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  1. My top 15 candidates are:
    1. Maureen Wroblewitz
    2. Steffi Aberasturi
    3. Beautrice Luigi Gomez
    4. Maria Corazon Abalos
    5. Christine Abello

    6. Leren Bautista
    7. Janela Joy Cuaton
    8. Simone Nadine Bornilla
    9. Kesha Ramachandran
    10. Victoria Velasquez Vincent
    11. Mirjan Hipolito
    12. Joanna Rabe
    13. Katrina Dimaranan
    14. Kisses Delavin
    15. Ingrid Sta Maria

  2. Just want to point out that the MUP Org is composed mostly of people from Aces and Queens. Though they have disassociated themselves from that camp, they clearly still play favorites.

    Last year, no KF girl made the top 5. All were either from A&Q, or The Camp.

    So don’t put your hopes up for the KF flagbearer Steffi, who will more than likely suffer an Alaiza Malinao moment.

      • Burn! As in sinunog mo agad si Regina.

        Anyway, I think most of the pageant enthusiasts are fully aware of the camp biases, especially when members of the pageant organizations formerly belonged to or were associated in pageant camps. We Filipinos highly care about partisanships, loyalty, prejudices, etc. Even judges in Philippine courts are asked to inhibit if they have affiliations to other parties in a case, so to avoid suspicion on biases on their rulings, resolutions, decisions, etc.

        In MUP, I think Jonas Gaffud and his team have made amends already with Rodgil Flores. He even insisted that there is no bad omen between the two, especially that they were once alliances before. I just wish na ‘yang camp camp na ‘yan would observe a friendly and healthy competition. After all, para sa ikagaganda rin iyan ng industriya ng pageantry sa Pilipinas.

        That’s all.

    • @ REGINA I think a more accurate description of the MUPO than as founders or charter members of that pageant camp is that they are school mates (from the same university). @ Ana Winter-Lund’s comment about judges in Philippines courts being asked to inhibit because of affiliations is telling.

      The Marketing guy, we are certain, did not begin as a pageant fan nor was involved in the industry early on; he said so himself in an old Pageantry Norms episode, in fact may have been the first one to have MUP as topic. So in a real sense he is the impartial recruit; all he brings is his corporate portfolio.

      In contrast, one other guy was discussed here as an excitable MU and BBP follower whenever these came on the TV at his college dormitory. Guess who he is… 🙂

  3. So many things have been said (good or bad) about these Top 30 MUP official candidates. I just wanna wish them good luck and show us what you’ve got. Best performance is the key to the crown!

    • Objectively speaking, less than 20 of the current 30 have a viable chance to win the crown. I can easily drop 5 girls from the current roster based on their performance in the challenges.

      I like the Miss SA approach where they bring carefully selected girls to the finals night. Each one has formidable chance to take one of the crowns.

      In this strong batch of MUPH ladies, even someone as polished as Leren Mae Bautista is looking to be eliminated come the final 5 selection.

      Last year, all 5 ladies who made it to the top delivered in the swimsuit and evening gown segments. And all of them were eloquent speakers.

      For now, my choice for the crown is Beatrice Luigi Gomez of Cebu City.

      Followed by

      Maureen Wroblewitz
      Steffi Rose Aberasturi
      Victoria Velasquez Vincent
      Kisses Delavin

      If only Katrina Dimaranan can tone down a little bit. Oh well, it’s like you’re saying to the girl to change who she is. So never mind.

      • eversince i picked steffi and bea luigi as my favorite… i watched on youtube how bea performed during ms cebu 2019, pang world class❤️🙏 and steffi who crowned her looked expensive and regal that night or “over the top” .🍺

  4. Vvv is my miss universe ph. 5’9 na mukhang 6ft sa proportion, may depth at down to earth(sobra impt ugali)
    Abalos may angulo na maganda
    Katrina she should bring back her supra look.mukha syang top heavy
    Steffi norman is right the way she answered is more of a prom queen. She wanted to be relatable though. Looks 5’6
    Maureen – ugh that face if she is only 2 inches taller

    • Agree sa top-heavy, apektado na rin ang movement/walk. Or could it be na dahil sa walk nya, nagmukha syang top-heavy? Ewan ko.

