16 comments on “Simone Nadine Bornilla: A David against the Goliaths?

    • @ jaretwrightlover Watch her Runway Challenge entry, po. Like walking down a lonely street littered in autumn leaves. 🙂

      Then, watch that of Noelyn Campos (Antique).

      Simone is like a petite ‘Noy’.

    • 😂 Indeed! Looks like she is starting a new Twilight series with that eternal open mouth.

      Her beauty is very similar to Patch Magtanong.

  1. Hi guys…she is only 18 correct? Pageant newbie? Please be NICE to her…may future ang bata given the chance and proper training. WORLD PEACE

    • @ Ramon Lua She (already) has international pageant experience in the bag, po. At 15! 🙂

      And, yes. When she smiles, the semblance to Atty. Magtanong is stunning!

      Albert Kurniawan MUST get her as his muse. Uncle Norman, please facilitate this ‘meeting’. Tyvm.

      • mas maganda lang ang structure ng face nito kesa kay Atty. Patch. And the neck also. May mga pics kasi si Atty. na parang kulang sa chin.

        WORLD FACE!

  2. so ganyan na lang lagi emote ng mukha mu ateng? di na mababago yan mapa q&a round o anung round pa man..kaloka..not on my list.

  3. I know she is from Marinduque. But must she channel a Moriones look in her photos above? She looks scary. Lol.

    A no for me.

    World Peace.

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