19 comments on “Phuket, Thailand it will be for Miss Grand International 2021

  1. I have a Good feeling about Samantha Panlilio…
    She would at least be in the Top 5… I hope Angkol sees the huge opportunity if he gives the 1st MGI crown to the Philippines… Logistics & Economics wise…. And I am highly confident that Sam 3.0 would give the best performance of all our MGI representatives of all time… Possibly even surpassing Samantha Bernardo & Nicole Cordoves.

    • @ Closer2Fame Sam 3.0 is to BBP 2021 what Abalos will be to MUP?

      (Attracts wealth)

      Btw, you said earlier in the MI 2021 pageant cancellation post that Hannah would not be sent, which indicates… Na mag-papa-pageant sila 2022?

      (Kung mag-pa-pageant next year, who do you want to go to the Screening?)

      Or, you prefer Basiano? In which case, wala’ng pageant… Appoint-appoint lang. Parang malabo, no?

      • I think there would be a BBP pageant next year… And if Gab Bassiano is well prepaired… She could possible win the Top crown or else she would be saved for another year.

      • @ Closer2Fame Gab is THAT ‘strong’… She’d be saved for that year (202_?) wherein victory is certain. A SamBer/Jehza in the making, the Runner-up that saw vindication! 🙂

        If ever, that would be her third (3rd) National, MPE being her first. She needs to play her cards right! In any case, maganda rin’g may pinagkakaabalahan for the interim, para her ‘value’ increases with the passage of time. Negosyo? Graduate School? Skills training? Or, a part-time job?

        Hannah might end up like Aya. Nagka-sash na, maglalaho pa’ng parang bula due to ‘external’ factors. 😦

  2. Tingin ko dahil sa pandemic walang binibini 2022 hence mag assign ng work Kay gabbi, meiji at huhugot ng isang pang semi finalist for 2022 mgi ph,intercon at globe
    kasi hindi na taon taon ang cherry blossom pageant

  3. To be held in Phuket,

    Tapos dapat may Kiki Dance Challenge! Kiki, do you want me? to be a fek2X! Eklavu!

    Sounds fun!

  4. Excited about this. MGI is now one of my most anticipated pageants in the world along with MU because of their entertainment value.

    • @ serge You had ‘production value’ in mind…?…

      Parang degrading ang ‘entertainment value’. 🙂

      • @flor. Great production value results in great entertainment value. I do not think the later is degrading. These 2 pageants offer so much entertainment to us, pageant aficionados.

      • @Flor

        I agree w/ Serge to say Entertainment Value… Cause some aspects of the production were done in badtaste intentionaly… and yet it was hell of entertaining!

  5. Ayy Phuket! – it’s like a pinoy expression!

    Good choice to showcase this beautiful place.

    • @ miss tissa You should watch the Studio Ghibli rendition of ‘Ki(2x)’s Delivery Service’.


      • @ Anonymous ‘Ay, Ilokano ka ba? Or, may kilala ka?

        You would be amused with the ‘Ms. P(r)ek(2x), don’t forget the ‘r’,… Yes, Ms. P(r)ookie’ story that they like to regale non-Ilokanos with. 🙂

        Then, there’s that nursery rhyme-like silliness involving a male ‘bayani’s’, but as we are respectful always we will no longer chant it out. Hope you enjoyed lunch!

  6. Good Wed AM & ‘ber’ season launch, Ungkol. Fall is begun; End of Heat is imminent ! 🙂

    How is Mitch Gumabao’s boyfie related to Sam 3.0?

    I will take this to mean Angkol is now recovered. Please extend to him our very best wishes.

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