      • @ Nakakalurker The Dimaranan that wowed at Supranational is not this animal. I agree with @ bonsaihater. Something’s changed and not necessarily for the better… I miss that old one! 😦

    • VVV is ok… too bad she’s a foreigner…
      How can she represent this country when she herself lacks the experience of it?… I’d rather chose Maureen who’s been traveling all over the country since her teens and has a very Filipino Boyfriend.

      • ano naman ang kinalaman ng Filipino boyfriend ni Maureen sa pagiging foreigner ni VVV? Basta lang makapagsambit ng kung ano ano?

      • @ Kiri Te Kinawa Ihanap din daw natin ng very Pinoy jowa si VVV. Taga-Cavite. U know anyone?


        (Taga-Cavite, since MUP-Cavite siya)

        Dapat parang si Rachel. Pulitiko sa kanila… Para royal treatment. OK ba ‘yun’g mga Remulla? Sorry, ‘ah. Sila lang ‘yun’g alam ko’ng ‘familia fuerza’ sa lalawigan… Dili ba may hawttie na alcalde na Remulla? Binata pa ba ‘yun?

      • I doubt, VVV is from Cavite. Maybe she was born in Cavite that’s it, but grew up, schooled, developed in NZ n. Can she speak fluent tagalog at least? May alam kaya cya kahit 1 tourist spot s Cavite aside from the Aguinaldo shrine? Delicacies? Lutong Caviteño?

      • @ Sjeffie Cheon Gusto ko sana tulungan. Kaya lang, sabi kasi ni Admin, LET THEM LEARN ON THEIR OWN. Your alchemy will simply be taken advantage of… 😦

        Kuing sa bagay, if VVV is truly interested and determined to imbibe this aspect of herself – her Philippines identity – then it’s best she just go about it on her own terms in her own way. 🙂

        I’m not Cavitena by any stretch of the imagination, but I do know there will be no shortage of ideas and inspiration there for her… Enjoy the ride, Ms. V!

      • @Kiri

        Kakatamad mag explain sa mga simple minded people like you… Google mo nalang para kahit hindi mo parin magets at least lumawak ng konti pag-iisip mo… 🤣🤣🤣

      • @Steffie. Actually may not so pleasing memory si VVV in Imus Cavite public market. She was kidnapped when she was still around 3-4 years old. See?? Buti nga at she still loves the Philippines kahit na abduct sya dito. NAKAKALOKA kung ako dyan di na ako balik. And by the way this was the late 90s na sobrang rampant ang kidnapan. Diba MG’s father is one of them?

  5. Katrina vs VVV vs Maureen
    Leren and Hipolito in 4th place
    Steffi lacks the sophistication of a Miss Universe

    • @ Fabian Reyes Speaking of sophistication, do you recall who it was among us who coined the term ‘swine neck’ as parody to the elegant bird normally ascribed to refinement? 😦

  6. MY FAVORITES- in random order

    Steffi Aberasturi- is the most well-rounded girl in the competition… She has what it takes to win the crown.

    Maureen Wroblewitz- I believe she is the most marketable… You already have what it takes to win… You just need to tell your story… That vulnerability and relatability could potentialy propell you to the top.

    Katrina Dimaranan- She has all the experience to reach TOP 5 but what is she fighting for? Who or what is she representing?

    Beautrice Luigi Gomez- She has the personality and background to reach the TOP 5..

    Maria Corazon Abalos- She has the face, beauty, background, comskills of a winner… if only she was at least 2 inches taller…

    Leren Bautista- She has everything.. Except the confidence of being a spokesperson which is the #1 requirement.

    Victoria Velasquez Vincent- I’m not a fan of foreign born delegates regardless if their mom is Filipina… Only way I’d be rooting for her is if she could surpass what Catriona did aside from experiencing everything good and bad about our whole culture and whatever our country has to offer in person for almost a decade. First step would be being fluent in Filipino.

