11 comments on “From Siargao Island, here comes Michele Angela Okol

  1. She can talk ha, sounds like she was raised abroad, or maybe schooled sa maiingles na colleges, Urios maybe, and she’s very young, but NO.

  2. Just a pretty face. She’s not a MU prototype. She can be a commercial model though.
    Doesn’t have the X factor. Sorry but it’s a no for me. She’s fit i guess in Miss World Philippines should she really push and insist of joining a pageant.

  3. I am sorry. Not even Top 15 for me.

    Kundi Okol, hindi bobokol.

    Sometimes, we really need to call a spade, a spade. I promise I will be as truthful when Norman features other candidates.

    World Peace.

  4. Uncle, last year’s Carol Quiza was ‘Surigao del Norte’. Kumusta na po siya? 🙂

    Will there be ‘Beyond The Coastlines’ videos again? What of Isla Siargao have we not seen?

    Is Andi Eigenmann still resident?

    (She didn’t say why/how she lost friends this pandemic time. In another time, maybe she can elaborate… Thx.)

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