28 comments on “Maria Ingrid Teresita P. Santamaria: Primed up for Parañaque City

  1. Yes to Sam for MUPh! She’s a top tier!

    Her lower body is somewhat similar to Beyonce. Needs to lose a few to get that lean beauty queen structure.

    • If it’s true that she’ll withdraw, it’s most probably because she realized she can’t win against the frontrunners… Her alleged accusation may just be an excuse to save face for giving-up.

  2. If her mother is directly descended from Don Carlos Tanguinlay Palanca Sr. of La Tondeña.. It would totaly blow my mind…


    • @ Closer2Fame Tagilid tayo diyan, Dude.

      GSM ang sponsor…


      And now that we are in the subject of distilleries, I met Mr. Munariz of Tanduay long ago. Thought that might interest you. He was the original blender-taster. 🙂

      • @Flor

        Paano naging tagilid?! La Tondeña was aquired by SMC(GSM) from the Palancas… So why would the sponsors not favor the direct descendant of 1 of their original founders?!

      • @ Closer2Fame Honga pala… Thanks for reminding me. 😦

        (Naalala ko, bigla’ng isa’ng araw sinabihan na lang kami, ‘wala na’ng La Tondena. Sa San Miguel na…’.)

  3. A cross between Cristie McGarry and that dark-skinned girl from Biliran in last year’s MUP.

      • @ Norman Good Tue AM.

        Hopefully, may NatCos…?… Sana ito na lang ginamit na basis for that 16th slot sa LAZADA poll.

        That way, like at MPE, these can be showcased in their ‘natural habitat’ and the ladies won’t need to bring them over to the Finale. 😦

        Ta’s, I recommend ‘yun’g mga AP, mag-ambag-ambag for a prize to give to the winner of that NatCos para kahit paano ma-offset ‘yun’g expenses at sa pagkakaintiende ko, some really accumulate cost in the construction. And select accessories/implements are authentic!

  4. Charming, youthful, natural, articulate girl.

    The very large upper teeth kinda distracts me though.

    Top ten material but will not get the MUP crown.

    • @ THOMAS I’m not a dentist. But, is that what is referred to by ‘buck teeth’?

      Please watch the music video of ‘Historia da un amor’ by Guadalupe Pineda, on the Tamer Sharaf YouTube canale.

      The girl in white is Canadian, is named Kate, and has ‘buck teeth’. In the comments…

      (It’s shot in a town named Noto, if I’m not mistaken. In Syracuse, Italy. That lemon harvest is real!)

  5. Ooohhh… Tama’ng-tama timing mo, Admin. 🙂

    That sheer… Is it called bodysuit? Or, catsuit?

    Go watch that YouTube video of Pilita Coralles singing ‘Ay(3x) Pag-Ibig’ against waterfall in green ‘terno’.

    Afterwards, the Chanel Fall-Winter 2017-18 HC. The second to the last (white bridal finale for Krista Singh to wear to her wedding) look, that all-black sheer voluminous dress with ‘pompom’ details/embellishment at the hem…

    I want Ingrid to commission the best Pinoy couturier around to hybridize that black vision of Karl Lagerfeld with that green Pilita. THAT WILL BE SANTAMARIA’S FINALE EVENING DRESS.

  6. she does not look leggy and statuesque … ie tall in previous MU standard

    We need to see them walk the stage and project … at least the best 15 of the group

  7. She is Bella Ysmael 2.0. High pedigree background – Daughter of former PBA player Joey Santamaria, niece of 90’s supermodel Crispy Santamaria Laurel and the granddaughter of renowned Filipino Concert Pianist and National Artist nominee, Ingrid Sala Santamaria.

    They even have the same “alta” girl vibes from Lozol. She’s going to place high for sure. Not sure about winning the crown, though.

  8. She has bright future in pageantry. She needs more training in pasarela. She also needs to shed some pounds.

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