    Jasmine Umali- This girl is destined for an international crown… Maybe not now but in the future. She has all the goods and resources that she could utilize to hone herself in becoming a winner. She just needs to see and experience the bigger picture in everything to find that path to greatness.

    Ingrid Santamaria- Another girl I see with a huge potential… Very symetrical features. She looks and speaks like a winner…. She just needs to work on her pasareĺla and modeling skills… in less than a couple of years… She would be more than ready to win a crown…

  7. why do they have to have those from the provinces be flown into Manila and then some of them end up being eliminated anyway out of the top 10 ? …

    Just pick 15 and have all fifteen of them compete in EG, SW, & QA on finals night !

    • If they won’t change the format, all 30 finalists get the cance to wear gowns and flaunt their bikini bodies, basically prove themselves worthy of the crown- prelims. Besides, these ladies know what they’re getting into. Wag mong ipagkait sa kanila ang top 30. Kasi, following your logic, since iisa lang ang mananalo, wag nang mag-coronation night?

      • I thought they will announce the top 10 at the outset, and only the top 10 will compete in EG,SW,QA …

  8. Tough competition. Calamba caught my eyes with her glam pic. Sad and kind of shocked she didn’t make top 30.

    • @ Bella Hello po, Ms. Ballerina! 🙂

      Allain Dolera. ‘Yan! Kasi, dili nilagyan ng ‘City’ ‘yun’g ‘Calamba’. 😦

      Also gone are Flejoles of Capiz, Solid North vote-puller Kamille Quinola, & Sanglay of La Union.

      I’m delighted that Nichole Minano (Romblon) pulled through. She was the one that, from Day 1 of the 100, I was really nervous for because she looked too model and little else. The Colonel (+) must be clearing the way for her… (He’s probably thinking, ‘well, I owe her an international task’.)

      • @Flor, I also wonder (reads: I’m a little disappointed) by the non-inclusion of Capiz but maybe they saw something in other candidates that we don’t.

    • Baka gusto ng Laguna, isa lang ang rep. Nakaka aliw naman talaga na may Calamba tapos may Laguna. Parang Cebu City and Cebu Province. Dun pa lang hindi na magkasundo kung by city or province ang representation. Imagine sa miss USA may California at Los Angeles. Tsk tsk tsk.

      • @ B Kasi nga, dili ba ang tina-target ng MUP for franchising, HUCC’s.

        Darren Genobisa was ‘Carcar’. Steffi and Luigi are Cebu ‘Province’ and ‘City’ respectively, right? And Chiara Alix Lim was ‘Mandaue City’.

        Vincy is to ‘CDO City’ as Chella is to ‘MisOr’.

        Oh, yeah! Two more eliminated are Afiah Yeboah of Valenzuela City and Pamela Framil of DavNor.


        DAVAO DEL NORTE IS TOTALLY OFF THE MARK. All recent Nationals attempts flopped. In addition to Framil, Mary Joy de Castro, Weam Ahmed, and Lesley Anne Ticaro. RE-CALIBRATE!!!

      • (Cont.)

        May I be assigned the ‘San Francisco’ sash, please po? 🙂

        I recall seeing on TV long ago an African gray parrot singing, ‘… I left my heart, in SF…’.

        (I only ever heard the Frank Sinatra rendition. Doubtless, there are others. I will search them out.)

      • (Cont.1)

        Also gone are #1(Hershey Dacera of Agusan del Sur?), Samantha Go of QC*, & the smart mineral.

        * – She of the swan neck. Like a chinita (Maria Isabela) Galeria!

  9. The girls I Expected to be in top 15 made it to top 30.
    My top 5 remains the same at this point of the competetion
    MUP- Dimaranan
    First runner-up- Hipolito
    2nd runner-up- Aberasturi
    3rd runner-up: Vincent
    4th runner-up: Wroblewitz

  10. the proof is in the pudding … we will now see how they actually perform on stage on camera LIVE!

