5 comments on “Miss World Philippines 2021 Finals set for September 19

  1. Uncle, 19! LINGGO before the MUP Finale. Nalagasan ka ng isa’ng PN’s episode. Siyempre, you will attend… Kaya pala apurahan ang pag-feature ng MUP candidates.

    Olongapo City, your first ‘outside-Manila’ pageant coverage since SARS-CoV2 pandemic. Sabado pa lang, siguro, larga na kayo… Para Sunday, freshness ang peg. 🙂

    You will provide blow-by-blow updates on your FB? When will you give your Fearless Picks, po?

    • @ serge Good Friday not in Lent but in Fall. 🙂

      Mukha’ng OK na ‘to. When the Boss (ALV) says “strictly comply with all their (SMX Olongapo City CC) health protocols”, then it means may basbas na ng mga ‘kinauukulan’g maykapangyarihan’.

      Wala na’ng Multinational. Wala ri’ng Supra (which suggests a return to their usual early Dec norm, so kahit next year na lang ulit mag-crown ng SupraFilipinas).

      I repeat now my ‘demands’, char.

      MWP – Either Krishnan or Vera, depending on discussions between Bosses ALV & Rodgil. Balance will be…

      … ReinaHispanoFilipinas – A few international pageants will Finalize in Panama City this December. Is that OK as venue option to La Paz?

      MEco-Filipinas – AGAIN, WHOEVER Dr. Rezk likes! As far as I’m concerned, this could be Perez if taken from the Top Model 10 and… Pangindian if not.

      MEcoTeen-Filipinas – Tempra is NON-NEGOTIABLE. Gov. Emano MUST be invited as VIP guest to the Finale! 😦

      Pariwisata Filipinas – The dentist Martinez.

      Lingkungan Filipinas – This most probably will go to Arceo.

      Princessa Primera – Megan Deen Campbell
      Princessa Segunda – MANZANO!

      1) This may be the first time KF will take the top crown.
      2) A ‘Miss Amity’ sub-title must be given, based on the candidates’ poll.
      3) From the earlier Press Conference, major sponsor Artopian Internationale was considering getting an ambassador or two. Look again at the candidates they selected; I recall De Mesa, Robles, Lewis, Perez, Pajares, Vera, and Krishnan.
      4) LLEGADO MUST TRY FOR MUP 2022~3!!!
      5) TALL ones like Austria, Dilla, and Babao MUST CROSS OVER TO BBP 2023~5!!!

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