2 comments on “Pageantry Norms S6E4 Teaser

  1. Those are contact lenses, aren’t they? 😦

    (Reminds me of that ‘nightcore’ video of Baby K.’s ‘Playa’.)

    It now occurred to me that something like ADFQ (in progress) with its emphasis on festivity will not be incredibly keen on ‘no make-up’ look… Well, for that matter neither is there a Swim segment.

    Uncle, for a change, we would like to hear, naman, the voce of both Producer and Direk! Can they co-host, kahit one question each sila? 🙂

    • (Cont.)

      I recall when you posted on the progress of the auditions/applications for MUP 2021 (that one with Voltaire, photo), Eloisa Jaoud was among the names you mentioned as being grilled…

      (Presumably ‘San Pedro City, Laguna’, following her MMP participation…)

      Dili siya pumasa?

      Another name mentioned in the past was Angela Robson, whom I thought would be ‘Angeles City’.

      Ta’s, ‘yun’g Jen Barangan na Cebu Pac ex-FA now vlogger whom many of us thought would be ‘in’ didn’t/wasn’t… She would have been yet-another-KF ‘fieldee’.

      Which brings up a hypothetical situation but nonetheless I will ask…

      Halimbawa, nag-target ang MUPO ng 65 candidates, and these are formally presented to the Press, but just as the Prelims/Poll was to begin, or just a day or two in, bigla’ng may nag-pull out for whatever reason, will the organization consider ‘applicant #66’ to fill in at the last minute? 🙂

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