    Maybe the top tier will be tossed out or will be solidified …

    I just wish they trim it down to 15 before the finals and let ALL of them , the 15 compete in evening gown, swimsuit and Q&A ,… no more announcement of a final top 10 on finals night

  11. Yung hitsura ni Katrina parang nakikisawsaw sa eksena sa bf ng stepdaughter nya sa mga pornhub videos.

  12. Congratulations to the girls who made it in the Top 30! To those who did not make the cut, I am sure you are not denied, but will be redirected. 😊

    I am happy that the girls I have been eyeing for the crown have made it. They are in descending order:

    1. Maria Corazon Abalos. Some pageant experts and enthusiasts are saying Corrine isn’t just a darkhorse, but a frontrunner. A true Filipina beauty, many fans say she is a Pia dead ringer, Aniporn’s look-a-like, Miriam Quiambao’s elegant heir apparent, Winwyn Marquez’s fierce sister, etc. That only means she is a chameleon, an asset every make-up artist would love to style. What I love about Corrine are her unaltered Filipina look, swan-like neck, broad shoulders, modelesque collar bone, well-toned body, and fair complexion. Her x-factor is overflowing, such that I wouldn’t take my eyes off of her. She also speaks well. I believe that she embodies the true Filipina beauty the world needs to see on the MU stage. She is ready.

    2. Maria Ingrid Teresita Sta. Maria. The first time Tito Norms posted Maria Ingrid’s headshot on this blog, I already saw a potential in her. Her unaltered innocent exotic look is hard to ignore. She is the Wendy Fitzwilliam of the MUP. She just needs to hurriedly lose a little weight. Oh, she is also eloquent.

    3. Beatrice Luigi Gomez. Another dusky and unaltered Filipina beauty whose sex appeal is a Mediterranean’s desire. I can feel that she can seamlessly make it in the Top 5.

    4. Leren Mae Bautista. Oh, who wouldn’t love a classy and elegant Leren? A pageant veteran, I believe Leren has more to offer. For the last time, she wants to give her best in order to clinch the MUP crown.

    5. Izabella Jasmine Umali. She is the MUP’s best poised candidate. I can vividly recall that when she initially got screened for Miss World Philippines, I commented on this blog that she is more suited for MUP. Her Venezuelan aura is superb. She just has to avoid being photographed in her side angle. Yes, she has a bad angle.

    6. Krizzaleen Mae Valencia. She is naturally stunning, a younger version of Marina Benipayo.

    7. Mirjan Hipolito. Another Filipina elegant beauty.

    8. Steffi Rose Aberasturi. She is in it to win it.

    Best of luck to you all.

    That’s all.

    • Nice write-up! I also agree with your opinion and observation.
      I’m still not seeing a level-up Corrine. She needs to realize how beautiful she is and be confident about it. Her pinay looking beauty is a standout in the international stage.
      She’s regal and still has a lot of rooms for improvement. Her face can pretty much adopt to whatever styling. She’s indeed a gem waiting to be polished. Hoping she will explode come finals night and will give the frontrunners a run for their money. She will definitely pull off an upset.

      • JJ, I also agree on your observations about Corrine, especially on the confidence side. However, it is understandable since she has never had an experience in pageantry compared to the likes of Katrina Dimaranan, Leren Bautista, and Steffi Aberasturi. Nevertheless, she is getting the hang of it. Her glam team is excellently working hard in making her more and more beautiful. To date, she has never appeared poorly styled in her glamshots. And her face, her face! Hindi nakakasawang tingnan. Ang alta ng datingan, cosmo girl, yet you feel the humility in her.

        I am pretty sure that her confidence will build up sooner, especially now that the competition proper is fast-approaching. But I like her demeanor now. Hindi mayabang, hindi kalkulado ang moves, very unassuming, ang cute lang tingnan. Ganyan ang masarap dalhin sa international stage, refreshing sa mga judges at fans ang ganyan.

