9 comments on “Krizzaleen Valencia: Davao Occidental’s Pride

  1. Pagmodelmodel ug sayaw sayaw ug ballet kada adlaw dai oi. English English with American accent kunuhay kada adlaw ug way Tagalog or bisaya litukon Aron maanad ka Kay mga animal raba ning mga bayot diri sa blog ni Aunt N🙂😆🤭

  2. Any candidate who cannot speak English like a natural born English speaker loses points on femininity poise and class.
    That’s why I have VVV Katrina D and Maureen on top of my list
    Leren Janella and Mirjan do not sound bad either
    Steffi’s Visayan accent is very off putting to me … though her beautiful face ( with make up on ) and great stage presentation seem enough to counterbalance that .

    • @FABIAN

      Wow you are are the quintesential example of REGIONALISM & COLONIAL MENTALITY…

      So what if any of these girls has an accent?!
      Self rightious-supremacist thinking like yours is what our society is battling against… and I believe that Miss Universe advocates for diversity and equality no matter what Race, Class or Region…. Therefore, you have now proven that the small town provincial farm girl STEFFI ABERASTURI WHO IS BORN AND RAISED IN THE PHILIPPINES who is the product of the history and culture of our country is the most desserving to represent us FILIPINOS!

  3. I mentioned before Kim Crizaldo x Caroline Veronilla. Then, one of us followed through with ‘Marina Benipayo younger’. Styled like this, she does exude a mid-1970’s~mid-1980’s mannequin mood. ‘Yu’ng tipo’ng luncheon fashion shows for the ‘alta sociedad’ at Westin along Manila Bay. 🙂

    Now, what I get is TATYANA AUSTRIA.

    I’ll bet she’s in the Mercator stable, as was Kim (above) and Adelma Krissel Benicta (MUP-IS 2020).

  4. Krizzaleen is very pretty in pictorials. Very oriental beauty and looks lean and tall at 5’7″.
    Pero sa MUPh interview, she didn’t seem comfortable though.

    If you want to secure a spot in the Top 15, a boost of confidence and practice in Q&A, my dear.

    • Katrina is 5’10
      Leren is 5’9
      Steffi is 5’8
      Maureen is 5’7

      How tall is VVV ?

      • Hello. Maureen is or was never 5″7. She was listed at 165 cm in ASNTM when she is 18. She stopped growing from then on. So 5″6 sya. She’s also the shortest and the least booked ASNTM winner outside Asia (Europe) because even though she has a pretty face, she’s short and she looks like a plain Jane there. The modeling agencies in Europe expect an Asian model to look ASIAN. Plus she’s short pa. Pang commercial model lang si ate nyo.

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