12 comments on “Beatrice Luigi Gomez: Call her Bea

  1. These photos don’t do her justice. She is gorgeous in person. She chewed up the competition during the last Bb. Cebu pageant.

  2. Sana huwag na lang muna ipangalandakan na lgbt member sya. This is just my opinion. Kahit na proud sya sa kung ano man sya, dapat keep it to yourself muna.
    Like sa male beauty contests, may sumali na ba na inaannounce nya na gay or bi sya?

    • @ miss tissa Long after the pageant na lang. Marami rin. ‘Yun’g ilan, naging gay porn star.

      Parang totoo nga ‘yun’g sinasabi… The homophobia is even worse in the male ‘concurzo’.

      The problem may be that there is no male equivalent to/version of ‘women empowerment’ which can become a convenient ‘catch-all’ to traditionally masculine roles assumed by lesbian women. All the guys have is ‘toxic masculinity’ as advocacy, rather against it…

  3. Beautiful , Filipina looking face. This girl can easily land in Top Five. But will not take the crown. I have a feeling that her being an LGBT (while gaining attention and admiration – that all inclusivity ek ek) will work against her in the end.

    And not to stereotype our lesbian friends, don’t you find her face kinda “handsom-ish?”. Square jaw, thick eyebrows, and a faint trace of 5 0’clock shadow? Lol.

    My main beef about the photos is this: If you have a beautiful and statuesque girl to shoot, do not anymore attempt to steal the limelight from the girl by dressing her up as if she was dipped in pepto brismol, dried, then dipped more in caladryl. Lol.

    World Peace.

    • @ THOMAS Aaahh… ‘Yun ‘yun’g difference with Felizarta. Latter has oval-ish face shape. Bea’s has SQUARE JAWLINE GALORE-ish.

      Pinaalala mo ‘yan’g Caladryl. Hate na hate ko ‘yan growing up! 😦

  4. She looks like Felizarta, pala. 🙂

    Bea. NOT Luigi. Got it. Will comply hereon, Admin.

    I like this ensemble. EVERYTHING. I’d wear this at the beach in Deauville! With a man in tow, hihihihhh…

    The jewelry is particularly intriguing. C/o Diagold Jewelry, which I will assume is proudly Cebu-made and is Cebu-based.

  5. If one of my current top 5 falters, she would be one of my alternates along with Umali.

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