        More than anything, for me, Corrine is the prettiest of them all. Her beauty is arresting. She has no bad angle. Let’s see how she evolves as the MUP pageant proper rolls out.

        That’s all.

  13. I would like Jasmine Umali to be sent to MU—but maybe not this year. She’s not the classic beauty at all, but she’s very striking. Maybe in a year or two, when she’s not as raw and has more experience under her belt, she would be a great rep. She looks really different from the girls who’ve represented us before.

    Corazon Abalos is also in the “not yet” category for me. She’s beautiful, but when I saw her interview, she reminded me a lot of Patricia Babista—pretty girl, but not quite the strong woman peg. She still sounds like a sheltered, naive girl.

    Beatrice Gomez reminds me of Alaiza Malinao. Steffi Aberasturi reminds me of Catriona Gray, which may or may not work against her, because she’s like a pageant patty Cat. Leren is still Leren and her face alone makes her a threat, but she really has to step up in terms of personality and communication.

    Maybe Katrina is the safest bet, but I’m not yet convinced. Beatrice and Steffi will probably put up a good fight, too.

  14. This is the reason why I do not fully support nor agree with most that Katrina should be the appropriate girl for the mission in Israel. Look at that face! Malapit na sa beauty ni Bernos jusko. She’s not beautiful enough and her q&a performance lacks depth also, contrary to what people say that she’s smart. She’s just fluent in English but that is all.

    • Partida 1st language nya pa ang english maliban jan wala na. It happened kasi sa ating mga Pinoy pag narining natin na magaling magsalita ng English matic tingin natin matalino na. Bernos is a smart no doubt.

    • I dropped Katrina from my list after the runway challenge.
      Her movements look forced and unnatural.
      I think she wont even make it to top 5, the same with overhyped triple V.
      Maureen, Leren and Corrine are my top 3 at the moment.
      I find Steffi more for those provincial or regional pageants
      Umali is the dark horse of this batch.

  15. I just saw VVV’s recent IG post. She should keep that look.

    She tends to look mature due to low body fat % + her mid-face recession (bump on the nose, recessed maxilla/upper teeth, premature smile lines, the Vico Sotto resemblance bashers keep mentioning.) Although it’s minor, she should avoid getting side view photos taken.

    She also looks better in photos pag fierce/no emotion/non-smiling – many will disagree with me on this, they think it’s VVV’s weakness that her eyes look blank and sleepy when she’s not smiling, I think she looks better in photos when she’s not smiling wide, and she looks her best when she looks like a muse for a Renaissance painting. In motion, when her personality is better expressed, it’s okay to smile a lot. Pag close up still shoots, she should keep the Venus de Milo/alta/intelegenteng top model vibe.

    Women with her look (sharp features with dark hair and tan skin) tend to look mature talaga. I think the best makeup look for her is Korean – dewy, soft, sweet, fresh, young, dainty, just to underscore the Mama Mary vibe. MU wanted someone mabait last year, let’s give them someone holy LOL.

    Aaaand some posture work pala. Someone mentioned already that she has high shoulders. Posture work can fix that. It’s not like Rabiya’s shoulders that are inherently rounded forward. VVV’s shoulders are workable. Pulling the arms down and back should fix this in a few weeks.

    And yes, VVV is my current MUPh. Stefi, Maureen, Katrina, and Jasmine for top 5.

    • Alsooo, more selfies with bright lighting. Natural light from sunsets to emphasize her eye color. Her eyes are her best asset. No tanning muna sana. Paler skin will work better for her sharp features. She does not need to be morena to look Filipina. Pegs: bright, fresh, pure.

    • VVV actually reminds me of Gina Leviste, a top Filipino model during the 80’s!

      Those dreamy smoky eyes, the neck and that svelte body! Ohh la la!

  16. Mark my word : Maureen, Victoria, Steffie, Bea and Katrina will be the eventual winner.

    > Dear Katrina, you are so close to be a Leren in my opinion. I am close to dropping you in my top list. Lol. What a horrible photo you have above, girl. You look like Pilar Pilapil in her 40s. Who’s been handling Katrina? Lol.

