14 comments on “Christelle Abello: Back in action

  1. Mga inggitera! Palibhasa nag audition sila. Sa 10K na shortlisted for audition di pumasok. Sa guard pa lang tsinupi na. Kaya ayan bitter ang mga gagagita! Hay nakupo!!!! Poor gurls!!!

    • @ Chezka Mareh! Long time… Mishu. 🙂

      ‘Uy, panoorin mo ‘yun’g music video ng ‘Life Goes On’ ni Leann Rimes… THAT DRESS ON TELLE.

      O’, dili ba? WITH THIS (photo) SAME PAIR OF ‘GLADIATORS’.

  2. Malala na yung mga commenter dito. Hindi na magaganda ang sinasabi. Tito Norman konting filter naman po. Salamat po.

  3. I don’t know what the theme or the image this photo shoot was trying for. But it looks like they’re going for some Thai 70’s girlie magazine look (complete with neck rings and eyeliner pointing upwards). The first photo is almost center-foldish. Sawasdee Crap!!

    World Peace.

  4. Hennan Boracay… Parang ditey nag-stay ‘yun’g landlord ko nu’ng huli nila’ng ‘Bora’ with fam.

    K-Y-O-O-T ‘yun’g binata-pa-ba’ng GM nila! Fam is ‘old money’ in Iloilo; kids are DLSU-Taft alums.

    May recent pasavogue’s leading up to the 30-Cut ‘to’ng si Telle. SHE IS GSM LIFETIME MUSE.

    With her sexy back, she brings sexy back! (Credits to Justin Timberlake an Timbaland)

    • @Flor, you must be referring to Alfonso Chusuey, the heir apparent to the Chusuey fortune. He is based here in Panglao, Bohol where Henann (named after Henry and Ann, parents) reigns supreme along Alona Beach as the biggest and most magnificent resort of em all

  5. Kawawa nman Yung ibang girls walang comment kahit Isa. Pinagsabay ba nman kasi hihihi🙂 Ayan 3 comments na Christelle 🤭🤫😆

  6. How tall is she. Puede syang model and part time kabit sa politiko or hooker online kung gusto nya. Pero no no sa pageantry Ang malandi, kabit at burikat kaya good luck to you Miss Abello🙂

    • Apparently, Christelle is 5’6″.

      Grabe ka naman, bong700! I find Christelle very classy-looking! Although, I do agree – that first photo is saying she’s “open for business”. Yikes!


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