pag lasing na yung tumingin. Pag ito pinadala ng Pinas sa MU, isang malaking JOKE, JOKE JOKE!
    Kung classic pinay beauty na makuda, andyan naman si Santamaria

  25. Well to be included among the final candidates is something to be proud of. Sayang, if she has been blessed with good height, she can easily be in top 5.
    But for now, it’s a no for me. Magpatangkad ka muna girl.

  26. Beautiful mind and beautiful heart. She may not win the crown but she will win our hearts.

    • I am inspired by this lady. If she wins MUP, she will be one if not the best spokesperson for the organization.

  27. Let us all be kind and say, her shoes are beautiful.

    I am sure the photos above have been carefully chosen to show Ayn at her most beautiful. I am also sure that they’ve failed. Lol.

    Ayn is exactly what one get when the confluence of these things happen:

    1) A pa-woke organization pretending to be all-inclusive ek-ek but is really after for money from votes;

    2) Enablers like family, friends and fans (3F) who encourage and support someone with beauty queen illusions;

    3) Ayn.

    Not even Top 29 material for me. But I am sure she will be among the Top 10.

    World Peace.

    • No matter what my daughter would look like, I want her to have the same confidence and resolve as Ayn.

  28. I like her. She has a cute face, articulate and very likable personality. May not be the typical pageant type beauty but she is a breath of fresh air in the pageant industry. Enjoy your journey and may you inspire more young ladies to reach for their dreams.

  29. Mas maganda pa yung katulong ng kapitbahay namin jan. Wala bang friends na pumigil sa kalokohan niya?

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