    > Laughable how Maureen and Steffi are classified as “fan vote candidates” alongside with Kisses. Lame.

    > Dear MUP, you’ve selected your Top 30, can’t you at least have the respect to these girls by posting photos of theirs that at least look beautiful or professionally done? Thus convincing enough that they belong to the Top 30?. Cases in point : Look at the ugly, ugly head shots of the following:

    1) Vacalares – Young Bella Flores halakhak look.
    2) Campos – Really? Long shot , fake flowers by the window? So 80s.
    3) Ramachadan – her photo looks like a rorshack ink blot test. Parang galing sa Foto-Me.
    4) Umali – the constipated look.
    5) Minano – the nakatapak ng bubog look. What the hell is that projection?
    6) Okol – the worst head shot. I thought it was Kiray Celis.
    7) Digal – Make-up na tinubuan ng mukha.
    8) Korinhona – Buhok na tinubuan ng mukha. Looks unhygienic to me.
    8) Katrina D. – Pilar pilapil in her 40s.

    Again, this is not an attack on the girls above. It is the decency and common sense of MUP organization and communications guru (Voltaire!!!!) to at least post beautiful shots of their final top girls.

    World Peace.

  17. Miss Universe Philippines 2021 Official Candidates

    Save 3 from Fan Votes
    1. Maureen Christa Wroblewitz- Pangasinan
    2. Kristen Danielle Delavin – Masbate
    3. Steffi Rose Aberasturi – Cebu Province

    4. Grace Charmaine Banua Vendiola – Negros Oriental
    5. Vincy Labadan Vacalares – Cagayan De Oro City
    6. Noelyn Rose Mabuhay Campos – Antique
    7. Rousanne Marie Bernos – San Juan City
    8. Maria Corazon Abalos – Mandaluyong City
    9. Janella Joy Cuaton – Albay
    10. Khesapornam Ramachandran – Iloilo City
    11. Maria Ingrid Teresita P. Santa Maria – Paranaque
    12. Izabella Jasmine A. Umali – Manila
    13. Princess Kristha Singh – Pasig
    14. jedidah Hefervez Korinihona – DAvao Del Sur
    15. Jan Louise Abejero – Reina Merceds, Isabela
    16. Leren Mae M. Bautista – Laguna
    17. Jane Nicole M. Minano – Romblon
    18. Krizzaleen Mae B. Valencia – Davao Occidental
    19. Michelle Angela Navarro Okol – Siargao Island, Surigao Del Norte
    20. Megan Julia Roa Digal – Bukidnon
    21. Beatrice Luigi Gomez – Cebu City
    22. Victoria Velsquez Vincent – Cavite
    23. Chella Grace Falcones – Misamis Oriental
    24. Joanna Marie Rabe – Zambales
    25. Katrina Dimaranan – Taguig
    26. Christella Abello – Aklan
    27. Mirjan S. Hipolito – Angeles City
    28. Ybonne Ortega – Davao City
    29. Isabelle Delos Santos – Makati
    30. Simone Nadine Bornilla – Marinduque

    • what’s your point, my dear? na-enumerate na ni Tito Norman ang Top 30, ano naman ang gusto mong palabasin at ginawa mo rin?

    • @ Gabriela I AM VERY GRATEFUL FOR YOUR EFFORT, po. Thanks to you, MUPO can now implement a Continental/Regional elimination for the 15-Cut! Here’s mine…

      Mindanao – MisOr, DavSur, DavOcc, Isla Siargao, and… Ciudad Davao.

      Visayas – Ciudad & Provincia Cebu, Antique, Marinduque, and… Aklan.

      NCR – Ciudad Manila, Ciudad Makati, Ciudad Paranaque, Ciudad Mandaluyong, and… Ciudad San Juan*.

      Luzon – Laguna, Cavite, Pangasinan, Albay, and Ciudad Angeles.

