15 comments on “Maureen Wroblewitz: Reimagined

  1. Just no, she is beautiful but for modelling. Not a Miss universe type. Her body is perfect as it is, petite and slender.
    Hindi bagay sa kanya mag undergo ng surgery and put added stuff sa kanyang katawan ( just like what happened to rabiya). She is organically beautiful which is not what miss universe is looking for.

  2. (Admin, may naligaw na comment du’n sa Krizalleen Valencia post. Parang dapat ‘ata, ditey.)

    (Paramdaman mo nga, at na’ng matauhan.)


    Back to this post…

    Is Maureen Wroblewitz A&Q’s best bullet this year? For Boss Gerry to convince her to join them…

    For me, the most rounded in their batch is Bea. Kung ‘di lang ‘to sikat, I’d switch the two in my ‘fragrance’ brief. 😦

  3. she’s definitely in the top 3, Mapa fan votes or judge’s votes. . if we are to do a SWOT analysis of the 5 front runners, she will emerge as the most conservative choice to crown..not perfect, not that engaging, but can perform the job.

  4. Ohmygod it would be very nice indeed if we send a German mixed to ISRAEL. CHAROTTTTTTTTT may pabisita pa yan sa Holocaust museum. How awkward is that??? And by the way she was raised in Saudi so hindi probably na educate in the german system na tinuturuan about the horrors their country made.

    • Tanga ka? Apelyido palang halatang me lahing Ashkenazi Jewish Tatay nya… If I know, gusto mo lang talaga manira…. Sobrang threat ba si Maureen sa alaga mong palpak??? Kawawa alaga mo sakin Hayp ka!

      • Ikaw ang mas tanga @Anonymous. You really don’t know the complexities of Judaism. Kung JEW pa yan ang tatay ni maureen edi nasa Israel na yan ngayon. Non bearing ang PAGIGING may dugong jew ng tatay nya dahil MATRILINEAL ang Judaism. JUSKO malay ba natin NAZI soldier papa ang ninuno ni Maureen. Very creepy 😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲. Probably 6/10 grandparents in Germany served in the Nazi Germany. MAUREEN should definitely ask his father to check if she has Nazi ancestors KASI it’s very distracting to compete in Israel with a nazi blood in you. Or baka from East Germany ang ninuno nya KOMUNISTA nakakaloka 🙄🙄😆😂😆😆😂😆

    • Your comment is a reflection of how insecure and racist Filipinos can be.
      Using the race card to throw shade and pull down someone who is doing well.

      • Pointing out Nazism is not RACISM dear. Kung sabihin kung ang Spaniards ay colonizer racist ba yun??? Hahahahahahaha mga alipin ng sariling isip! You guys are the kind of person who will praise every white man.

  5. Look at that face!

    She remains to be my front runner so far. She is the happy combination of judges’ choice and fan votes. Ergo, the least controversial should she win.

    It will be a four-corner fight among her, Victoria, Steffi, Katrina (far fourth). I am eager to see how the positioning will change in the coming days.

    Meanwhile, Maureen for the win.

    World Peace.

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