      (* – The HAWTNESS of their Mayor Zamora!)

  18. Here’s my advise to my three bets in a fan/viewer perspective:

    Ingrid Santamaria

    Girl, you are so baby-faced! So you need to level up your personality that you are indeed a phenomenal woman! That you are mature enough to become a spokesperson! You came from a well-bred family thus people will have a “default” impression that you are “Elitista” and most of the time, people who perceived you high will drag you down so you need to be perceived as level-headed humble woman!

    Jasmine Umali

    Girl, when you are given an opportunity to be a guest by a distinguished blogger, that means, you are in his radar as one of the contender so don’t take it for granted! I know FA’s has a specific body measurement to keep but since you are now in a beauty pageant, you need to add more mass on your muscles! And the need to relax during interview or QnA! Your pasarela is perfect! Only you were able to do the “kick a ball” strut the way Ariadna and Stephfany did at MU!

    Megan Digal

    Only a few girl can manage to have a carefree personality without looking like a slut! But I am also sure that it is that personality that gave you a fair advantage (especially in the QnA) with the other girl because you have a life experience being able to mingle with other people and learn their stories through your beach adventures!

    Generally, you all need to have a glam team now who can advise you of your wardrobe plan as well as your daily make up style. Good luck!

      • @ Norman So, Digal is KF.

        Ilan ‘yun’g A&Q? Dose (12*)? Ta’s, tatlo’ng (3) The Camp. 30 less (12 + 3) is 15… Of which, siguro, lima (5) ang KF (Aberrasturi, Cuaton, Digal, and two others). So, sampu’ng (10) ‘independent’…???

        * – I will assume lahat pasok. Of course, dili kasi I recall now Afiah Yeboah was A&Q… 😦

  19. Ichura ni Katrina Dimaranan jan mukang sabog na tikbalang. Apakachaka! 😨 Anyare? Tuyot na tuyot ka gurl? Congrats din pala kay Kisses. Konting sobre nalang girl, malapit na ang korona. #LatinaSlayer

  20. My current Top 20- in random order

    Steffi Aberasturi
    Maureen Wroblewitz
    Katrina Dimaranan
    Beautrice Luigi Gomez
    Maria Corazon Abalos

    Leren Bautista
    Jasmine Umali
    Ingrid Santamaria
    Kirsten Delavin
    Victoria Velasquez Vincent

    Christine Abello
    Janela Joy Cuaton
    Kesha Ramachandran
    Mirjan Hipolito
    Joanna Rabe

    Jedidah Korinihona
    Chella Falconer
    Princess Singh
    Ayn Bernos
    Megan Roa Digal

  21. Yes, Norman!

    All my bet are In!

    Ingrid Santamaria
    Jasmine Umali
    Megan Roa

    Even Michele Okol whom I said did well in the interview but was not included in the Top 7!

    They are really giving high score/priority in the interview!

    Good job, MUP!

    I’m excited for the next challenge!


    • Ibang level ang standard mo girl. Laveeet!!! Latina slayer daw yung isa sa top30 kaya wag kang mashokot. Pray ka lang sana botohan ulet para siya ipalipad sa Israel. Hahaha!!

  23. No surprise exclusions, thankfully.

    What’s funny though is that the Org would have us believe that Maureen and Steffi were fanvote winners alongside Kisses. They really wanna cover their asses on the dubious fan voting mechanic. Ain’t nobody buying it.

      • Beauty-wise, the candidates are really not that standouts. Kay Miss Paraguay palang, lalamunin na sila. Though i’m having high hopes now for VVV, Maria Corazon Abalos and Steffi. VVV just needs to repackage herself, because she really does not command attention at first glance. She needs to find the perfect styling for her.
        Ma. Corazon needs to work out her communication skills. I can see Leren in top 5 only, same with Maureen.
        Katrina is just an ordinary pageant girl. No X factor. Although she can communicate well, but she will be edged out with others girls who have beautiful faces and can also communicate.
        The girl to beat for me as of the moment is VVV.

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